The Most Dreadful TV Shows Of 2019

Hollywood can never be totally sure what audiences
will like, and with every mega-hit and critical darling, there come a few more shows doomed
to a quick cancellation. According to the critics, these are the worst
shows to hit broadcast TV, cable, and streaming services in 2019. Network TV’s biggest breakout hit over the
last three years or so is unquestionably This Is Us, NBC’s sprawling, time-jumping, touching
family tearjerker. As that formula has proven successful, other
similar shows have hit the airwaves, including NBC’s own The Village. Rather than focus on a family, it’s an attempt
at a poignant, heartwarming and emotionally devastating show about the diverse residents
of a Brooklyn apartment building. It’s about how everyone’s lives interact in
ways both subtle and profound, and feels specifically designed to get audiences to cry. Dustin Rowles of Pajiba says: “The Village has no interest in being a decent
series; its only interest is in using emotional manipulation to gaslight its viewers into
believing that The Village is trying to say something profound about the human condition.” More than 15 years after the release of Bad
Boys II, the franchise returned to life with a made-for-TV spinoff starring Gabrielle Union
and Jessica Alba. They play an LAPD detective team who are,
get this, very different, personality-wise. In short, L.A.’s Finest embraces a formula
that’s been used countless times before in movies and TV. Critics were savage, finding the end results
ordinary, outdated, and unnecessary. Ben Travers of IndieWire criticized the standard
storytelling in his review: “Everyone can find another show exactly like
this one on Fox or other broadcast networks, USA or other cable outlets, and even streaming
services.” “Don’t make me shoot you! Because I’m not missing family book club.” After American Idol became a top-rated pop
culture juggernaut in the early 2000s, talent shows flooded TV. In 2019, CBS used its valuable post-Super
Bowl programming slot to launch yet another entry in the genre: The World’s Best. In some ways, the James Corden-hosted show
is formulaic and familiar. Like The Voice and American Idol, performers
compete in front of a panel of celebrities. And like America’s Got Talent, acts of every
stripe are welcome, not just singers. But in its attempt to flip the script and
get innovative, The World’s Best goes too far and just winds up overly complicated. In addition to doing their thing for the judges,
performers are rated by up to 50 experts from 38 geographic regions, purporting to be experts
in different forms of entertainment. Then, all the various musicians, comedians,
karate masters, etc. compete against each other for the title of “The World’s Best”
overall new talent. Caroline Framke, writing at Variety wrote: “So very much of the show boils down to the
show explaining itself and stretching out the ‘judging,’ which mostly just consists
of the panelists gushing and gasping in awe.” What if Netflix made a TV show that played
like a cheesy ’90s-style erotic thriller? And what if they got an Academy Award-winning
actress to star in it? The answer to questions is What / If, a steamy
primetime soap from Netflix about a high-powered and glamorous Silicon Valley investor played
by Renée Zellweger. In between her time spent screaming her frustrations
into a stuffed animal and practicing archery on human targets, she helps out Lisa, an idealistic
young head of a biotech company in exchange for a night with the woman’s husband, Sean. The whole thing is such an inscrutable mess
that David Opie of Digital Spy wrote: “There’s a strong chance that the team behind
What / If know exactly what they’re doing, deliberately setting out to make something
that’s intrinsically ‘bad.'” Katee Sackhoff, the breakout star of the classic
2000s reboot of Battlestar Galactica makes her triumphant return to sci-fi television
with Another Life, a tense Netflix drama about a spaceship full of humans on its way to make
first contact with aliens. Unfortunately for Galactica fans, Another
Life is not quite the worthy follow-up they wanted. This ambitious show is part workplace drama,
as starship commander Niko Breckenridge looks after a craft headed to a far-away alien planet
which sent a giant, creepy crystal to Earth. Giving her plenty of guff is her number-two,
Ian, the now-demoted former captain of that very ship. Awkward. Meanwhile, her husband back on Earth is the
only man who can crack the code of the giant creepy crystal. There’s a lot going on with Another Life,
but according to Alex McLevy of The AV Club, it doesn’t all work: “Another Life is an unwieldy mashup of Arrival
and any number of space-odyssey adventure serials, and struggles to maintain clarity
or depth with either half of its bifurcated storyline. While this CW summer science-fiction series
shares a name with another famous science-fiction property, Pandora actually takes place primarily
on Earth. Nevertheless, it cribs heavily from plenty
of other popular sci-fi. Pandora is a Star Trek-esque series set at
the space travel training ground of Starfleet Academy in everything but name. It begins in 2199 on a Tatooine-like space
world called New Portland, where a college-age woman named Jax is the only survivor of a
devastating attack. So, she’s shipped off to Fleet Training Academy
on Earth, where she’ll study under the tutelage of her uncle alongside a number of familiar
sci-fi character archetypes. All the while, Jax may have a special secret
which may affect the very future of humankind. Lightweight and exceedingly familiar can be
fine, especially for a summer TV show. But Pandora doesn’t quite strike that tone. Beth Elderkin of io9 was exceedingly harsh
in her review: “I watch a lot of TV pilots for work, including
ones for shows that never make it to air, and Pandora’s is quite possibly one of the
worst I’ve seen in years.” “I’m not sure we’re completely getting off
on the right foot here, are we?” “Well, it appears I’m not the only one that’s
perceptive then.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “The Most Dreadful TV Shows Of 2019

  1. LA’s Finest was really banking on the hotness and star power of Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union to carry a horribly unoriginal show

  2. Another life could have been great, but no government would ever send a crew of insubordinate freaks and women on such a long trip. Nor would they give that chick another crew after she murdered half her last

    The women would be pregnant in 3 months anyway

  3. Anyone else noticed that almost all these shows had female leads? If you're going to make a powerful leading lady show maybe just MAYBE work on the writing first.

  4. Oh a new show called “World’s Best”
    Has James Corden … ok
    It’s a talent show … ugh
    And Drew Barrymore… can’t wait to watch anything else.

  5. 2:55 Erotic thrillers like Eyes Wide Shut, Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct are a key reason why 90's cinema was so good. What/if is one example of the feeble nature of cable and cinema's recent attempts at deviating from the formulas that historically have worked so well. Kubrick is probably spinning in his grave.

  6. Just another list that shows why I don't pay attention to critics, I really liked LA' Finest and I thought What/If was amazing

  7. Most of these shows are about Independent women trying to go out with their lives. Being loving, funny and emotionally mature. Realistically speaking everybody knows that isn't true, they all end up being a failed attempt to portray an inexistent ideal. People have problems, some of the most relatable characters caught on TV are those that share similar (trivial or not) problems like us. Look at Tobey's Spider-Man.

  8. My problem with Pandora [the only one I've seen] is that the students take off and do all their "heroic stuff", and there's no reaction from the administration of the "academy" after they've gone WAY beyond what they would be allowed to do.

  9. This makes me wanna get into TV even more. Along with these shows, and all the other reboots and revivals, there's nothing original out there. Is there any networks or production companies that actually wanna take a chance on new creators and writers with new and ORIGINAL ideas???? As someone trying to get my pilot into right hands, seeing stuff like this really pisses me off and discourages me ☹🤨😑😖

  10. Another Life wasn't awful, it wasn't brilliant, but it was at least watchable. It was basically an average show on all accounts. It didn't do anything new, stayed within specific standard Sci-fi tropes, but was better than most of the pandering dross that Netflix has released recently. The bizarre thing about the show is that it showed that Jake "frikkin" Able can actually act a little? who knew?! ;op

  11. I watch Pandora and could get through two episodes the acting is poor and the moments that are just eye-rolling. I'll probably pass on this and watch the new CW show Bulletproof which is pretty decent.

  12. so BASICALLY…these shows are bad because they bring nothing new..really? Every movie and show is retelling an old story. Half of these don't deserve to be on this list or being criticized that bad

  13. Reality shows make me sick… even a commercial gives my eyes a a roll reaction instinctively. Just stop with reality tv… it’s demeaning to the human race…

  14. Another Life isn't "dreadful." It is cheesy and predictable, but not every show needs to demand that you abandon everything else in your life and focus on it. Some of these shows are good to have on while you perform other tasks. I think some people have too little going on in their lives, if you let anything that is not Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones piss you off. Get more hobbies and skills, people!

  15. Another life is a lousy Lost in Space with something on Earth enigma at the same time. It could have been good with a few tweaks.

  16. Funny how most of the shows here have female leads and a strong minority character. But thats just coincidence right…smh

  17. I can see the season conclusion to "Another Life". "Turn back, turn back it's a COOKING CRYSTAL!!!!!!!" I know one T.V. theme that hasn't been explored in years; Originality.

  18. ‘What If’ was the most disappointing of the bunch, it tried way too hard to be the Netflix version of How to Get Away With Murder. And Renee’s character was so poorly written. It had the potential to be great with all the actors and the concept. However, it was painfully BORING AF.
    I doubt it will be picked up for a second season but it’s said to be an anthology series so I hope the second series doesn’t drag on like the first seasons story did.

  19. I thought another life was ok its a bit harsh to put it on this list they should have put season 3 of Jessica Jones on it, which was awful

  20. Just like music, you can now choose what you want to watch and not just what the main channels give you. I'm curious to know what shows Looper likes and what everyone else thinks about them.

  21. Another life lost me when they introduced the crew of the space craft.
    They look like a group of 20 to 30 year olds totally disillusioned and disinterested in the mission they were going on!!😡

  22. I just finished “Another Life” the other day and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Pandora also isn’t that bad either especially for a CW show.

  23. Once I saw Jessica Alba I knew whatever show she is in gotta be a super dud of a television show lbs. She seem decent 1st part of her young career then she got way worse as time went on relying on her looks to get by.

  24. I really liked Another Life, I can't wait to see season 2, that's if there is a season 2. It's not perfect but it's not bad.

  25. I guess the whamen shows aren't good. Nature put man and woman on earth to work together in harmony. That was the appeal of Dog the bounty Hunter. Get a clue Hollywood

  26. Pandora is the only one I've seen and I quit after the second show. I don't watch cop shows or reality shows or competition shows, so if any of those were on broadcast TV I didn't see them.

  27. Sorry but What/If was a good show and it was good to see Renee Zellweger in a role she isn't known for playing. No nice girl next door in this show. I liked it!

  28. To the people saying that these shows suck because they have boring ladies as the leads.

    You know who you sound like right?

  29. I like Another Life. It is a slow moving show, but I think the content is pretty good. Also, I hadn't heard of Pandora until this video, so I have added it to my list of shows.

  30. I could not understand why they wanted to waste money on a female version of Bad Boys… made absolutely no sense, and they really thought it would be a hit… too funny.

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