The SS19 Workwear Trend Report with Linda Tol | Skirt Dressing | PORTER

Hi, my name is Linda Tol and we’re here
in Amsterdam. I’m going to talk you through the workwear trends for
Spring/Summer 2019. Shirt dressing is very literal this
season. I mean, I’m basically– what I’m wearing it’s, like, a shirt and a
dress in one. It’s interesting to put like a pair of trousers underneath a
dress, just to style it in a different way and to create a different silhouette.
This morning dress, for example… it’s very interesting to see the different
layers in one piece, transformed into a very interesting silhouette and shape.
So if you don’t want to wear a dress or a shirt, there’s another opportunity,
another option, which is basically a skirt with the print of a shirt, in
combination with a classic shirt. Although classic, this one is very
interesting because of the sleeves. Talking about shoes… so there are two
important silhouettes for this season: flat sandals and heel sandals. These
Bottega sandals, which are very interesting because of jewels,
which are attached to the shoes. Flat sandals made a huge comeback. These
sandals are interesting because of the texture of these Chloé sandals. The
crocodile…I love the combination of the brown and the black. You can wear them
with a dress or the skirt I was showing before. The silhouette and the shape
becomes more interesting because of the fun actually. And then the classic heeled
sandals. So the heeled sandals are a bit more feminine and way more classic.
You actually can’t go wrong with them. A big thing for this season
is actually not to wear one, but two bags in one look. So this small one, you can
wear it like crossbody or even you can style and wear it like as a belt bag. You
can have the bigger one together to give them more interesting touch and to
actually carry your things around. Black is an important color for accessories
this season, because it’s a great contrast to all the beige, all the
white colors and all the light pastel colors, which are important this trend.

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