TMM TMM (Remix) (Full) MV/Animation – (Social Media Personified/SMP)

Okay, okay About 1,000 men are standing in front of the door (Mmh) Bitch, there is no kiss on the hand (Uh-uh) Only photos plus autograph (Yes) Easy, easy Okay, okay The customers are always calling me (Wrr) And they drive me out of my mind (Yes) Today it’s snowing a hundred gramm No pressure Okay, okay Pop a molly Rock, rock your body Through the city in a ferrari with bitches and barbies to an 80s party (furry noises) Don’t speak, start The beat goes ba-bam-ba-bam Best goods from Amsterdam Easy, easy Okay, okay Okay, okay Okay, okay Okay, okay Okay, okay Easy, easy 👌👌👌👌 No matter where I go, I get recognized (Yes) Ask why, ‘cuz I am famous (Uh) Nobu Malibu, if you got it, flaunt it (Yes) Easy, easy Okay, okay Fast, fast, come on, man (Yes) Don’t come at me with this and that (Yes) One fist, your head Zidane (aggressive huh) No pressure, Okay, okay Pop a Molly Rock, rock your body Drive with Hassan and Ali on Schnaps and Bacardi to a 80’s party (discord is a furry) Don’t speak, start The beat goes ba-bam-ba-bam, Best goods from Amsterdam Easy, easy Okay, okay Okay, okay Okay, okay Okay, okay Okay, okay Easy, easy Okay, okay 👌👌🤠👌👌😤👌👌 I’m the Grim Reaper of memes, ok. I touch a meme and it dies immediately after

100 thoughts on “TMM TMM (Remix) (Full) MV/Animation – (Social Media Personified/SMP)

  1. Order (in description box too):

    Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, 4chan, Pinterest, Discord, Skype, TikTok, VSCO, Vine, Facebook, VKontakte, Pornhub

    Btw, this is my second time using Adobe After Effects! (the first time was a backyardigans edit lmao) 😀 I hope to improve upon the animation and character tweening. Other than that, the video editing was done on Sony Vegas Pro because i've yet to explore them after effects :)))

    EDIT: I think I've forgot to mention that I'm still going to stick with the circle head style for the following reasons:
    -logos plastered on head makes it easier to recognize which one's which
    -lurid color palette
    -fits my lineless art style better and looks okay without lineart
    -fits my tweened style of animation better
    -looks more like explicit personifications of social media than average looking OCs
    -scarier; looks less human
    -takes less time to draw
    -it tickles the countryhuman fandom pink
    Don't me wrong though, I love drawing them with noses, hair, eyes and all (in fact, I might even say that I prefer drawing them this way), but for those reasons above, it's not going to be stuck with this art style. Not just so it can be a Countryhumans 2.0

    EDIT 2: i suppose i should mention sonething regarding youtube and its children's protection act. for me personally, i honestly don't mind labeling my videos as "not kid friendly" and i'm not looking into monetizing my videos (not that i can anyway). i think i can say more about this though so perhaps i'll make a further edit later (haha at school rn). interestingly enough however, a lot of the comments that mention "coppa" are automatically marked as spam by youtube- hmmm 🤔🤔🤔

    Also inb4 "wtf hold up you fOrGoT (insert website here that i supposedly forgot to add)!!!" because i apparently get that no matter how many i include. Any other sorts of feedback is helpful but plain suggestions for other social media to include is quite a peeve, sorry :((

  2. i was so happy when i saw that skype had the Estonian flag like you don’t even understand
    Also whAt tHe hEcK hOw💕💕💕💕❤️❤️😤💕💕😤😤

  3. Оооо это шикарно 🥺
    Правда понимать бы кто из них кто
    Порн хаб, ютуб и вк это конечно очевидно

  4. y'know i'm surprised this dude (1:02) is literally the one who recommends you to watch compilations of clean rare vines and tik tok memes.

  5. That last part of the description was wild also ahhh I adore all of your animation memes! Your designs are so appealing and creative 💛

  6. Ngl they look like they're from a series where everyone lives in the same apartment house or neighbourhood and everyone just hecking hate eachother

    I would watch that

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