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fourteen thousand five hundred and twenty-three miles 1273 gallons of fuel 182 days on the road in hundreds of hours of filming editing and sharing 48 episodes of Arctic down travels have brought us to this point our last adventure in the North Country with winter bearing down on us way just enough time for one more side trip in the Canadian and Alaskan wilderness to see something that we were told was just too incredible to apik to leave behind without seeing it for ourselves and so with the Stewart Cassie era highway behind us and made a right-hand turn and headed towards the coast for the towns of Stuart British Columbia and haider Alaska haider is only accessible by road through Canada you don't need a passport to enter and there's no border checkpoint this town of 87 people sits on the 15 square mile plot of US land and it wasn't long before we again crossed back into British Columbia as the rain continued to come down and a heavy fog settled in shrouding our upcoming experience in just a bit of mystery we pressed on following the shelf roads and narrow trails to our destination and hopes the weather would clear the next morning and grant us a view of what we had gone out of our way to see as we rolled along through the fading fall colors we reflected on our experiences over the past several months looking back it's honestly hard to believe just how much a little family had achieved to come this far if you told us just one year ago though we were going to sell everything and travel the world who would have laughed but here we are living a life that few have experienced seeing things that you have seen in learning lessons about the world in ourselves through fresh eyes and hearts deep down we all desire something outside of our self created sandbox of comfort and routine something more alive something tangible real and just a touch dangerous so how does one find themselves living in a tent full time exploring the wilds of Alaska and Canada what was it that led us to this point in our lives in reality our journey didn't begin April 1st 2018 our journey began many years ago steered by whispers and drawn by notions of something bigger after Caroline was born we decided that being a couch potato on the weekends wasn't for us and so we bought a foreigner a Coleman dome tent an Igloo cooler and struck out to see what adventures we could find but looking at the skies so clear so much to discover here studying out on my own all the places I go it's along all these answers have to find many mountains have to climb notice valleys downhill oh I got so much room to grow it's lovely what do you see let's do I'm white yes after several years we decided that we were ready for what we thought was a long expedition from southern New Mexico to northern Colorado we spent months prepping planning and routing for what is now known as the enchanted rockies trail just a few days before striking out we bought a camera with the idea that we would document our travels for Caroline to watch and enjoy when she was older little did we know that our adventure would strike a chord with other families like ourselves and inspire folks to pursue a bit of adventure as well after five years of intensively exploring New Mexico Arizona California in Colorado we were drawn to the wilderness more and more we would come back from a long trip and wish it hadn't ended after seven years of high-stress work environments with intense schedules multiple personal losses and their deep emotional scars we were spending less and less time as a family which resulted in struggles of its own we decided it was time for a radical change it was at this point around a campfire in the Southern California desert after venting our frustrations about her current life struggles and how we wish we could just leave it behind for a while a fellow adventurer and youtuber named Jason couchie asked us one simple question why not as I say the rest was history but we had a thousand traditional notions and social expectations screaming not to jump into something radically different than the cultural norm we also had one huge reason to dive in headfirst and that was because we had more to lose on our current path a dying slow stress filled life pursuing temporary comforts and securities than we did to take a risk as a family and truly live and so six weeks after that fateful campfire discussion we hit sold almost all of our possessions and moved into our 4runner and Turtleback trailer while security and predictability is a safe place to rest there's another part of our soul that longs for excitement risk and challenge we long to test ourselves and conquer our fears we want to achieve something epic and unique not to say that the social norms are intrinsically bad but a life consumed with pursuing those over faith and family can disconnect us from what really sometimes we need a heart stop and a bit of peace to find ourselves it's just growing back now we can't would count the cameras so the camper I didn't think it's gonna happen I was gonna worry it happens not me I called it she called it after several weeks of final preparations it was time for us to say goodbye to family friends and familiar territory as we struck out on one of our greatest adventures yet the transition to living outdoors full-time and spending every waking moment together presented its own challenges it took us a while to find our groove and develop each person's responsibilities for daily life while on the surface this expedition may look like any family camping adventure the truth is that if we wanted to maintain these travels it was also necessary that we became a successful business venture in order to keep the fuel coming in the wheels turning so while Sarah was busy maintaining the logistics of our daily life with driving cooking cleaning and homeschooling Caroline I was behind the scenes developing and managing different parts of our income streams through social media management product photography videography and video editing for various outdoor brands along this main income we were also growing our own YouTube channel merch store patreon supporters and a select few affiliate sales for products we have been using and testing for years the goal was to eventually leave other jobs behind and solely focus on our own adventures as support for the channel grew as it turns out we were an awesome team and it didn't take long before we fell into a routine well mostly in him so we have a little bit of an argument going on about dividers this is like the real life stuff that happens here so I'll eventually win No hey like in that snow master love it yes I can get so much food in there and I'm like creating like systems for Hell where I want things okay so I'm pretty stoked how about mess with your system too much yet uh not yet now you've messed with my pantry and dragon oh wait wait do you see where I put groceries away all right here we go this watch has been the bane of her existence ready three two one as you can imagine working with your spouse and daughter has its own unique set of difficulties but we learn how to communicate and express ourselves better over time no it wasn't easy no we don't have it totally figured out and though we didn't film those parts but yes it was awesome for our marriage and the lessons we learned were very valuable so today is a special day today is our 10 year anniversary so now what we do it even though we were living life on the road it didn't mean we're always eating fast food or sandwiches sarah has always been committed to creating amazing meals while we travel and her tasty gourmet made any campsite feel like home she's always had a knack for making something amazing no matter the circumstances as you have all seen it's just a shame that no one has invented smell-o-vision yet oh and we really don't eat steak and bacon all the time it's just so much sexier film than PB and J's [Applause] [Applause] we've always been huge wildlife nerds and this trip to the north was packed full of amazing animal encounters the variety and frequency of animal sightings was one of our favorite parts of the adventure we lost count of how many bears caribou moose elk and Buffalo we saw along the way these magnificent animals literally brought life to the landscape and it was impressive to see them in their native environments while we were fortunate enough not to have any dangerous animal encounters the trip wasn't without its troubles we have used our 4runner hard over the past five years and it wasn't unexpected to find a few items needing attention after a hundred and fifteen thousand miles of rough service that's the whatever it came apart yeah can I give up when you gonna and you gone baby bleeding yeah enjoy the rest of your trip thank you yeah while our wheel bearing replacement was a bit of a lengthy process in the broken icon shock mounts were a hassle under the circumstances I think it's important to point out that the rig never left us stranded and even now in present day with a hundred and forty thousand miles on old silver we wouldn't trade her for any other maker model the forerunner platform has been absolutely perfect for our needs and as far exceeded our expectations we will continue to give her the care and maintenance she needs to keep us going for years to come oh and I guess I should mention we are not sponsored by Toyota in any way we just simply believe in the platform if you knew everything this thing has been through on camera and off you would be even more amazed at his performance today since starting this adventure we have met some absolutely incredible people honestly we don't know how we would have even got this venture off the ground if it wasn't for the support of so many amazing folks along the way we want to thank the crew at Turtle Bay trailers who helped us with our final preparations and upgrades even though I just quit as their operations manager thank you especially to Keith and Maggie Kessler for opening up your hearts and your home to us when we needed it most your friendship means the world to us thank you to the Tavella D family for giving our dog Zeke an awesome place to say and giving him so much love and care while we were away thank you to Justin Claire and Kane a 23-0 USA for opening up your home on short notice during one of our losses and being a constant encouragement to our travels and thank you to all the many other amazing families and individuals who have supported us in so many different ways along our adventure yeah I say yeah I grab that that's right this is the meetup scene camera mount here yeah yeah of all the incredible experiences we've had along this route the ones that stick with us the most are the great people we have met along the way there's just a special camaraderie within the travel community and we were constantly amazed at how fast it became close friends with those be encountered if he really want to get to know someone travel alongside them for a while in remote wilderness the bonds that are formed through overcoming tough trails or challenging recoveries will stick with you for a lifetime we made some awesome new friends along this journey and we look forward to traveling with them again nevermind so better study [Applause] because I'm a junior Ranger we feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this wonderful land in a very raw and intimate way to lay under the Stars let me load the sleep by the sounds of rushing rivers howling wolves and at times absolute silence night after night was a beautiful encounter our hearts will never forget there were so many experiences that left us breathless more live in making for what might be next you can't help but feel so very small when the static of the world is a thousand miles away and you're finally able to listen to the whisper in the wind that says there's something more something precious out here that are distracted hearts have been missing all along our little family has seen so much during our North Country travels this adventure has helped us learn more about ourselves as individuals while bringing us closer together through the team effort necessary to overcome the challenges of this lifestyle and the rewards of sharing some of the most incredible experiences this North country has to offer our adventures to this land has truly changes and we will leave with a piece of it forever etched in our hearts do you remember going to a fireworks show for the first time as a kid remember the amazement with each thundering boom and colourful flash of light as a grew in intensity with every explosion in earth-shaking concussion did you ever think it can't get any louder it can't get any more amazing it can't get any more epic and then there's a slight pause and just when you think you've seen it all the grand finale begins but I've been staring this hole in skies I keep wasting my time on me for the places I could be a man who I was in the dreams we did three when we are young one day we wake up and we become something different we are sums of our decisions fruit of our missions grain is saying drop the ocean we'll try no shoes this feeling are you seeking feed is starting My Love My Love can you my heart is strong but Monalisa [Applause] – I was wasting my time some hearts beat harder and to kill of so many different ways we love just one your whole life long they don't feel the same well tell me love I'm only asking my love I have done my father doors all my life I've heard the but it was not my intention Wolfe's keep showing the teeth me the Holy Ghost is keeping close she's at Louisville and I can't help but think there must be something I am missing see when I'll aim I keeps whispering [Applause] are you are you ready go this heavy heart is missing be hard me me down my hair to sleep the voice inside keeps whispering hisses are you I level thank you for riding along with us for the past 48 episodes as we've shared our story we can't thank you enough for all your support and encouragement please join us for season two of our adventures as the story continues until next time safe travels and God bless

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    first it was just a hobby of mine in scale 1:10, then I started to search in the right scale and found you.
    A small family like mine, only I have a son.
    You live the dream. The pictures are unbelievable.

    Meanwhile all this has become a big goal for me, because my son should get to know the world exactly like that.

    I thank you for these incredible pictures.
    I wish you good health and happiness.

    Translated with

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