Thrifted vintage style haul October 2019 ~ Beverley Butterfly [CC]

hello my beautiful butterflies
welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Beverley and it is lovely
to see you today in this video we’re going to be having a look at what I
thrifted in October [Vintage style music plays] so I only went on one thrifting trip this month and I was
so lucky I got so many amazing things I cannot wait to show you all of them so
buckle up so I managed to get a load of clothes I went mainly looking for like
woolly thick skirts for winter and knitwear and I got a lot of things I
also got some things that were just for round the house so I will show you those
as well let’s start with the clothes the first thing I got was this really cool
cardigan I absolutely love it it looks handmade but it’s not definitely
crocheted it’s originally Marks and Spencers which isn’t cheap um I love the
little ruffles on the ends of the sleeves I love the fact that the ends
are like this brownie grey colour which probably doesn’t sound nice but it is
and then it fades to a lovely cream on the back the ruffles on it go all the
way around and there’s one bottl- one button in the middle to hold it together
and this is totally my style this kind of home knit warm cozy look is the kind
of thing I’m going for I wish I could knit so I could make Outlander clothes
but I can’t so I live the thrifting life this cost me £4.99
which considering Marks and Spencers can be quite expensive this was originally
probably about £25 or £30 I saved a lot of money thrifting it it’s in
perfect condition it’s had a wash and it will be worn a lot you can get some real
gems I’m hoping by showing off what I managed to get each month that you
will start to go thrifting more we need less fast fashion and more reusing
what’s out there already so I hope that seeing my clothes will help give
you that impression the next thing I found is also Marks and Spencers and I’m
assuming it’s from the same collection but it’s this gorgeous cream cardigan
that has like a cream ribbon that holds it together it’s very ruffly on the edges
it’s got these flared out sleeves that I love this was also £5 I’m assuming the
same person bought it in it looks really well looked after it’s just a really
nice cozy knitwear to just throw on over a dress or over a skirt and a top to
just give that real cozy feel I love being cozy I love that kind of
vintage look and although this is modern I just love it what do you think this
next jumper let’s see where it’s from its from atmosphere which i think is
peacocks new look that kind of thing it’s this really nice cable knit jumper
it’s very simple grey plain little jumper it will go so well over a nice
skirt to keep me going through the winter this was £3.49 which is
a crazy price for a jumper that’s gonna keep me warm all through the winter
I I just love this I think it’s gonna look so nice with some of the other
items that I managed to thrift and it’ll go with so much that I’ve already got in
my wardrobe and it’s just gonna take a lot for my stuff from autumn to winter
very easily it’s a very simple plain jumper and that’s what you want to be
looking for when you’re looking for cardigans jumpers you want to go for
things that are gonna complement the Wardrobe that you already have and give
you that style that you’re looking for go for things that are very plain in
colour things that will match a lot of different items that’s the best little tip
I can give you this jumper is just gorgeous I
I just I love it (sings)I love it for the next thing I got was this really
it’s the softest I just wanna rub my face on it it’s such a soft jumper this is Marks
and Spencers collection it’s a v-neck green jumper my mum said it looks like a school
jumper it probably was a school jumper
I don’t care it’s soft it’s comfortable and it’s gonna be warm that is literally
all I care about it looks so nice with a blouse underneath this cost £4.50
£4.49 it was I mean at that price who cares what it used to be
but this is gonna just look so nice with so many things I cannot wait to wear
this it’s such a lovely like staple that will see me season to season and year to year
it’s a style that’s never gonna go out and I’m probably gonna keep it for a
long long time so the next thing I got oh I’ve been looking for a skirt like
this for a long time and this has been very much inspired by @itsacharminglife
Lindsey wears a lot of this sort of style skirt it’s a checked brown and
red like a very traditional pleated skirt that comes down to just below my
knee if I wasn’t so short it would probably come to my knee but I am a bit
of a shorty um it’s so nice it’s perfect for this time of year it gives me those
Outlander vibes I just wanna I just want to be in Outlander that’s what I want to
look like every day and surprisingly this skirt was £2.99 I know £2.99
originally this is from honour Milburn I don’t know who that is
but it doesn’t sound like a cheap label does it it sounds like something that’s
gonna be nice it feels really nice and on the back is some stretchiness
which you know I like because of my stomach issues and bloating that
I get so we always like a bit of elasticated waist this is such a nice skirt
definitely seeing me through autumn and winter isn’t it gorgeous I just love it
then for exactly the same price £2.99 I got another one but this time it is
black and pink and grey checks I think this is the same company yes Honor
Milburn and it’s just a really gorgeous checked plaid pleated skirt
very traditional it’s just really pretty it looks so nice with my knee length Brown
lace-up boots and like say for example that green v-neck jumper which would go
with either of these skirts and I think they’re just gonna be a real staple in
the autumn and winter and just keep me really warm see my wardrobe through you
know oh I’m just so happy that I found those I really am
now the next piece of clothing my mother described as absolutely gross which if
you’re not English is not a good thing but I love a poncho or a cape or
anything like that and I got a poncho this was five pound fifty it looks like
crocheted you can see through it and it’s just a really nice little poncho
that I can just throw on when I’m hanging around the house or I’m just
popping out somewhere the label has been cut out they do this a lot in charity
shops I don’t know why but they do um so I don’t know where it was from
originally but it’s just so nice just a very witchy kind of black poncho it’s
just really nice mother it’s not gross and I cannot wait to wear it so there
the next thing I got is this really nice cardigan it’s just held together with
this gigantic button with a ribbon on it’s so pretty it’s like green and like
a pinky brown stripes with little patterns on it it’s just a really nice
cardigan it’s gonna keep me so warm this time of year this is by moda at george which
is Asda and this cost £3.99 which for me it’s just perfect I can
just throw this on over like blouse or over a t-shirt it’s gonna keep me really
warm in the autumn months it’s just a really sweet cardigan I love it
I’ve already worn it once so if you follow me on Instagram which by the way
is linked down below but if you follow me on instagram you probably already saw
it the other day but it’s such a nice little cardigan I really love it
now the next few items are I mean they’re things that made my cheeks flush that
made me squeal in glee because they’re things that you don’t expect to find in
a charity shop so hold on to your wigs ladies hold on to your wigs now if
you’ve been watching my other hauls you might know that I have a little thing
for monsoon monsoon is well it’s my it’s my favourite brand so I picked up this
skirt this skirt that at the time had this label attached to it so I thought
oh it’s new with tags never been worn that’s amazing and the tag says that it
was originally £55!!! £55 never been worn and it’s a really nice denim
skirt it’s like a simple staple I love the 1960s vibe with the little pockets
it’s just a really cute skirt comes down to the knee I love it it’s really nice
skirt but then I got home and while taking off said label I noticed it’s
monsoon it’s a monsoon skirt how did I how did this happen again I
can’t believe it I paid £4.50 yep £4.50 for a denim skirt from monsoon
monsoon for under £5 so I saved £50 by going to a charity shop!
the next thing is a little bit of a a vintage lovers bucket list item and
that’s from well in two reasons one is it’s kind of a corset it’s got beautiful
beading all over it’s obviously from the 1980s it’s hook fastening so it’s a
corset or you can wear it as a waistcoat I assume and then you look closer and
it’s Laura Ashley Laura Ashley its Laura Ashley from the 80s
it’s a Laura Ashley corset from the 19- it’s Laura Ashley all my vintage gals
out there join with me hyperventilating at Laura Ashley so how much would you
pay for Laura Ashley now if you’re on ebay for example you would be paying a
lot a lot I got this for £4!! £4!! and it’s gorgeous it’s like black
velvet corset with beautiful detailing I don’t even think you can see
if I do that to the like you see all the beading on that it is gorgeous it would
be perfect for a night out and it will definitely be treasured
Thank You Laura Ashley for all you’ve done for us and then the last item that
I found in the Beverley accidentally finds really cool items at the thrift
store I saw this it’s like a dark brown jacket it has like stitching detail all
over a beautiful jacket it’s gorgeous fitted beautiful and I thought that
would be so nice for the evenings I really want to get that the price tag
said £5! £5 for an evening jacket I think to myself how lovely and then I get home
it only piggin says Moschino! if you don’t know Moschino is like it’s it’s a
big brand it’s like a proper you know they have like shows and things at
Fashion Week’s and stuff like it’s maschino it’s got a gold chain and then
says maschino on it and I was like it’s not gonna be real it’s just gonna be
fake but then when I was looking how to wash it it says dryclean only and
everything’s in Italian so guys I think it’s real guys I think I have a coat
that was probably, a jacket that was probably about £300 and I got
it for £5 and it’s Moschino guys I think I actually own a Moschino
jacket yes so that’s three kind of designer labels to at least two designer
labels and is monsoon designer I’m not sure it’s kind of high street but
high-end I don’t know what to term it as but yeah I got all three of them were
each under £5 which is incredible and then I always look in the
housewares in the you know section because I think it’s important to have a
look for ornaments and things like that are going to complement the things
that you’re into so let’s have a look what I found so if you know me at all
and you will if you watched my last video you’ll know I love fairies look at
her she’s a beautiful pink fairy she got butterfly wings you know I love
butterflies she’s resting on some roses and she’s on a dark wood plate this
fairy is so cute I saw her and I was like I’m
gonna have to buy you and take you home especially when I saw that she was £1.50
£1.50 for a fairy I just had to I mean look at her I’ve been looking for candles
candle holders that sort of thing I really started getting into candle
magic and I came across this this is a I think it’s supposed to be a lotus now I
am kind of Buddhist I do love the Buddhist faith so if it is a lotus
that’s amazing but you put the candle in the middle and it’s crystal it did come
in a box I got rid of the box cause like I don’t like storing boxes if you watch
my pop in the boxes you will know that I don’t like storage boxes but as it
catches the light it is just stunning and this was £3.99 now I’m sure
at some point there was another one to go with it because most people buy
candle holders in the twos but I’m not bothered I wanted a candle that I could light
I’ve got like a section in my house it’s like a little area where I’ve got
pictures of my family who have passed on and I wanted to be able to light a
candle for them every day and this is absolutely perfect for that it’s exactly
what I needed um yeah I love it then speaking of candles uuugh we have two they’re
like black metal very squiggly is squiggly a word that we use I don’t know but
they’re tea light han- holders I try and describe everything because I have a
couple of people who watch my videos who are blind and I’m sure they would agree
I’m terrible at describing things but I’m gonna do my best so they’re in a
pair its black metal that goes in kind of a C shape with another C backwards
hold it onto a metal stand and then hanging from that is a swinging piece
you put the tea light in the middle of a little like glass holder I’m gonna
stop this because it’s terrible I’m terrible I apologise but these two are
absolutely gorgeous they’re exactly what I wanted I have our
television stands on a sideboard I guess you’ll call it and I wanted candle
holders to go either side it’s getting into those months where it’s dark 90
percent of the time in our living room so I wanted to be able to have some
tea lights just to lighten the room up a little bit these two for the pair I paid
£2.99 which is nothing it’s just ridiculous it’s probably what you pay
for a coffee and then you’d only have that for a very short time but these I have
forever so this next this last thing I should say this is the last I saved the
last for best I’ve been looking for a cauldron now if you’ve been watching my
channel following my spiritual progress you will know that I’ve kind of gotten
into a witchy witchy kind of area in my life and so I was looking for a cauldron and
this I saw this so it’s brass it has patterning all the way around its round with little
brass rings little brass feet and a lid that comes off it has a hole in the
middle it’s quite deep but I was thinking I could put a tea light in in
there and some herbs or a spell that I’m working on and put the lid on and the
candle would still burn is that how a cauldron works I’m not that far into my
journey yet to know but I have seen people’s cauldrons obviously I’ve seen a
cauldron who hasn’t so I thought this was reminiscent of one so my witchy
watchers do you let me know if this would function as a cauldron I love it it
looks old and used I mean the patina inside is gorgeous the brass is
definitely oxidised in places but I like that I like things that look
old I don’t know what it is or what it’s worth but I paid £3.99 for it I
love it I might even you know if it doesn’t work as a cauldron I could just
put potpourri in it and it would be really nice what do you think I can’t believe I
got all these things in one visit to the charity shops I only went to about three
shops I can’t believe that I managed to get all these things especially those
those high-end goods that I managed to get for under £5 each this was
probably one of my best thrifting adventures so far and if you’ve been
watching all my thrift hauls so far you’re probably like whoa this was a
good one Beverley I definitely feel like I got some really nice things so if you
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Fridays my health permitting I do my very best guys I hope you enjoyed this
video I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you I hope you’re having a
wonderful day and I will see you next time bye

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  1. You jammy wotsit!!!πŸ˜† You hit the jackpot this month πŸ₯°. Gorgeous clothes & homewear – I'm so happy for you πŸ€—. I know you said you can't knit, but you loved those beautiful crochet pieces – if you fancy giving crochet a go I make my own jumpers now – & the great thing about crochet (as opposed to knitting) is if you go wrong you can undo it (no dropped stitches!). If you do fancy a try let me know & I'll put you on to the videos I used to learn to do it πŸ₯°

  2. Wow Beverley, I was going to say what great finds you got, and that was before you whipped out the lovely skirt and Moschino jacket!! And I love the fairy, my nanny got me one like that because it reminded her of an angel and she always calls me her angel πŸ’—

  3. So0o0o0o many goodies in this haul!!!!! You get the best deals and steals! I particularly love the black poncho.πŸ–€

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