The Polaroid Lab Digital Photo Printer | Unboxing and Review

– All right, so if
you’re a fan of nostalgia you’ve come to the right place. We have the brand new Polaroid Lab. It’s here, it’s real life. And we’re gonna take a look at it. (upbeat music) So Polaroid Lab is
Polaroid’s newest product. It’s essentially a Polaroid printer that allows you take any digital photo that you’ve taken, and turn
it into a true Polaroid. So the first thing we’re
gonna do is check out the box. Comes in a nice little concise box. It’s pretty light. It’s nothing crazy. You can see the Polaroid Lab, it says it uses a three lens system to project the screen
image from your iPhone exposing it into Polaroid film. So as you can kind of see on the box, what you’re doing is you’re just placing the phone on top of a camera. It’s gonna take in the image, and then print it onto the Polaroid. Let’s open this thing up and
see what’s under the hood. Cool quick start guide. And then a full user manual. The quick start guide is really simple. It kinda just goes through, tells you how to use the whole thing. It’s pretty self explanatory though, but this is a good place to start. And then here we go. We’ve got the actual piece of hardware. It’s pretty interesting. You know, it kind of looks a little bit kinda like modern, with hints
of kind of older design. Kind of resembles the new
Polaroid i-Type that’s out. Has the same kind of tactile button here. The first thing we’re gonna do in order to review this
properly is we’re gonna go out, myself and staff photographer
Chandler Bonderont. We’re gonna walk around New
York City for 15, 20 minutes. We’re gonna take some
images with our iPhones, and then turn those images into Polaroids. And then we’re gonna come back in here and show you exactly how this
thing works, step by step. See ya soon. (chill music) (camera clicking) (camera clicking) (camera clicking) (camera clicking) All right, so now that
you’ve seen all the images that we took from the iPhone, and turned them into images
with the Polaroid Lab, as well as some of the
DSLR and mirrorless images Chandler and I have taken. Now I’m gonna show you exactly
how we use the Polaroid Lab. So the first thing we’re gonna
do is turn this thing on. On button, pretty useful. So put it on. You can see this kind of neck comes out, this viewfinder if you will. And you take off this little
cover, you’re good to go. The first thing you’re gonna have to do is download the Polaroid app. All right so you can see on the app, all you have to do is select Polaroid Lab. Once you go there you’re
able to choose your image. You can see, I’m gonna go here and grab one of the images that Chandler and I took today. I’m gonna choose this image. I’m gonna click next. Now you click. Ready to expose. Now here’s an interesting
thing that I wanna note. So the images that we took,
they seem underexposed a bit, some of the color is off. What you’re able to do is come down here and you can go to color correction. And you can adjust the exposure like this. Which is something that I think that we would do in the future in order to learn more
and get better with this. You’re also able to work
with color correction, as you can see here. And work with this. I would highly recommend
kinda playing with this, getting used to it. Obviously with the price of
the film this isn’t ideal. As you can see with the
one image Chandler took with the woman’s hand, that
was drastically underexposed. So obviously with that
we would’ve wanted to go up with the exposure, quite
a bit, and see what happens. I think this is a useful tool, but I think it’s gonna
take a little bit of time and it’s always gonna be a
little bit unique in that sense. After that you’re able to just go and place your phone on the lab. It’s that simple. So I’m gonna place it
right on top of the lab. (dinging) And we’re good to go. All you have to do at that point is just press the button and print. Very simple, very easy. Kinda have to make sure that
it’s on the right location. As long as you hear the noise indicating that it’s correct you’re good to go. So we’re gonna just click it. (whirring) There you go. Print it. And then just lay it down, either put it in your
pocket or in a dark area. Polaroid recommends that you do this in order to get the best exposure. For color film, like the color i-Type, it’s gonna take about 10 to 15 minutes for your images to properly expose. And for your black and white it’s gonna take about five to 10 minutes. This is kind of the same exact process that goes along with the
newer Polaroid type cameras. So you’re not gonna see any difference in how long the image
takes to properly expose and how long that process lasts. A couple new and kinda cool features that you’re able to do
with the Polaroid Lab. The first one is, you’re
able to take one image and kind of turn it into
a collage if you will. So let’s say that you have
an image and you wanna use multiple Polaroids to
create a larger image. You can go within the app,
and you’re able to do that. You’re able to select the image, you can break it into different amounts. So, for example, you
can do single, double, triple, four, six, or nine. Moving on, let’s kind of talk about some pros and some cons. I think the first thing,
the first biggest pro, is that now you’re kind
of able to, you know, have an infinite amount of
images that you can use, that you’ve taken, and
turn it into a Polaroid. Now does this take a little bit of the kind of nostalgic factor,
and the intention, and the kind of
deliberateness that you have when you’re taking a Polaroid photo? Of course. For some people that
kinda might take away from the experience, and for
others it might be fantastic. You know, now you’re able to take any photo that you’ve ever taken and turn it into a Polaroid,
and not be so deliberate. You kind of have free range
to take as many photos as you want, and then choose from those. Price is another factor
that comes to mind. For some people it
might not be a big deal. And for others, you know, it
might be a barrier of entry. The Polaroid Lab comes in at $119.99. The Polaroid packs come
with eight exposures. It’s gonna cost you usually around $15, even if you do it in a bundle. So kind of doing the math there, it’s around $2 per exposure. You know, for some people
that’s maybe too much. For others it might be just right. The fact of the matter is, you know, film is still expensive,
and that’s a reality for if you wanna use the Polaroid Lab. You’re gonna need to buy the film, and pay about $2 per exposure. I think to kinda sum it up here, I thought, oh man, I don’t know, I’m a big fan of instant film. I really like kind of
the fun and friendliness of having a Polaroid
and being able to go out and capture these kind of memories. You’re not going for detail,
you’re not going for beautiful, but you’re going for tangible, you’re going for something
that you really like. And there’s something special about in that moment, you get
your Polaroid instantly. You’re able to share it with your friends, your family, whoever. And it’s kinda nice, it’s pleasant. I think that, you know, this doesn’t take away from that experience. I think that, you know, you’re just able to have more images that
you can select from, it’s a different process. But, obviously, you don’t have that kind of experience of
going out with a Polaroid and making a beautiful
photo, or a fun photo, or kind of an intimate photo,
and then instantly sharing it. Obviously that’s gone. All in all though, I think
it’s a really cool product. We’re really excited about
it here at the office. I mean, people are kind of
experiencing some nostalgia and being able to take
some of their photos and make them unique. And that’s kind of, you
know, the great thing about those Polaroids, is your
image is gonna look different, it’s gonna be changed,
it’s gonna feel different. And, you know, that’s something that I think a lot of people enjoy. So the Polaroid Lab is dropping
Wednesday, September 11th. You’re gonna be able to find
it at various retail outlets. Obviously you’ll be able to
get in on the Polaroid website. The Polaroid Lab comes in at $119.99. (upbeat music)

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  1. As someone who is heavily involved into Polaroid Cameras & Film. I like this product, I wouldn’t purchase it but I can see how it could be used for collages & artistic projects.

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