Things change 2 days before the fashion show [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.11.24]

(DDP, Dongdaemun) It was Fashion Week. (Seoul Fashion Week, which lasts for 6 days) Hwang Shinhye. (Chae Jungan) (Kim Sungryoung) It’s the busiest time for fashionistas. Lots of fashionistas attend. Why didn’t you go, Hyunmoo? I wasn’t invited. (I’m sure I’ll see you at a fashion show one day) Fashion Week is a time to sell clothes. Business owners who buy clothes come from all over the world. “Oh, those pants that Jang Yoonju is wearing. I want to order 50 pairs of them.” That’s what they’re here to check. We need to show off the clothes very well so that they end up buying 20 instead of 10. That’s why we make the show fancy. It’s an event which is very important to reap the fruits of that year’s labor. (They’re diligently preparing for the fashion show) (The Works team is managing Seoul Fashion Week) Jongwon, come to the stage. (The Works team’s CEO, Choi Eunho) CEO Choi. (During the last meeting…) I don’t feel your sincerity at all. I don’t think that they’re thinking right now. He couldn’t say a word back then. Where are they going to come up until? Are they going to come up to this line? Okay. What about the DJ? Who’s going to install his music equipment? He’ll install it himself. We just need to check the wires. Shouldn’t the music director be here then? Hurry up and tell him. He’s very sensitive today. (You look a bit sensitive today) I’m directing the show overall, so I need to make sure I’m focused. I need to finish the rehearsal within 30 minutes. If I don’t, the show won’t be able to proceed, so I think that I end up yelling and becoming sensitive. That’s right. (While he’s in the middle of running about…) Oh, the boss is finally here. (Boss Kim suddenly arrives) I think that Boss Kim is receiving a brighter spotlight. I’m mostly there to cheer them on. They’ve been continuously running a lot of events for the past few days, so I feel sorry about that. (She came because she felt bad but…) (How was it when Boss Kim arrived?) To the fashion show? It was time. I wondered how much she’d be acting as a mother-in-law. Acting as a mother-in-law. Is everything ready? I think so. Isn’t that line over there too visible though? (I knew this would happen) As soon as she arrives? She’s sharp. You can see the lines. CEO Choi always seems crushed by CEO Kim, right? He’s her employee but he’s well-known in the industry. – Oh, really? / – Yes, CEO Choi isn’t someone… Yes. Who should be acting like that. He always looks so intimidated. – I thought he was always like that. / – He’s not. – He’s always very confident. / – What? – Usually. / – What happened to him then? I don’t know at what point he started… He almost cried a few times here. He manages Fashion Week but he also manages all the famous international brand shows that take place in Korea. – Wow. / – So whenever he goes to a meeting… The brand representatives tell CEO Choi to just do as he sees fit. Because he does everything so well. – To take care of it? / – Yes, to take care of it. He gets along with them. CEO Kim keeps yelling at him though. I think that you can just trust him. It’s because I yelled at him that he can do so well. What an oldie. (CEO Choi, it’s all thanks to me) Do the chairs come up to here? We’re missing one right now. Alright. Isn’t this too close though? He can take care of it on his own. That’s why he was able to manage all those shows. Do the chairs come up to here? We’re missing one right now. (Boss Kim wants to expand the space) Should we move this back a bit? No. – They can just turn here. / – It’s too narrow. (Why are you saying this now?) I’m sorry, but please put these two together and move this one over there. (He’s half-forced to change the seat) He listened to her. (Her wishes came true) Instead of ordering someone, she’s doing it herself because it’s faster that way. There seems to be a common point among leaders. Stop mumbling. (Yeonsu’s dad is working hard) (What kind of show will open here?) (The “D” brand, gaining popularity these days) The designer wants to showcase Choi Yunfat’s concept from the movie, “A Better Tomorrow.” The trend these days is to revive the designs from the 1970s and 1980s… – In a new way. / – Newtro? Yes, newtro. We’re going to rehearse now to test the runway. Please exit the runway. (The stage is being completed) How cool. If you’re done changing, please come to the front. Are you done changing? Hold on. Hurry up. He must be so anxious. There’s only an hour and a half until the show starts. In lines, please. Hurry up. (She’s overflowing with charisma today) (This model seems familiar for some reason) – Yuri from ESteem. / – Yuri. He’s originally a Russian-Korean. Is he bringing in a lot of money? Yes, he’s not bad. You can see the dollar sign on his face. Yes. There’s a dollar sign on top of his head. Russia is a big market for us as well, so we need to think about the future in advance. She’s already thinking about the Russian market. (This model is?) Han Hyunmin. It’s Han Hyunmin. He got yelled at a lot while cooking last time. How do you feel seeing him like this? – This is his main job. / – He’s admirable. (Ms. Shim’s favorite model, Han Hyunmin) He’s admirable. (The two models who will light up the stage) Lights. Models, please step out. Is Yuri the first model? Yes, he is. How cool. Please turn at an angle, models. Oh, instead of turning rounded, they need to turn sharply. The most important thing is that the photographers who are taking photos in the front will release those photos all over the world, so if they don’t turn at a precise angle then the photos of the clothes will become crooked. – So they need to come… / – To the exact corner. And need to realize that their photo was taken before turning around and walking back. (She understands now) You need to walk a bit slower. You’re walking too quickly. You’re too fast. You’re too fast, alright? We matched the walking tempo with the photographers, so if he walks quickly, the photographer won’t be able to take the shot. – We lose the look then. / – You need to show it. Then it can become the model’s fault. – There’s a line of photographers here. / – Yes. I’ve modeled before too but they weren’t as strict as you were. (Of course not) – Ms. Shim… / – No one will yell at you. It’s because you did so well. – That’s what I think. / – They didn’t tell me… To do this or that even once. They just told me to walk, so I did. They wouldn’t yell at you even if you run. They’ll just think that you’re busy. That she’s busy. (The rehearsal comes to an end) (10 minutes before the show) They must be so nervous. (The spectators enter in lines) It’s filling up. Everyone is ready backstage, right? Are you all lined up? CEO Kim, you’re not standing next to him, are you? (She’s standing right next to him) Are you on his back? (It looks like she’s on his back) You’re standing so close to him. Just let him do his job. He does well on his own. It doesn’t look like there’s anything for you to do. I was just seeing if I could help with anything. There isn’t. Just watch and eat some twisted breadsticks. It looks like he’s doing well on his own. Turn everything on. Turn on the lights. (The show directed CEO Choi begins) Models, come out. The models’ curtain call. Oh, they don’t say those commands backstage. – They direct them from here. / – From the front. We give them instructions as we watch the photographers take photos. (A more dynamic walking than the rehearsal) Come out. (Yuri walks in the angle that he was instructed to do) (The second model comes out) Oh, Hyunmin. (Full of swagger) (The show progresses smoothly) Next. (They’re nearing the end) (“A Better Tomorrow” atmosphere) He expressed it like a movie. I walked like that as well. I walked in the front. You were the main character. What age can you model until? – It depends, Ms. Shim. / – It does. There isn’t a set age on retirement. – It’s not set. / – If you take care of yourself… You can model in your 60s and 70s. Like Gim Cildu. It’s perfectly possible. I had a fun time while modeling. You just walk back and forth and you’re done. (We might see her walking on stage soon) Thank you. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (The show they prepare for this time…) (Is Miss Gee’s fashion show, directed by Boss Kim) (How will the stage turn out?) – Do you direct this personally? / – Yes, I do. This is the one show she directs herself. (2 days before Miss Gee’s show) She’s one of the people you’re scared of the most. You also want to look good in front of her. (CEO Kim is extremely nervous) (Her employees are nervous along with her) (Only one place can make her this nervous) Hello, Miss Gee. – Hello. / – Hello. (CEO Kim came to meet with Miss Gee) Welcome. (The legend of the fashion world, Miss Gee) (The center of Korea’s fashion) (Starting from the Chungdam look) (The trendy celebrities all go wild for her clothes) (The best designer, Miss Gee) – Have you been well? / – Yes. (CEO Kim becomes polite in front of Miss Gee) She becomes a cute kid when she’s in front of Miss Gee. I thought about it and for the last scene, I think that the draft I proposed last time was too strong. – The sky? / – Yes. The color tone sticks out too much, so I don’t think that the dress will show well. Thus, we decided not to do this. – Oh, my. / – We think… – That the hat… / – Whew. It’s time. We just needed to send out the order to finish the draft we proposed last time. I just needed to click the mouse once. (A drastic change, 2 days before the show) It’s like this every season. Oh, this isn’t her first time. The complete look comes out 3 or 4 days before. We take a look at the final look and change our proposal if it doesn’t fit. That’s possible but looking at Jimin’s face, she looks like she lost weight. She looks… – I mean when people suddenly… / – Lee Hyunyi. (Struggling) Speak. She’s wary of CEO Kim. It’s hard to lose weight as a model. You have to resist eating what you want and it feels like you’re dying before the show but she looks so skinny even without doing any of that. She doesn’t take care of herself at all but… She’s skinnier than a model. (Jimin is skinnier than a model) The best diet is a struggle of the mind. (Jimin, I’m sorry) I think that the hat is the point of the look. – It is. / – Yes. So I think that should reflect on the stage. This is made from paper. Like hats, whenever the models walk, it’ll… – Shake? / – Yes, it’ll shake from the wind. Like the feel of a light summer breeze. That’s our idea. We’re planning on making all of this by hand. With thin paper. Who are you trying to kill this time? Good question. I need to kill her this time. She’s good at grabbing people by their collars. She’ll get blisters on her hands. So we’re planning on hiring about 40 part-time workers. (When can we find 40 part-time workers?) Take care of it. She must’ve liked the proposal. So we’ll prepare this for now and you need to focus on hiring 40 part-time workers. So we can make this stage. Thin paper. Yes, thin. (She throws in the detail) Oh, so that’s what this is for? It’s paper hell. Oh, that’s what that was. The paper hell. (Made with 60 lines of paper) (7 lines of paper per pole) (12 poles manufactured in total) (About 2,100 pieces of paper per pole) (12,600 pieces of paper in total) So they stayed up for 2 days straight. (Expecting to experience paper hell) My mom will cry when she sees this. That’s the first time I heard someone say that. (How pitiful) It looks like she lost weight starting from here. Should we start? Yes. – Prepare for the rehearsal. / – Yes. Models, please change. (They’re trying to start the rehearsal but…) It’s the middle of Fashion Week right now. (5 models are late due to their previous engagement) Then you should’ve checked who’s not here yet and told me about them. (But in front of Boss Kim…) The prior rehearsal ended a bit late, so 5 models are coming from Yongsan. – They’ll be a bit… / – Then let’s start without them. Let’s just start without them. Alright. She’s so gentle. Because Miss Gee is there. Right? In front of Miss Gee, she’s just… – A quiet lamb. / – She is. I thought she was secretly eating twisted breadsticks. (Runs) Did they all change? Yes, they’re almost done changing. Then tell them to come out… (I can’t make Miss Gee wait) We’ll start without them for now. (Boss Kim runs as well) (As much as the designer is a top designer) (The models are all top models as well) Fashion Week may be a show but it’s also a purchasing event. It’s a show for the buyers to purchase clothes. There’s a bit of a fantasy about Miss Gee’s show. While attending Miss Gee’s show, we remember why we started modeling. It satisfies that kind of ambition for us. It keeps our fantasy going. That’s what type of person CEO Kim is. (She’s the person who makes that possible) Oh, she’s the person who makes that possible? She’s that person right now. It’s an honor to have you with us. (The top models from all over the world have attended) Lee Hyunyi is here right now. Yes, I was a part of the show. Hello, I’m Lee Hyunyi. I’ve been a model for 15 years. (She debuted as a supermodel in a 2005 contest) How cool. Hyunyi, how many years have you been attending Miss Gee’s shows? I’ve been attending since I’ve debuted, so it’s been over 10 years. You’ve attended every year? – Yes. / – She’s an ace model. Hello, I’ve been a model for 12 years. My name is Kim Sunghee. She models for Chanel and was a global advertisement model for Prada. She started modeling after meeting me. She used to do ballet but got injured, so she could no longer do ballet. So I made her start modeling. I told her to come into this world and that I thought she’d do well. She ended up doing well. (Kim Sunghee, Lee Hyunyi) I’m sorry but look forward. Hey. Look forward. (Alright) Look forward. Hey, lady. Stand straight and look forward. (She establishes discipline in front of the top models) (But as Miss Gee approached…) She’s standing behind her. (The calmest person in the world) Oh, my. She’s the politest person in the world. (They’re laughing at seeing Boss Kim like that) (There’s a problem) The clothes are alright. (She’s pondering about something) (CEO Kim sees something) (What’s the problem?) Miss Gee, the glasses don’t look good on Yoonju. – What if Jisu wore them? / – Try them on. (She recommends the glasses to another model) (She tries on the glasses) The glasses look great on her. She understood what Miss Gee was thinking. She’s constantly on the lookout for things that may seem like a misfit. She kept glaring so I thought she’d say, “Take out Lee Hyunyi.” (Goodness) “Take out Lee Hyunyi.” (This time as well) Did she figure out what Miss Gee is thinking again? (Their feet are exposed through sandals) – Miss Gee, their feet… / – Yes. I think they should receive pedicures. Yes. – Right? / – Yes, they’re wearing sandals, so… If I make 10 things, she expresses 10 other things and shows me 20 things to work on, so I’m always thankful. Okay, let’s try it. Alright, we’re starting. (They begin the rehearsal after checking the outfits) Music. (Music starts) (Jimin facilitates the walking) (She shows off her 15 years of experience) (Even her walking is different) (She’s happy) (But Boss Kim is serious) She’s trying to start a fight. I was checking. Oh, not starting a fight but checking. She’s so scary. You can feel her glaring at you, right? So much. CEO Kim probably plays a big role in allowing models to stand in famous shows like this. She plays a massive role. – Honestly, it’s not the designers… / – Oh, really? That cast the models. They have a separate casting director. She plays that role… – And chooses the models. / – So you can’t… Say anything bad about her here because you need to do the show next year. Yes, she’s basically holding me by my neck. She’s an absolute monarch. Yes. Then why did you seat her there? I’m going crazy right now. – We didn’t know she’d be this scared. / – Yes. Hyunyi is usually a strong person. – I didn’t think… / – When she goes on other shows… – She speaks really well. / – Yes. She’s good at making vicious remarks. She’s being very delicate here though. She was about to cry earlier. Her hands keep shaking as well. Next. (A model of 12 years, Kim Sunhee) (She walks comfortably) (As expected, she walks well) (Only veterans can endure Boss Kim’s glare) This scene isn’t copied at pasted, is it? (Nervous) I can’t see in front because of the hat. If she can’t see in front… Use your intuition. Walking is intuition. (Laughing out loud as the senior model) “Walking is intuition.” It’s intuition. She learned well. She learned how to work well. How cool. I can’t see in front because of the hat. Use your intuition. Walking is intuition. Go. (Walking is intuition) (She nervously walks in front of Miss Gee) (Oh?) (Boss Kim’s glare is more intimidating) How scary. I think she’ll see her through the hat. Her energy pierces through the hat. (She’s shaking even before she starts walking) Go. (I’m watching you) (Flustered) I think she stiffened up. She’s the one who got criticized a bit last time for her walking. She knows that I’m watching, so she’s trying to walk with her legs a bit more open. Yes. But it wasn’t working well so… Did you know she was so flustered that she hit the leaf with her face? She was wary of me. Come here. Everyone, come out. Come out. Oh, mother. I’m scared that it’ll fall off. Does this make sense, mother? (She’s pretty regardless of the outfit) (The pure-white bride) (Satisfied) (She’s able to pull off any outfit) I think it’ll be much better with the new stage. – Much. / – Yes. (They rehearsed for two hours) Great job. Drink. (Miss Gee prepared catering for them) Great job, Miss Gee. Good job. You’re going to fill my glass all the way? (Boss Kim’s parental love) You’re filling the glass to the brim. You’re going to give me a full glass? Mothers like things like this. (But at that moment) Jihye. You came after smelling it. (Who is the model that came next to Boss Kim?) Hello, I’ve been a model for 12 years. My name is Park Jihye. (Jihye has taken over the fashion show world) These three can all drink well. It’s our exclusive standard. Do you work at an alcohol company? (Have I been working with an alcohol company?) Can we look forward to the stage this time as well? There’s no need for words. – Mother. / – She always… Shows us the best stage. Lee Hyunyi. You’re brown nosing. No one was saying anything and were standing there frozen, so I thought someone needed to say something. – Mother. / – She always… Shows us the best stage. She’s really good at socializing. You need to respond properly. Your response was late. The way you talk and the way you think is so similar to her. To who? To your CEO. – Us? / – Yes. (She reveals the truth with her expression) – Her true heart is revealed. / – Are you unhappy? (Wake up) Come in. (Kim Rosa, Song Haein) Ask our juniors. Is our CEO scary? In front of her face? Right next to her? – They’re quiet. / – Oh, my. They’re at a loss for words. (She says “no” too late) You’re not scared of her? Don’t cry. (Speak without crying) I treat you so well. I’m so happy. Right? Good. Oh, my. (Save me) She closed her eyes, expecting to get hit. Oh, no. (Oh, my juniors) – Great job. / – Go. – Great job. / – Great job. Yes, goodbye. Miss Gee, great job. Goodbye. – Let’s look at the stage lights again tomorrow. / – Yes. We’ll take care of that and these samples. – After we receive the samples. / – What time? As soon as possible. When you say morning, that means 6 a.m. until 12 p.m. – They need to make the paper, right? / – Yes. – Samples first. / – She’s telling her to work all night. (The paper hell starts today) She looks so unhappy. I can start waiting from 6 a.m., right? She’s burdening her so much. Also, you need to check the models’ fitting… – With the team leader. / – Alright. I understand. We’ll prepare the final touches. She acts so differently. (Embarrassed) (Hyunyi is shocked at seeing Boss Kim) That’s too much. We’ll prepare the final touches. I trust you. Alright, Miss Gee. I’ll meet you on the day of the show. CEO Kim’s shoulders… – Weren’t on the broadside. / – Great job. – CEO. / – You caused trouble again. You caused trouble again. (How will Miss Gee’s show look?) Goodness. Why did she choose the most visible person?

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