The Pit Stop S12 E1 | Bob The Drag Queen & Sasha Velour Recap the Premiere | RuPaul’s Drag Race

– Hello everyone, it is
me, Bob the Drag Queen and I’m your brand new hostess for this all-new
season of The Pit Stop. The only show,
literally the only show, that spills the
tea on all things RuPaul’s Drag Race
related, season 12. So get ready, because
it’s 2020 bitches, and New York is in the house. Now today I am joined
by the amazing winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9, the incomparable
Ms. Sasha Velour. – Hi. – [Bob] How are you? – Thanks for having
me, Ms. The Drag Queen. – I’m so happy to have
you, bald-headed sisters. – I know you’ve
never looked better. (upbeat music) – Sasha, I’m so happy to
have you joining me today. – So am I. Can we just kick things
off with a little toast? – Let’s have a little toast. – To the new season
of Drag Race. – Yes honey, we have
pineapple coladas featuring pineapple Bubly and it tastes amazing
and refreshing and surprising all at once. (whispers) Thank you
Bubly Sparkling Water. It’s really good. – It’s delicious. – Sasha, tell me, what are
you hoping surprises you this season on Drag Race? – I’m hoping for some amazing
lip sync performances. – [Bob] Yes.
– It is my favorite part of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m expecting every
episode, I’m gonna be clutching my pearls. – Saddest thing, for
me, from season nine was not getting to
see you lip sync more. People didn’t know like, I knew ’cause I’ve
seen you in the city. – [Sasha] Oh thank you, I
performed at your show in fact, you booked me, – Yeah, I remember you – [Sasha] So thank you for that. – You came across
the Brooklyn Bridge. – Yeah, you gave me, I think, my Manhattan debut. – Was it really? – [Sasha] Yes, it
was Look Queen. – Oh my goodness. You heard it here,
I’m Sasha’s drag mom. – Mama! – All right, so let’s talk
about these entrances. Brita walks in, the
very first girl. She says everyone and every
queen in New York City knows her, which
I think is true. – [Sasha] I think it’s true. And she is known for putting on over-the-top productions
for musical theater quality drag entertainment. – [Bob] Big hair. – Yeah, exactly
what she’s serving in the first couple minutes. – Nicky Doll is wearing
this like, striped – [Sasha] Nicky Doll
serving a very French look, with some cliche sensibilities. A little Gaultier,
maybe, striped, sailory. Right from the
start we were having battle of the fascinators. – Yes! – [Sasha] A little,
softer feather versus a kind of like sharp needle. – [Bob] Exactly. – [Sasha] I was expecting
all the girls to come in wearing something. – Could you imagine, that
would’ve been fascinating. Let’s just talk about
Heidi N. Closet. – Heidi, what is it? – Heidi N. Closet. – Heidi N. Closet?
– Yeah. Heidi! (laughing) – (strongly enunciating)
Heidi N. Closet! This queen is so kooky. That is her real voice. – [Sasha] I’m obsessed
with her speaking voice! – [Bob] (imitating Heidi)
I just, this is amazin’ I ain’t never been
on no plane before, I’m here at RuPaul’s Drag Race! – Heidi’s kind of a good
name for that voice. – Yeah! I love this queen,
I do not love this look. I’m not like crazy
about this look. – I wasn’t that into the look. – But she’s so
charming, I don’t care! – Yeah, exactly. I was more focused on her smile. – Yeah. Okay, Gigi Goode. – [Sasha] Oh my gosh. – [Bob] Designed by her mom. – [Sasha] Designed by mom. – [Bob] She looks
amazing though, – [Sasha] She looks so good. – [Bob] This is a
really, really cute look. – I think she’s
living up to her claim that she’s like a fashion
illustration come to life. – Okay, Widow Von’Du
looks so good. – So gorgeous. – [Bob] She must’ve gotten
dressed, looked at herself and said, “I’m that bitch.” – [Sasha] Yeah. I
think it’s hard to wear all black as an entrance look. I wore an all black look and it didn’t necessarily
show up on camera, but I’m seeing like the
sequins, the different textures, the silhouette,
she looked amazing. – [Bob] So good. Crystal Methyd. – Crystal Methyd.
– Yeah. There’s a big thing about
queens dressing as clowns. – It always brings good luck! – And winning their season! You did it. I did it. Bianca did it. Violet did it. Yvie did it. That’s five queens who’ve
dressed up as clowns and won their season. – That’s amazing! Who would’ve thought? Clowns and drag – [Bob] I’m just saying. – have something in common. – I guess we do have
to give our opinions, I just do not like
Jackie Cox’s outfit. – [Sasha] She’s the
one who said she likes an obscure fashion reference. – [Bob] Yeah this is
– [Sasha] This was giving me something like that. Like a turn of the
century cartoon orphan, with Farsi just on top of it. (laughing) – I didn’t hate it! – (wheezing) So we’re just
starting the season, Ru’s already gagging us, only seven queens have walked
through the front door, like what do you think
these girls are thinking? – I think they’re thinking
their chances of going home just got a whole lot higher. – Could you imagine, we
were both one of seven, but you don’t start
as one of seven. – No, you’re not ready
for that on the first day. – That would like give me some heart palpitations. In the meantime, we find
out their mini challenge is to do Spring/Fall
runway looks. How did you feel also
seeing like Raven there and then NOT Kanye
West, Kim Kardashian, it was like so unexpected. – I loved seeing Raven, one of the original high
fashion drag queens! And then seeing not, – Not Kanye West?
– Not Kimora? Definitely Kimora,
not Kim Kardashian, oh that was hilarious. – Mayhem was Kanye.
– That was Mayhem Miller? (laughing) – [Bob] So, Brita’s
coming out in this like teal gown with like
this tulle fantasy, like this tulle story going on. – [Sasha] And some of
the tulle went away. – [Bob] I love that! – [Sasha] It was gorgeous. – [Bob] And it came
off so seamlessly. – [Sasha] I felt she was giving
us like a water storyline. – [Bob] Yeah, yeah, yeah! – To go with her former name. – Exactly, exactly! – I loved it, it was beautiful. – I feel like Nicky Doll
would be the fashion queen if Gigi hadn’t showed up. (chuckling) Which must be upsetting. That’s fashion! – She seems like she
knows it as well. – Yeah, she’s
like, “this bitch.” What did you think
of Gigi Goode’s? – [Sasha] I love Gigi Goode’s. It feels like,
very of the moment. Color blocking,
kind of motorcycle. It was cute, it was great. She loves her helmets. – Listen,
– You know, we gotta remember – Safety’s important – Safety’s really important. (laughing) – Okay, Jackie looks amazing. – Jackie looks amazing! – [Bob] This is where
she looks her best. – [Sasha] It was pure ’60s. I feel the reference
is really clean. The boots were a little
crazy, but I kind of liked it! – I don’t want to like have a boner for Widow
Von’Du the whole time but my goodness! Look at her! – [Sasha] That look was so good. The hair with the pigtails! – [Bob] I mean, it’s a
little warm for Spring. (laughing) – Like you’re walking
around in Spring in a – Just like a four
piece neoprene ensemble! – (wheezing) – The colors were right. – [Bob] Heidi N. Closet
comes out with this like tight fabric, with
this like traffic cone coming off her head. – [Sasha] This was
my favorite look (laughing) – It comes out,
it’s already veering dangerously to the side. – Yes! Kind of like doing one of these. – [Sasha] It’s teetering on and then the inevitable. – [Bob] Let’s take a
look at these fall looks. So, Brita comes out and she
continuing with the silhouette. – [Sasha] It was like now
there’s been an oil spill – [Bob] Yeah.
– [Sasha] In the water. – [Bob] Yeah. – [Sasha] And I can’t
say that I responded as well to these fabrics. – I like the other dress more. – But I was so gagged just
that there was continuity – [Bob] Yeah.
– between Spring and Fall. – [Bob] Gigi’s got
her titties out. – [Sasha] Titties
out, helmet on. I think we’ve seen
equestrian looks before, so it wasn’t that exciting, but the execution
was really lovely. Like the black velvet detailing, – [Bob] Oh that was nice! – [Sasha] The cut
outs, it was lovely. – I remember when Jackie Cox
came back out I was like, “You look so good.” – It was ’60s but
a different ’60s than people always churn out. It had consistency
in like the materials with her Spring look. – Seeing Crystal Mehtyd come out in this safety pinned sweater, with a head full of Band-Aids. – [Sasha] It was a
couture Halloween look, that’s exactly what Fall
fashion needs to be, – [Bob] Yes!
– I loved it. – Heidi N. Closet walking out, I was hoping she would
continue her storyline, and rip her wig off. – Yes!
– Like, from the back, like the whole thing just (laughing) – [Bob] I think
Heidi had rough day. – Oh, yeah. – So everyone’s
getting out of drag, can I just say, first of all, that I really feel
like Crystal Methyd looks like a sexy
Weird Al Yankovic. – [Sasha] So sexy. – [Bob] Right, I was like, I’m loving this like hot, young, – [Sasha] It’s one of my
favorite out of drag looks we’ve seen on Drag
Race in a while. I love the leopard print
– right, this like huge – Cheetah print.
– with the mullet, this curly – Mm.
– It was very, it was doing it for me. Okay so episode one, they have
done their mini challenge, which I was like, “That’s it!” They did the challenge, – Time for judging. – RuPaul is like,
“no, no, no, no, no!” We’re already writing
original songs. We need you to rap. We need you to dance. We need you to lip sync. We need you to
perform as a group with these people you’ve
never met once in your life. – I love it. That is what queens
have to do nowadays. – True. – I think it’s good to test the full range of skills
right from the get-go. – Would you have freaked out if that was the first challenge? – Yes! Of course! (laughing) You would have been fine, right? – So before they got
onstage to perform, they chose Widow and Heidi to be the choreographers
for the group. And once they get up there, Heidi’s like, looks like
she did not come to play. She’s got dance moves
and then my favorite, Heidi asked that
ruining question, “Does everybody
know how to krump?” – (chuckles) – So yeah, what
did you think about like Widow being over the too
many cooks in the kitchen? – That’s what putting together
a drag group number is like. So, it’s total par
for the course, like everyone has an opinion, you have very mixed levels
of performance abilities and dance abilities. So it’s cute to see
them try to work it out. – It was a rap song
with seven verses in it. – They had a lot
of time to fill! – I was like, “This is insane!” – No wonder they want
to just keep krumping. My favorite move. I could’ve seen
that the whole time. I’m all about just
finding one move that everyone can do
and just repeating it. – It works for Cher! Okay let’s talk
about I’m That Bitch, the song I’m That Bitch. How do you feel like
the queens did overall? – Overall, I think it was good. It was entertaining. Everyone had stage presence. Everyone looked
comfortable on stage, which is not typical when
you see the full batch of season girls usually. – [Bob] Yes! – [Sasha] So already,
I’m very excited. – [Bob] Everyone did
a really good job. – [Sasha] Yeah! – [Bob] Widow Von’Du
lands in the splits and just proceeds
to do a rap song. – [Sasha] I will also say, she found the camera
with her eyes, – [Bob] Yes!
– [Sasha] And I feel like, when you’re there
on the first day, and you can find the camera
out in that dark sea, with all those people
staring at you, that’s star power. – [Bob] Yeah. – So I’m excited for her. – That girl’s confident. – She’s amazing. – Immediately after
the performance, we are now into the runway. – Fifth look of the episode! – Five looks in! – Yes. – One episode! This is insane. Category is sparkle. So what looks made
you crack a smile? Was there anything
that you were like, “Oh this is like I’m
living for this”? – I loved Jackie’s! – Sparkle, Neely, sparkle. From Valley of the Dolls. – [Bob] Yes, yes, yes. – [Sasha] I thought
that was clever, it fit in with her
’60s storyline. True to form with her
obscure reference. – Very. I think my favorite was Brita. I just loved her look, she knows her body. – [Sasha] I liked
it, it definitely was a little more
plain, I think. I was surprised how many
of them went like a kind of subdued monochromatic look – Yeah!
– For the sparkle, they were like, “the focus
will be the sparkles.” but I want a little
bit more excitement! – [Bob] Let’s talk about
Heidi’s had a rough day. Heidi had an allergic reaction, she had one hour’s sleep, she went to the E.R., Her headpiece fell off, like, she ate kale. Like this is a really
rough time for her. – I feel for her. – [Bob] This dress is fine. I wish that her proportions
were just slightly different, like it looks kind of
like a sack on her. – [Sasha] Yeah. – [Bob] Nicky Doll is wearing
this like metallic feather, stoned piece. – [Sasha] Her face
looks gorgeous. – [Bob] So good, and I
love the short hair on her. – Yeah and she is
truly like tons of, she had the most jewels
on, for sure, I think. – Strange rule for drag,
Gigi never wears rhinestones. – [Sasha] She
actually said that? – Yeah she was like, “I
don’t wear rhinestones. “I never wear rhinestones.” – I used to not really
wear stones either. I couldn’t afford to
add them to my costumes. And I didn’t think it
was absolutely necessary, but it does make a difference. – [Bob] True.
– Especially on stage. – Lift your completely
rhinestone encrusted hand. – How dare she! (laughing) – Your ears dripping in stones! So the queens are all
being called safe, ’cause, normally, RuPaul says, “You’re safe, you won.” in that order. Or, “You won, y’all are safe.” But she’s going, “Safe,
safe, safe, safe, safe.” and then, the last two girls, who I was like,
“They did the best!” – [Sasha] Yeah. – They did the best,
what is going on? And then of course, RuPaul says, “No one’s going home.” Widow Von’Du and Gigi
Goode now have to lip sync against each other for $5,000. – They’re giving them money now? – They’re giving them money now! They’re giving tips now! – I was so excited. This seemed like a pretty
good ending to this episode, – [Bob] Right?
– [Sasha] I love to see them lip sync, it’s great to see queens
who are doing well have to show one
more set of skills. – I do love once
the lip sync starts, off the bat, Widow
Von’Du is like, “I’m not losing this.” And everyone at home is
like, “No, you’re not.” – [Sasha] You’re not! (laughing) – [Sasha] Like you didn’t
need to try quite that hard. – [Bob] Okay, snapping
your leg in half, pulling your arm
out of the socket. – [Sasha] At the
end she was just ripping herself apart for them! – (wheezing) – Thank God, she won. – Yeah, she just
clawed her eyes out. – The arm was bad
enough, the leg – Pulls out a knife,
harikaris herself on stage. Fully falls over. I mean, literally on the ground, snapping your legs like, girl. It’s just $5,000. Your medical bills won’t cover when you break your leg off. But she got that money! – [Sasha] Oh god. That’s good. – And Gigi held her own. – [Sasha] She really did. – And don’t forget we
have a second premiere next week and we will
meet even more queens. I want to thank the
iconic Sasha Velour for joining us today. Round of applause. – I want to thank you
so much for having me! – Sasha, you’re on tour, right? – That’s right, I’m
on my first ever, one queen theater tour. It’s a show called
Smoke And Mirrors, that you were so
gracious to come support. – Congratulations! Listen, I’m telling you, you have to go see this show, it is truly amazing. I cried watching
you do this show. It was so beautiful. Go watch it. I’m telling you, it’s amazing. Go, go, go. Thank you for
watching The Pit Stop, and be sure to tune in
next week for episode two of RuPaul’s Drag
Race, Season 12. And thank you, Bubly! Cheers!
– Cheers! (whispering) – Now, lets do that thing where you kind of lean in – Okay, I love that thing – and the camera
kind of pans out and you’re not really
saying anything. (upbeat music)

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