Thora Sa Haq Episode 2 | 30th October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

When I saw you are still awake
I understood that you are worried about Zamin and your uncle Thankyou… Aunty… Zamin is not picking my phone yes! I am also calling Waqar but his phone is switched off… I wonder where is he busy to that extent
that he not even picking my call daughter…he must be driving car that might be the reason behind not picking your call what about uncle?
why his phone is switched off? you already know about Waqar’s nature… he must have forgotten to charge
*Giggles* but he had said we will reach home tonight, no matter how much time it takes they will be arriving soon (god willing) do not worry No Actually! I was bit worried, due to mama’s reaction I had no idea, that she hates younger uncle to that extent… that she would object that much to uncle and Zamin’s Hyderabad visit you know what aunty? I should have stopped Zamin, I would not have let him go Daughter… you already know about Zamin’s nature Aijaz must have insisted, due to which he has stayed he will be here any moment
as soon as he comes, I will pull his ears and you also scold him *phone ringing* Zamin… Hello! Zamin Hello! Zamin why you have not reached home till now? I and your mother are very much worried I have called you so many times, but you are not attending my call and uncle’s phone is dead Hareem! here we are facing a huge problem which problem? what happened Zamin? say it… Hareem… Aijaz uncle has passed away What? Mama!! mama wakeup…mama!! umhhh… what has happened? have both of them arrived? no… what happened?
why you seem worried? mama… Aijaz uncle has passed away what? Zamin has just called me to inform but they have gone to attend a marriage ceremony Zamin did not provide any details, he just informed about Aijaz uncle’s death also that they cannot return at the moment …. also and… and what? also gave me one message of uncle what kind of message? he was saying that we should also visit there Waqar is out of his mind! what we will do after going there? mama… whatever it is, he was our blood relative
he was the younger brother of baba you do not tell me in the middle of the night that
who were our blood relatives and who are not when baba will come back… what answer you will give him? you do not get worried about baba
I will talk myself you go and take rest in your room
Go… and listen! send Munazza ok! the girl’s marriage was done? …. or it did not happen due to death? daughter Seher it’s time to say final good bye say bye to your father No… daughter… my baba will not go anywhere daughter Seher my baba will not go anywhere *crying loudly* baba, you cannot go anywhere,
please do not take my baba away *funeral prayer* baba… please do not take my baba… please do not take my baba away… please
baba……… Aijaz brother was an angel nobody has listened to him talking in a loud voice in the neighbor may his soul rest in peace Amen… death has no time… you have already earned paradise brother to fulfill the last wish of a dying person
is a very kind act I have full trust, that you people will take good care of daughter Seher Son Zamin… she has deteriorated her health by crying I and my daughter has tried a lot
but she is not eating anything you go to her… since you are now her husband if you will say, she will eat son!… you remain seated let me make her understand Zamin!…she is an orphan take good care of her, always keep her happy daughter Seher… have patience, my daughter… it was god’s will have patience it’s ok Daughter Seher, tomorrow after soyem (funeral prayers)
we all will leave for Karachi daughter! just keep some of your important belongings and some clothes, no need to take the rest of the things thank you! daughter… eat the meal I am not hungry… uncle daughter I am your uncle, in fact now I am your father
will you not listen to me? eat please eat baba where have you got me into?
what you have done to me? Zamin! stay relax, don’t get hyper
we will talk what to talk now? you have done my nikkah (marriage) you have made me married to a girl, to whom I don’t even know properly baba then tell me? what I should have done? if I had done this to save my brother’s life, then have I done anything wrong?… Tell me? I’m sorry… I do not have any answer to your question Zamin!… Aijaz was my real brother, real!
he has spent all his life in poverty he has done only one mistake, that he did love marriage
which brother Iftikhar and sister-in-law did not like they never accepted it, throw him out of the house
Aijaz tried many times to come back but brother Iftikhar and sister-in-law never forgave him my that brother after living a struggling life was
on his way towards hapless death If I had given small happiness to a dying man
than what sin have I done? you tell me… If you were at my place
what would you have done? ok, I am sorry baba…. sorry!! please do not cry
don’t do like this baba please I’m sorry naa… I know son, that I have placed you in a big problem I have done wrong with you but Zamin!… you are my son I had done all this after trusting you
don’t get worried, I will make everything right baba, you know how much I trust you I’m sorry that I had hurt you
but you know how this life has played with me I am not understanding, that how will I face Hareem, mom, all family… after reaching Karachi, what will I say to them? do you trust me? Of course baba! I trust you, baba … that’s why son, don’t get worried
leave everything on me *door knocks* I have come to pick up luggage Ameen! daughter Seher? I thought to take you to your fathers grave, before leaving for Karachi you never know… if you will get a chance in future or not
either you could visit Hyderabad or not daughter Seher, I want to talk something very important with you I could not get a chance to talk to you at your house daughter Seher, you are my deceased brother’s last memory just like my daughter, in fact, you are my daughter daughter, now you are my responsibility
I will never let you get hurt will always take care of you daughter! the circumstances in which Zamin and you got married… I mean your nikkah (Marriage) happened in those circumstances, no one was prepared mentally for this neither Zamin… nor me… also not you we just came to Hyderabad to attend your marriage anyways… what was suppose to happen… has happened daughter Seher, what I am trying to tell you is …. as you and Zamin are suddenly tied in this nikkah (marriage) relation and you both will take time to understand each other and the same time you need to give to Zamin’s mother and… the people living in that house I mean to say, daughter
that upon reaching Karachi you need to hide your nikkah (Marriage) with Zamin
from your aunty and all the other family members do not take me, wrong daughter… as this nikkah (marriage) is weird for you and Zamin same will be the reaction of your aunty Munazzah and other family members a person in such circumstances react very weirdly daughter, I don’t want our family members to know about your nikkah (marriage) at the moment so they misbehave with you are you getting, what I am saying? daughter you do not need to get worried all the people in that house are very nice Munazzah, sister-in-law, brother, and their daughter Hareem… they all will be so happy after seeing you and in some days, you will also get to know them then I will tell them about your and Zamin’s nikkah (marriage) myself, …after seeing the right time but.. before that
you need to stay quiet daughter so tell me, will you not listen to this small request of your uncle? yes… good…. daughter I hope that you will remember your promise
in all conditions *car horn* *greetings* uncle
Oh, my daughter! how are you daughter Hareem? I’m fine
how about you? I’m fine Zamin! what are you doing?
whose bag is this? Zamin who is she? daughter Hareem, she is Seher your younger uncle Aijaz’s daughter she is Hareem Seher!.. I have heard this name, but have never met *greetings* but how come you are here? weren’t you getting married? daughter, will you talk about everything here? we can talk inside about the rest of the things you shall hug her, welcome her in your house Welcome… uncle, what has happened to him?
he went inside without meeting me no… maybe he is tired due to long drive come.. come, daughter Ashraf!.. bring the luggage first of all, you have returned after 3 days,
furthermore, you have brought along an uninvited guest I have come from a very long journey
at least let me breathe my breath is stuck in my throat
and you are talking about your breath *Sigh*… tell me, what she is doing here? my real younger brother has died
she is his only child should I have left here there? but you have gone to attend her marriage so, the marriage has not happened? yes, she did not get married but why? Oho!! you have starting bombarding me with questions,
as soon as I came yes it did not happen, yes
the groom’s family could not arrive due to some reason and, she is my real brother’s daughter
she is his real memory should I have left her at neighbor’s mercy? but at least tell me, why her marriage did not happen?
tell me Aww… if one thing gets in the head of women, it gets stuck then Oho… Go! go and give her condolence of her father
welcome her in this house and do these rubbish talks later on *greetings* you are Aijaz Ahmed’s daughter? yes… *quranic verse fro death* may Allah (God) rest your father’s soul in peace Amen! but, what are your doing here? Umm… I …
uncle Waqar brought me here along with him Alright Glad to know… any ways drink some water
but do not open your luggage box let me talk to Waqar Ahmed you have to leave you cannot live in my house *door knocks* Hello! Hello!
how are you? I am fine, how about you? fine!
I am exhausted after doing 3 hours drive very tired… why you did not say Hello to me outside? I did!… may be you did not hear you did not say Zamin!
else you say Hello! to me and I did not listen? this can never happen Alright! I thought I have said but if not, then let me say it again Hello! how are you? I’m good
Thanks But… But what? but you don’t seem to be ok what has happened to me?
I am fine if you are ok, then why you did not meet me outside? why did you came inside running?
Hareem! what has happened to you? why are you asking such questions? and …
why are you after this outside thing a person who has come after driving for so long
there is a mental pressure naturally on that person why dont you understand? I’m sorry! Um… I’m sorry anyways you have got relief?
Satisfied.. yes … relieved you already know that all my problems and satisfactions are associated to you… then yes, I am relieved ok! very good! if you now permit me
shall I take shower? so what were you doing before? Hareem!! ok! Sorry…
will meet you at dinner then hmm… yes! see you I am surprised at you Waqar Ahmed along with being glad, I am also angry at you you went to Hyderabad, without telling me if you would have informed me, I would have stopped you… I would have not given permission to you this is not the matter sister-in-law
then what is the matter? Actually … Actually I…
Stop it! Stop it! Waqar Ahmed, leave it what has happened
has happened you… why have you brought this girl to my house? although you knew that what his father has done to me
I am not that hardhearted person that bad mouth about a deceased person I have also uttered words for condolence of her father,
also had prayed for him in front of her but Waqar Ahmed, this is testing of my patience sister-in law!!…
I… I .. cannot allow this girl to stay in my house sister-in-law!!! If you please listen to me with patience
you please do not teach me anything Waqar Ahmed Aijaz Ahmed is the only person on this earth,
whose name infuriates me before you call people to extinguish the fire
you take this girl somewhere I cannot allow her to spend even a single night in my house That’s it! you only show anger to me! and you stay quiet in front of your dear sister-in-law you stay quiet Munazzah! go … and try to calm down the anger of sister-in-law *greetings* you must have heard, what has been said
in the honor of welcoming you you are Munazzah aunty… yes, I am… please ask Waqar uncle
to send me back to Hyderabad why? … do you have aunties or uncles there? No… there must be some relatives
do you have someone’s address? it means that there is no one…
you should have think before coming here since you are already here without thinking…
then be prepared for all circumstances I am going to sister-in-law to convince her, if she gets convinced
then she will permit you to stay here if I succeed in this, then
this will be my first favor on you although I do not like counting my favors
and I dislike those who forget others favors if you are here to defend your husband
then kindly leave that girl cannot stay here when did I say to stop her? but sister-in-law, at least listen to my suggestion once say it.. for many years you have gathered too much hatred inside you and it is said that such hatred, deteriorates a person you are getting a chance to remove that hatred and you are keeping a stone on that way
and closing it again means? Aijaz Ahmed was your sister’s murderer and see natures will that… today the same murderer’s daughter is standing at your doorstep that is why I do not want to see her in my house whenever I will see her, it will remind me of Aijaz Ahmed and whenever it will remind of him, my heart will get hurt
in the memory of my deceased sister I have already said it
I will not show mercy on that girl so, who is asking you to show mercy on her?
do not show mercy but also do not let her go from here you can take revenge for your sister’s murder from her you can get relief in that fire that is in your heart for many years and your heart will be satisfied so this is my paternal family where no one did condolence to me of my deceased father uncle Waqar…. uncle Waqar has also left me and Zamin is like, he does not care about me he should have come once to me and had asked me let’s go! where?
there is a room at the backside of the bungalow… there if you could please pick up your luggage
it will be great of you I am the only one, for this huge house at least you do not take work from me it is elder madam’s, and younger madam’s order
that you will help me in house chores although, everyone gets up late in the morning
but you do not sleep till late get up early morning
and make breakfast with me I will guide you about the rest of the housework later
Alright? save my brother from dying…
marry Seher my brother has not seen any happiness in his life and I cannot see him dying haplessly you do not teach me the lesson of patience, Waqar Ahmed Aijaz Ahmed is the only person on this earth,
whose name infuriates me * Nikkah (marriage) wordings * Yes, Accepted…
baba.. what happened? … Aiaz!! don’t know… which window is of Zamin’s
among these windows I don’t know where Waqar uncle’s room is
I should have gone to greet him in the morning maybe after seeing me, he remembers that
he brought me along with him hi! Cousin… *greetings* *greetings*
Umm… you get up so early? I always wake up early
that’s good… I’m so sorry…
last night I did not get a chance to sit with you actually, at first, I went to meet Zamin
and then I got a WhatsApp call from my friend in the UK whenever she does shopping, she does video call for at least 2 hours… and show me her shopping again and again anyways… did you sleep well?
as it is difficult to adjust to a new place yes! are right umm.. Seher .. I’m so sorry
I could not come at night for the condolence sad to hear about younger uncle it was god’s will so you are his only child?
no brothers or sisters? Um… what has happened? … I mean
how did uncle die? Aah… I’m so sorry.. how stupid I am… I am making you remember the things that you want to forget will you drink coffee? … can I get you tea? no no no… I do not want anything
Thank you! ok, let’s go inside… Farzana is making breakfast for me, you also do breakfast with me come on…
Um.. slowly Farzana, do you plan to break the plate? it was a mistake, Hareem madam
I’m sorry it’s ok no problem
go and quickly make tea for sister Seher alright! I will you always talk so less? or
you are hesitating due to new people and house maybe you do friendship quickly is it bad? no no it is not bad…. Ah.. you! you will say this to me?
also, you are here for some days only so please do not waste these days in paying respect only my name is Hareem! you can call me with my name directly …I will not mind good morning! Zamin… good morning!!! *greetings* *greetings* Uh..what happened to you, why you stood up? Mmm… I… I am just coming what has happened to her? just after seeing you why are you standing? sit how come you are up so early? just like that, I thought we couldn’t talk at night
so shall meet at the breakfast table…and do breakfast together it was elder madams, and younger madams order that
you will make breakfast with me I cannot serve you breakfast daily understand! why are you standing now? wash the dishes
there are other chores to do as well anyways… for how many days she is here? who?
our cousin… who else I don’t know… why?
why are you asking? just like that, I guess her marriage got postponed
due to younger uncle’s death it will be done in some days
so she will go back … right? I don’t know, .. I seriously don’t have any idea
I don’t know anything what do you mean?
you don’t know anything? why would I be knowing? if you want to know, ask baba
he must be knowing all… Go! no… it is not that important matter…
will get to know. whatever is there alright!… will see you in the evening.. haan
ok! I will be waiting Bye! *door knocks* come in what has happened, sister-in-law?
you have not come out of your room today I thought, maybe you are frightened of that girl what rubbish you are talking about? why would I be frightened of that girl?
I am not feeling well that’s why I did not come may God bless you… what happened to your health?
are you ok? since she has entered, I am getting flashbacks of
all old memories and incidents I start missing my sister
my mind and heart has become numb do not say like this sister-in-law
if you say, shall I call the doctor? now I am ok may God protect you from all evils alright, tell me, what Waqar has told you? about what? about that scoundrel’s marriage… when is she getting married? her marriage is not happening at all
why? the day when she was about to get married?
the boy ran away at the same time *sigh* there must be this girl’s fault, just like her father did scoundrel *sigh* Wow! what nature you have got like a madam you have been sitting with a great pride *greetings* I understand that you are an orphan but listen to me very carefully this is my house not any orphanage if you want to stay here
then be in your limits Stop! till I do not ask you to go!
you cannot go from in front of me ok tell me
why did your groom run away? did you have an affair with someone?
or he did? I am asking something from you… you do not have a tongue in your mouth?
or you do not want to tell me? if you are done talking?
shall I leave? get lost! baba, you had said that upon returning you will take care of everything what is all happening with me?
why is it happening? what has happened?
has someone said anything to you? Hareem baba.. she has been asking rubbish and taunting questions… I do not understand what reply shall I give to her? baba, I have never hide anything from her
nor have lied to her ever but this matter… son… please! give me some time
I will handle everything brother Iftikhar is about to return
I will handle everything… you stay relax, please… baba this must be very easy for you
*door knocks* yes! Um.. Sir these… Sir these are some documents
on which your signatures are required hi! cousin… how are you?
what were you doing the whole day? nothing much…
just house chores I have heard that your marriage is not postponed
but canceled! who told you? younger aunty told me
and younger uncle told her anyways!…. I can understand marriage is every girl’s life turning point
and every girl is very sensitive about it if it is happening or has happened, then
a girl never talks about something else and if it did not happen for any reason, then
a girl never wants to talk about it that boy… why he did not come with his family for marriage?… did you ask him? one minute… you must be knowing him?
you must be in love with him? I do not know him… If you don’t mind, I have some work
I will be back what! what do you mean?
one minute, … stop!… Seher Seher!… Stop!… Stop!.. what do you mean? you did not know him, and was ready to get married to him? such boys and girls exist now?
who sees their partner’s face on the night of marriage? I should have done suicide… If I was getting married like this the person with whom you are not familiar…
how can you spend your whole life with him? Hareem! there are thousands of girls like me
outside your big house and they are asked since childhood to obey, what is being said now you can think, that it might be our nature, habit
or lifestyle whatever! I can never stay quiet nor I can ever think to get married to one
to whom I have never seen, nor I know him so, you must be in love with someone… of course, it is Zamin! I only know him he is my only love, and you know…
I do not want to know anyone than him he is my only best friend, my cousin
my fiance and my to be husband also

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