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(car engine revving) (upbeat electronic music) – When you build a totally
crazy, straight outta left field front engine Ferrari powered Toyota, (car engine revving) how do you follow it up? How do you piss off even more people? Well, you take a car from
the most sacred American form of racing, you stick the most sacred Japanese engine in it, 2JZ. (mellow electronic music) Why? How? Well, we’re about to find out. We’re going tube frame to
boom tube, bumper to bumper on this 2JZ powered NASCAR. (upbeat music) Thanks to Keeps for
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off your first order, that’s K-E-E-P-S dot com, slash B-2-B. If you’re going bold, buy it. (laughing) (slow electronic music) A few years ago, our buddy, Ryan Tuerck, built a car with a weird motor swap,
maybe you’ve heard of it, we’ve made a couple videos about it. It’s called the GT-4586
and it’s a Toyota 86, with a Farrari-458 engine. (car revving) People either love it,
because they’re cool, or they hate it, because they’re not cool. Well, some time last
year, friends of donut, Chris Forsberg, Dylan Hughes and Ryan Tuerck,
who’d been featured in a ton of videos on this
channel, got the opportunity to snap up an old stock
car, in particular, this outdated 2010 Toyota NASCAR cup car, that nobody needed anymore. (slow base music) Now, when the boys first
picked it up, it had a NASCAR Truck Series V8 inside of it. After they changed the oil,
the guys took it straight to the drag strip. Forsberg took to first pass
and put down a respectable seven point four, six
seconds in the eight mile and 94 miles per. When it was Tuerck’s turn
to drive, he noticed there was no oil preassure. A look at the in-car
footage from the first run showed that there hadn’t
been any the entire time. So, he got behind the wheel,
just to see what would happen what happened was, he Tuercked it. (car engine revving) – Oh, she– (engine revving drowns out speaker) – She’s dead. – Yeah. (mellow bass music) – Thank you, boys. Now, here’s the motor that came in the car and this is the oil pan. I think I found the problem. I think that’s part of a connecting rod. Should probably run a magnet over this before we use it again. In his defense though, the
engine was probably tired and ready to explode anyway. Just like me on a Friday. So, the guys, they were standing
around in front of the car looking at dead motor and someone
said, we should just like, 2J this thing, everyone laughed and then they stopped laughing and they looked at each other seriously, with deep desire in their
eyes and that was that. I know why you’re watching
this video, you wanna see the heart of this beast, but before we check out the transplant, let’s take a look at the patient, clear. (lightening strikes) It’s big, it’s red, it’s black. ♪ It’s been one week ♪ – It’s a Camry? Well, it’s a Camry in as
much as any NASCAR, cup car looks like it’s name say,
which is also to say, it doesn’t really look
like a Camry at all. What it does look, is sick. This car is from 2010 and
that was a very exiting time in NASCAR. The front end is super
aggressive and check this out, (knocking on bonnet) It’s mostly made out of metal. The series rules in
NASCAR are super strict, so the cars aren’t allowed
to look very different from each other and they can’t
look like street cars either. Literally, they take a jig and
they put it on top of a car. Now, the steal tube frame
chassis is covered by hand molded sheet metal, which is
covered by sponsor stickers and Camry headlights
and tail light stickers. Like, why do they even bother? You know? And everyone knows it’s
made out of Lexan, because, you know, race car. (mellow music) Now, these big boy NASCAR
V8s run hot, just like me. It’s Summer in Los Angeles and it’s 150 degrees in this building, I need to get some
cooling vents installed. Speaking of cooling vents,
there’s some serious ones, several of ’em, in the
front bumper of this car, because, race car. You can never have too
many functional vents. That is something I always
say, ask any of my friends, they’ll back me up. (bells and chimes) – Yes, James says that all the time. To the point where it’s almost exhausting and I wish he would stop. – Beyond the vents, the
body is super streamlined. (mumbles) Does it even have freaking doors? What do you need doors
for when you’re racing? All right. However, doors are very
convenient for working on the inside of your project car. Let me show you why. (mellow electronic music) (grunting loudly) (laughing) GoPro taste like laundry. (laughing) Okay, so, I’m in. When they were working on
the car, the lack of doors was a huge pain in the ass. Every time Chris, or Dylan
climbed in and realized, I need another tool. They had to climb out, get
it, and then climb back in. That gets old real quick. Not that having doors would have helped, because this thing has
crazy tall door bars anyway. It was worth it though,
because it’s very nice in here. (mellow electronic music) NASCAR drivers sit very
close to the steering wheel, so a lot of work needed to be done to the transmission tunnel,
seat mounts and dash, to make it more drifter friendly. First, they had to cut out the petty bar, which is a big old bar
that comes straight through the middle of the interior
to the right front corner. Then, the guys put in a new
pair of Takata race seats with Trof harnesses. Making it one of the rarer
NASCARs, with two seats. The steering wheel was
repositioned and then the shifter had to be moved back to
be reachable from the new driving position. That shifter is attached
to the original four speed, H patter dog box transmission,
for fast A-F gear changes. (mellow electronic music) A Link ECU is installed to
run the new engine and a Link digital dashboard displays all
the necessary informansion. It’s pretty much all race car things, for race car business in here. You guys know what’s under here. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. (upbeat electronic music) Here it is, Toyota 2JZ GTE,
powering this 100 percent American built micro altered
racing NASCAR Xfinity cup car. Why? Because, why not. The 2J’s reliable. It sounds freaking awesome and makes about the same
amount of power as the previous NASCAR engine that came in it. It’s also gonna turn more than a few heads and make some of them purest mad and you know what we love to do, we love making those purest mad. What started off as an off the
cuff joke at the race track, quickly turned into a
full scale, custom fab, crazy engine– (upbeat electronic music) Once it was out, you’d think
that virtually anything could fit where the big
V8 used to be, this huge tube frame race car and
when the guys dropped the 2J in for a test fit,
everything looked pretty good, but the frame rails running
through the egine bay, were a problem. You see, the guys wanted to use this beautiful four thousand dollar Hypertune intake manifold
and she just wouldn’t fit. In fact, almost everything
around the engine had to be touched, but Dylan’s
beautiful welding and custom fabrication skills. He made all the mounts for the engine. Radiator, oil cooler, inner
cooler, fuel pressure regulator, crank case breathers, and
power steering reservoir. He also fabbed the lines
to all those parts. That’s a ton of work. On top of that, Dylan had to
cut up the crazy expensive intake manifold and re-weld it. You can buy entire running
cars for less than this single Hypertune manifold. A drive by wire throttle body
was added, so they can run anti-lag and shoot huge
flames outta the exhausts. (car engine revving) the engine itself was
fitted with a Brian Crower three point four liter Stroker kit and cams. JE Pistons, a Garrett GTX4088R turbo and Turbosmart 45 millimeter waste gate. Dylan also made custom waste gate tubes. Aluminum charge pipes and a
three and a half inch exhaust. He cut up the original
V8 boom tube exhaust and adapted it to the straight six. So, the 2JZ NASCAR, sounds
like nothing else in the entire freaking universe. (engine revving loudly) It sounds pretty good. (engine revving loudly) Weird. (turbo whistling) (laughing) (clapping hands) Well, that was something
entirely different. (upbeat electronic music) The guys got this 2JZ NASCAR
running literally a few freaking days ago. Jesse was here, he sent me a video. Now, it just needs a proper
tune to maximize the new JDM buff horses. Then, Dylan, Chris and
Ryan are gonna do a huge big old burnie and take it
straight back to the drag strip for redemption. Tuerck will probably be driving last. (mellow electronic music) the guys have plans to hit an
oval track and a road course at some point soon. And eventually, get this
bad boy super side ways and blow some drift fans minds. Personally, I’m hoping for
the ultimate, in sick engine swap match ups. The 2JZ NASCAR verse the GT-4586. Tandem, Irwindale. The guys covered this
build from start to finish in way more detail on
their Blackout series, if you wanna check it out
and follow along for all the 2JZ NASCAR updates and
shenanigans, I’ll put a link in the description below. I really wanna give
big thanks to the guys. Dylan Hughes, Chris Forsberg, and Ryan Tuerch, for making this crazy idea a reality, as well as a ton of other crazy ideas. They’re really fun guys and very cool. You should welcome them into your life. Through the mystery of
social media, I love you. – Hey, guys, huge announcement. We’re launching a podcast, finally. It’s called, Past Gas,
of the cars you love, the people behind them and we’ll
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you get to go deeper into the juicy details,
the fun stuff that we sometimes have to skip
in our shorter shows. So, you can watch it here, on
our YouTube, or Facebook page every Sunday and then you can
listen to the next episode Monday, wherever you get your podcasts. So, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher,
wherever fine podcasts are delivered. Go check it out, Past
Gas, it’s about cars, it’s not about farts. It’s a podcast. In Enzo’s first race with
Alpha, he finished second, a result so devastating to
Enzo, that he apparently sat in his car after the race (laughing) and cried. Vowing to never race again. – I didn’t even get the first place. (laughing) – A vow he would immediately for– – Just kidding.

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