Thunderbird Takes Action! Creating Premium Global Content – Thunderbird Entertainment

my name is Jennifer McCarran and I am CEO of Thunderbird entertainment we create premium global content you're one of the most trusted content providers in the world we're well on our way to becoming a global a plus studio examples of IP would be Bladerunner 2049 kim's convenience beat bugs last kids on earth and examples of service would be Marvel superheroes Lego spider-man 101 dalmatians the board at Thunderbird is so unique because of the people behind it Frank Giustra is the principal investor he started Lionsgate which is one of the top studios in the world today Ivonne Hassan chairman of the board will tout CTV Tim gamble sits on the board today he started thunderbird it's such an amazing thing what's happening right now we're working with all of the major players the need for content is exploding across the world opening in every market we have relationships with every major content provider and we own the content so this is gonna translate into massive upside and over the next three years the growth is going to be exponential when I joined the company in 2010 we had seven people now we're close to a thousand employees in Vancouver alone we own our own IP we're revenue generating we projected growth and fully booked for the next three years you you

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