The UNSTOPPABLE AMD Gaming PC Build 2019! (Ryzen 3900X & 5700XT)

we're finally here folks the fully decked out AMD rising PC that can do anything uncompromised PC gaming the fastest SSD speeds have ever seen 4k video editing you betcha and the thing that is so crazy about all of this is that if you look at this level of performance only a year or two ago I really wouldn't be surprised if it was costing you double what the entire PC actually costs now make no mistake this is not a cheap computer by any stretch of the imagination but the fact that you can get this level of performance at accessible prices is fantastic and with the money that you save you'll be able to upgrade your mouse to wireless with this video I'm proudly being sponsored by Logitech and the brand-new g502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse now using a great mouse is oh so important to getting to the top of a leaderboard and the 500 to Lightspeed brings all of the features you'd expect from the very best a super responsive 16,000 dpi hero sensor light sync RGB lighting great battery life and support for power play induction charging or providing the freedom of a truly wireless mouse cut the cord today with Logitech get your very own g502 Lightspeed with a link in the description below kicking things off with the CPU this needs no introduction is the headline-grabbing AMD 3900 X this 12 core beast has all the multi-threaded performance of chips costing double which allows you to build a duo all PC for a very surprisingly reasonable amount of cash unlike rise and chips of old however the party doesn't stop when it comes to single threaded apps as even if you're playing games on 240 Hertz monitors I think you'd have a very hard time noticing a difference between team red and team blue a big shout-out to AMD for sending out this chip and thank you for bringing the fight to Intel next up it's motherboard time and here we're using the asus x5 70 Strix e loaned out by a soos last week the board is slightly concerning ly expensive at 299 pounds but you're looking at one heck of a feature set here with dual heat sinks for the MDOT two SSDs PCIe for support and the usual high quality build that you come to expect it's a great looking motherboard and it really works into the whole AMD red and black theme that we're going for here and I'm very pleased to report that the onboard fan really isn't as noticeable in operation as I would have expected now there is one part in this build that I would not not recommend but maybe not recommend for the bill but we've got here because it is a little bit out of place you see AMD shipped out gee skills try Nancy Royal ramp for this build and it's certainly an eye grabber with a gold mirror effect finish and a crystallized RGB strip along the top of each stick and while I've got absolutely no complaints performance wise as the kit can run at 3600 megahertz to ensure the quickest CPU speed it just doesn't match the theme and it completely clashes with a very oversized CPU cooler I'm using be quiet dark rock pro 4 which is one of my favorites and along with a case fans and power supply this has all been sent out by be quiet for a future sponsored bill tutorial than hoping you will be seeing very soon I absolutely love the cooler as its performance is tip-top while being more or less silent at low loads and then barely audible when a party gets started at about 70 pounds it's also very well priced and thus easy to recommend the main downsides to all of this however are pretty apparent as let's be honest it's just not the most attractive cooler in the world and those of you that do want to use all four Ram slots may find that you run into a bit of a clearance issue it's also a bit of a pig to install as well fitting it isn't actually very difficult I found that the fan clips are a bit temperamental and I came away quite frustrated this time despite having fitted this twice before in different pcs my advice is actually pretty straightforward if you're going for price to performance and I think this cooler is one of the best you can get however if you have a bit more money to play around with and you want something that is a bit more visually striking shall we say then maybe look at an AI oh that has RGB and I think it would bring this thing live whereas what we have at the moment is very much it's good let's just call it understate it next up we have to talk about the graphics card and yes to complete this AMD build we're using the rx 5700 XT that was sent out last week for review things have been really hotting up in the GPU space for a while now and with a recent price drop this card represents real value for money and if you're not interested in ray tracing it's a great choice for 1080p 1440p and ultra light gaming I'll show you all of the benchmarks at the end of this video but spoiler alert even 4k gaming is pretty doable on this card it really is a bit of a gem something else that has really got me very quite excited has been in the storage department with my AMD bundle also including the gigabyte horas PCIe gem for drive and this thing really is no joke packin speeds up to 5 gigabytes per second and 4.4 gigabytes on the read and write respectively it does generate quite a lot of heat however which is why the double-sided SSD comes wrapped in this rather unusually large heatsink this meant that it didn't quite fit in the motherboard as well as I'd like so do be aware that you might need to rest it against the plastic board cover now power miss system is be quiet 1000 watt straight power 11 an 80 plus gold supply that's not the most exciting component in the world but it does a great job of keeping the system juiced up without making excess noise it's also fully modular which will help you to get a clean and tidy build as well as offering a jet-black cable design that won't ruin the look of your immaculate cable management and the case that we're using here is the silent base 801 also from be quiet and it's very much more of a traditional design but the thing that makes it quite special is its modularity you can choose an inverted layout if you want to be that little bit different I don't remove hard drive cages to support your individual needs as well as fit radiators and fans to please even the most power hungry of user I love how each side panel removes with just a simple button press and s in the name suggests the PC is very very quiet but it's not the most exciting design of ever Sene so if you're wanting that all out RGB machine then yes you're probably going to need to look elsewhere on the whole though it's a case that really speaks to my needs as I'm a PC under the desks or a guy and I care a lot more about noise and performance than expensive RGB lighting so I've added some RGB strips but then set them to breathe a soft red and that the AMD machines show its teeth whenever it's gaming in terms of the numbers this is where the PC comes alive and it's just remarkable what this chip can do Cinebench scores this high have been pretty much unheard of from anything but the most expensive CPUs so to see this on a consumer platform is awesome but of course it's gaming let's the star of the show for many of us this jack-of-all-trades pc has no trouble throwing out the frames in everything i put in its path 1080p ultra gaming is just no sweat at all and 1440p is gonna be the real sweet spot for the 5700 xt but it can even handle a little bit of 4k gaming despite the fact that this was at Ultra settings I'd take the Apex legends number where slight pinch of salt as it does like to dip in the heaviest areas and then big firefights but if you turn the settings down a tad you'll find that it works a treat on the whole I would say the in terms of performance there's very little to fault here let's super fast SSD graphics card that is reasonably priced but performs way above its weight and then of course that rise in CPU bringing home the bacon again all at a very reasonable price I think there are some improvements that probably could be made to the visuals it's not necessarily dated but I don't think it's the most blingy system I've ever put together if you do want to check out current pricing on any of the parts featured you can find all of that listed down in the description but please do let me know your thoughts on this and what you would change down in the comment section and while you're down there don't forget to head over to our sponsors link for the logitech g502 Lightspeed the wireless gaming mouse that is shorter caused a stir a wireless mouse can make such a difference to the flexibility and comfort of your gaming experience and when you're packing such a pro grade hero sensor and one millisecond response time there is nothing stopping you from dominating the battle royale cut the cord logitech today find the g502 light speed linked down in the description below if you've enjoyed this video please hit the like button it helps up so so much as I say let me know what you would change about this PC if you do want to see more videos and more builds hit a subscribe button and then there come straight to your inbox thank you so much for watching I'll see in the next one

37 thoughts on “The UNSTOPPABLE AMD Gaming PC Build 2019! (Ryzen 3900X & 5700XT)

  1. As a 1080Ti owner, every GPU that has released with the exception of the 2080Ti has been unimpressive to me. Looking forward to the next Generation of GPUs.

  2. 7:21 it says loaded but on bottom it say non stress test, so this chip gets to 83 celsius while just gaming?

  3. Great Video man … I'm just curious, were any of the benchmarks done on the your ROG PG348Q monitor (I think that's what that is) running at 100hz or OC to 120hz?

  4. Ok I have a question well the STRIX x570 E supports the 3900x but why on the Crosshair viii hero motherboard support page in CPU list I can't even see ryzen 3700x all the way to ryzen 3900x.

    Cause I'm planning on buying the hero motherboard.

  5. A pretty build and similar to what I want to put together soon (waiting for 3950X, though).

    I would choose a different case, though. I actually like the Silent Base models featurewise, but airflow is too poor sadly :/

  6. I'm feeling an upgrade on payday. Think I might go with both AMD on the CPU and GPU for the first time in nearly 10 years… Exciting times!

  7. Another great build vid dude.
    Those trident Z Dimms always look like they have been looted from one of Saddam’s palaces.

  8. Just found your channel, thanks for posting this video. I'm planning on building something very similar but for editing and blender. Have you tried editing on it yet? I'm interested in how it handles editing 4k mp4 files with some lumetri color correction and how it handles media encoder.

  9. I enjoyed that , not much reviews yet on the 3900X builds , I’m waiting for my 3900X , X570 Asrock Taichi board 16g 3200mhz Corsair rgb , Corsair ll120 fans and received my loan li dynamic case this morning ,only got a Zotac gtx 1080 amp extreme but I’m sure I will be fine ……. for now . Keep up with the videos

  10. 12 cores are still unnecessary for pure gaming…it's been shown that 9900k and 9700k are still faster – gap is less than Ryzen 2000's but significant nonetheless. Not to mention that for new builds, 9900k + good mobo are cheaper than 3900x + x570 good mobo

  11. sweet till a 8 year old stamps all over your dead body in fortnite while they are playing a old xbox the fear is real

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