Today’s Role of Social Media in 60 Seconds

Everybody and their mother talks about
social media and everybody wants, you know, a gazillion followers and everybody
wants all this kind of stuff blah-blah -blah blah blah but you know? Here’s
deal: social media is the watercooler of our culture. Don’t use social media as something that
you’re gonna rely on. Don’t use social media as sort of like this little — this
little band-aid — to kind of like make yourself feel, “Oh I’ve spoken to someone
who I tweeted to! Somebody who someone messaged me back!”
Social media is a TOOL for connectivity. It’s NOT something to just go to because
“I’m feeling lonely” when it comes to social media. Own the interaction! Don’t
just show up like: it’ll work. Cool. Or where you like, “Oops,
oh hi Joey or Mary or Adam or Sue!” Show up with authenticity and be real.
Respect the medium. Respect to the avenue. Respect the communication channels and
realize that if you’re showing up, you’re there to add value, not just there to
take. Social media is (there) for you to GIVE, not just for you to take and receive…

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