Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal Interview Each Other | Digital Cover Shoot | Entertainment Weekly

Hey guys, we are here on the set of Entertainment Weekly’s first ever digital cover What do you remember about the first time you met me we’re at a restaurant and I saw you from across the room and My heart just exploded You know, and I remember walking up to him and said to you I would love to work with you I actually said that I remember seeing you walk in and going let’s take the exam straight on then you came over you sat down and you said you wanted to make a movie and Here we are What was different about putting the Spider Man suit on for your second solo movie? I was as excited to put it back on for this movie as I was the first movie. It’s different the suit looks different Okay, he was pretty exciting for me to see you in it it live Yes suit is just like incredible to see you in person. So Mysterio is a magic user Jake. Do you know any magic tricks? Actually loves magic tricks. I was that kid at school. Really? Yeah, like what card tricks and stuff. No way. Yeah I was that why don’t you pull any of those up? I didn’t know this question was going to come up to that. What about What are your top tips for crushing it on Instagram? I face times in there. Mm-hmm, and I asked her for tips Yeah I’d face times in there and ask her for tips. Don’t copy Jacob Jill on her. Oh, I’m kidding. I’m kidding. I’m kidding Oh Surprising, I mean everything was surprising It’s like this incredible adventure, you know The things you know the things you don’t know To just be in the world with ya even when like I said when you first came out in the suit that was pretty incredible Yeah, also just how funny everybody is. You know that one scene when we were shooting when I’m like holding back The like fire out picture and then you have your arm on fire which all this he isn’t on fire, right? It wasn’t actually on fire it were you were faking that it was on fire Sitting there having fun and having a great laugh in the middle of a scene that was actually really full attention But also really fun that’s surprising to me. I was really enjoying it so much. Oh, yeah – see you on fire Yeah, what was the first J job? I didn’t write this question response to understand me I have a source Jake John all the other top probably don’t need our Co really yeah. Yeah well, I Don’t think I got it though when I was a kid. No sense. What do we got? Really? Yeah. Yeah Maybe I should watch that again. What was your most memorable stunt onset hang out with Jake? It’s cause it’s biggest unstuck hanging around She’s dangerous you attract a lot of crazy nuts, you know your entourage There’s so many of you and sometimes when they call you the sets like a stampede of people It’s it’s a lot man Tom. What was different about putting a spider-man suit on for wait a second? Are we in the multiverse? What’s going on there the sea?

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  1. For our first ever digital cover, we sat down with Spider-Bros Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom Holland to find out how they forged their Spider-Man friendship. Check out Devan Coggan's full story & our 3 digital covers ►►

  2. I love everything about these two and their friendship but one thing I really love is how they fully go to the opposite end of the "no homo" phrase. Like, usually guys with this much chemistry would try hard to convince everyone they're "bros" and straight but these two don't give a fucking damn. They embrace their closeness and that's so refreshing to see in guys.

  3. i still cant believe JK Simmons is back as JJJ doing what he does at Daily Bugle trying to bring down Spider-Man lol, the whole world knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man, crazy

  4. Some how I read the title as “Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal shoot each other”

    Guess that’s what happens when you first wake up

  5. i dare you and the avengers to do a dance and dance to don't call me up then send it on YouTube

  6. Just watched the movie in IMAX in the furthest row back on opening night, and it was great! Recommend watching the movie to anyone! 👍

  7. Jake: bro close your eyes

    Tom: closes his eyes

    Jake: what do you see bro?

    Tom: nothing bro

    Jake: that’s my life without you bro

    Tom: bro …

  8. They look at each other the same way that Jack amd Rose looked at each other in titanic.
    Marry each other you sexy people.

  9. I’m in love in Jake since I watch prince of Persia in 2013 and i love his voice. And now I’m 18 so he’s my longest crush xd😂😂😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Did Tom just bring back the popped collar look? What is going on and how is this young Englishman taking over the world.

  11. 0:29 Tom's face , he must really love it when people show him how much affection and love they have for him E.G. Jake : and my heart just exploded , Tom : * Makes a big happy , relieved smile *

  12. I need to see ALL the outtakes. Like every single time they made each other laugh and stuff I MUST see them!

  13. I was so distracted by their chemistry I didn't even understand why the cover had a spider on it until I was halfway through the video and went OH

  14. Loved this interview, both of these guys are amazing. The casting are great, the film is amazing. Loved all of the props, costumes, set design etc. I would love to meet the cast one day. 😀

  15. i love all the flirting but it kinda bothers me that it's a joke. Like, I like it all, but I am sad it's just joking. They'd be cute together. Tom even goes in for a kiss in a bts clip smh

  16. Ok but was anyone else worried that the tarantula would fall??? My spider-mom heart got scared for him being so high up 😅

  17. Can I just ask…what’s with the random spider?! I mean I get he’s like…Spider-Man and I totally love him and all that…but it’s a little weird…

  18. Tom Holland is gonna be that guy where everyone assumes he's 38 and then invites you to his 62th birthday party

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