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  1. @emeraldFloyd Listen….i don;t like this shit, do you understand?is my opinion about this crap…for me, A GOOD MOVIE is The secret of her eyes, cabron!

  2. @juljuirt a movie this meaningful is too good for those that are too incompetent to even realize that it is. hence they prefer the simple plain vampires plots.

  3. Jamie Foxx's Best Performances:
    1. Ray (2004)
    2. The Soloist (2009)
    3. Jarhead (2005)
    4. Dreamgirls (2006)
    5. Collateral (2004)

  4. Sigh* no one appreciates classical music anymore.. No wonder this movie failed… (I listen to all genre's of music)

  5. Thanks for this movie ! A beautiful reminder of how much we should treasure the gift of health…mental and physical !

  6. @juljuirt too true too true. Many people these days see a film trailer of a film that has meaning and because there's no blood, gore or sex in it they think it's not worth watching.
    Love this film

  7. Suite No.1 in G major, BWV1007 – 1.Prelude (Cello) by J.S. Bach ..wonderful playing..he really is a prodigy..

  8. @d0ubl3sh0t1 People like you make me laugh.This film is amazing.You have no emotional content and i bet you see crying as a weekness.You are limited,go watch fast and furious.

  9. pleaseee help mee,my english is very bad,but i want know,whats name one song, in moviee 0:15 minutes,he talk with neighbor,and smoke,and drinking,and than playing good song,please help me.

  10. @Medusa0999 Answer this: How can it be a rip-off of Shine when Soloist is the true story of Nathanial Ayers?

  11. @souther It should have been an independent movie and with more on Ayers!This had such potential, yet failed because of greedy Hollywood producers who weren't interested with the credibility and truth of this story,but, rather with their own greed
    Love, my brother and cherished everyday you wake up, healthy, with a family because it can end just that easily

  12. @clairebeanbagchair i know that but thanks for trying:]….. i mean this arrangement with a full symphony and orchestra

  13. im tired of seeing people giving such negative comments on this film. i watched it for the first time last night and it was amazing. im not saying everyone has to like it becuase we are all entitled to our own opinion, but dont be saying nasty coments on here becuase it just brings the mood down.

  14. If any LA person can answer this: where is the tunnel scene at (0:48) cause it looks like its the same as in The Itialian Job and The Last Boy Scout but I can't ever find it on my own. Where in LA is this tunnel at ???

  15. Saw this in Health class last year, when we were learning about mental disorders. Very good story. Afterwards, I added it to my Favorite Movies list on FaceBook.

  16. when he got the oscar for collateral ,i thought it was a joke..cuz there's nothing to act and thought he got that cuz he's black..but when i saw this movie ,,i have to admit he's a true artist and have to admit i have to burn my brain to think like that before..but why didn't even get nominated for this one..i don't understand ..why why…

  17. "When one does not know what to say, it is best that one does not have words." — The King and I
    Unspeakable beauty! I have no words, just my tears as I cried to this trailer. xoxox

  18. Well, looks like I found my Halloween costume for this year….Nathanial Anthony Ayers Junior. I'm gonna need some foil.

  19. One of the best movies i'v ever scene the best movie i saw the year it came out. If you don't like this movie it's because you did not get what the message was as it was never about the music but the friendship and love for the music

  20. Im crying right now because yes i'm not all there in my head but i am a writer and even though this is a movie and i am just a fan watching the film i know exactly what he means when he says "i've never loved anything the way he loves music"
    I love writing, i love truth. i hear movies and i think they are real. movies like these i don't know the difference between this and what everyone else calls reality. i'm a writer thats all i know how to do, but i'm so confused because i LOVE the music of words and speech like Nathaniel LOVES music. am i wrong to go down the hole of crazy until i no longer know the difference between art and love, no one should  know the difference, there shouldn't be a difference (in a grand-ish definitely expressive way).             i believe true genius rattles between chaos and grace. and i know i love writing the way he loves music but what if i behold that end when i no longer can Perform the gift i felt i had with the world: writing. i felt something they never felt that is the music of my authorship. so ill dance as my keyboard types and together we shall make the great music of the soul. please dont abominate me…. let us love things the way he loves music.

  21. The content was great,frankly i cried,but can't put away the fact that this movie is pretty boring.Summaries,awesome movie but a bit boring.A lot.

  22. Real Life is boring  movies fake real life.. just think about your life in the last one week… chances are that you did almost the same thing everyday.. but never ran into a homeless guy playing  classical music. 

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