The Met Gala happened and now I’m wet (Fashion Review & Roast)

intro music starts *lovely transition* *whatever the hell he’s doing here* BiTchhshhhhhhh YOU WERE SCAMMED! *Weird laughing/choking noise* Ya’ll really sitting out there being like, “OooOoOoh” “I enjoy these videos of this young man!~” “Lemme press this button right here and subscribe!” Ya’ll just got scammed! Scadaddled Scasquizzled I dunno what the hell ya’ll got scammed about But ya’ll got scammed somehow, okay? I’m a messy ass bitch, I don’t deserve this attention I don’t deserve this LOoOoVE! *in sing song voice* Someone needs to spank me In a BaD wAy BUT WE DID IT
(KIM K WHO?!) Watch out bitches! Cause here comes another millionaire Yall thought you saw the lAst Of mEe
😉 Ya’ll thought I was DONE? Ya’ll thought
“He can’t dO MoRE” *Poses for Beyonce* You right. Yall really let me get away with this
(yes we did) This is yOUR fault BIATHCHESSSSS But thank you guys so much for just deciding w-w-why the hell not, you know? cause you didn’t HAVE to No one forced you you guys did it yourself
[because you’re amazing ( 灬♥ 3 ♥灬) ] and here we are you caused this MESS to have an EGO CONGRATS (BITCH D TRUMP WHO?) Did I ever think I would hit a million subscribers?
(woot woot) Hng-NO Do I BELIEVE I just hit a million subcribers? Hnng-NOT YET Am I sitting here in ranch and BBQ sauce stained sweatpants? Huuh-YES I AM You wanna know why?! BECAUSE I HAVE A MILLION SUBSCRIBERS BITCH What’s showering? Whats-Whats doing laundry now a days? I’m supposed to have people do that for me right?
(Uh-huh sure) Jake Paul, What does he do?
(nothing important) Donald Trump ain’t the only millionaire f*cking shit up now Ya Bitch *poses for Beyonce again* (CONTROVERSY) Politics MAC Hey bitches (Literally gets fucking possessed) (NOT IN MY GOOD JEWISH ANNEX)
(imsorry) *cough* wait start over Hey (Demonic voice wtf mac) BITCH It’s ya boi Welcome back to my channel Is that what youtubers say? am I supposed to say that? (apparently) am I supposed to welcome you back to my channel every single goddamn video? That’s TOO much work (SAMMEE) Am I supposed to care? (no…) km/s I feel like now that I’m at that level BITCH I need to have some type of good ass intro Some type of like “I have my shit together” kind of intro you know? Greetings kids *kids fake cheering* Nope that was too much Now I know most of you guys are probably thinking, “Mac, this is probably the worst lit video you’ve ever put out in the entire existence of the human race What the hell the hell is wrong with you?” We know you got these numbers now We know you have these coins in your pockets
(NOT BROKE ANYMORE!) from your demonetized videos And that doesn’t mean you gotta give us shit like this bitch what the f*ck is good” my excuse is I was too lazy to leave my room
(this I can relate though) give me some SPACE So as some of you guys probably don’t know none of you guys probably know but the Met Gala is currently happening right now as we speak and I have been told several times from people on YouTube that a youtuber should seize every moment they possibly can so this is my attempt at trying to put out a fashion review right after the fashion event rather than waiting an entire week but who knows when this video is coming out Let’s be honest
(that’s what I am) I am aiming for Tuesday (taco tuesday mac, dont forget the tacos) which is tomorrow like what up? because apparently suddenly over night I wanted to have my shit together but knowing me – knowing who I am knowing the things i put out in this world no- and if this does come out the day after HI Don’t get used to it but (demonic deep voice) Y E S The met gala is currently happening right now which is the most fashion forward event of celebrityism marism dism chism? kizm iszm? I’m wearing my shirt that says “almighty” for a reason because a bitch- guess what the theme this year was? (a million subscribers?) “heavenly body, fashion and the Catholic imagination” (god no) Bitch ME TOO 2018 is the year everybody wants to FIGHT OKAY? We’ve established this we’ve coordinated this this has gone through systems and we came out with fists SWINGING BITCH- BITCH (LIT) So today we are going to do what every gay male with a platform is asked to do every single year, review Met Gala Fashion actually i don’t know if every gay boy is asked to do this is it just me? It’s probably just me I’m weird.. I.. -I need to take a nap
(we been knew hunti) Alecia Quarles..WHO? I don’t know who you are GURL but you look like a strawberry shortcake.. ^.^ And I am INTO it! What does that have to do with Catholicism? Anna winter… There she is..THERE she is.. ..THAT’S her…and we are accepting it. Shout out to that one cross right by the crouch of her body. There it is that’s the theme RIGHT there Here we go. Olivia Munn…looking like she spilled caramel…everywhere.. (yes he can say it like that) BITCH I mean we can stand but like…why does this dress remind me of diarrhea. I’m burning bridges. Jasmine Sanders..who are you?…and where can I buy MULTIPLE…( Don’t be dirty Mac..) Duplicates…and COPIES! BITCH retweet! DOUBLE CLICK..fLaWlEsS. AND THEN THE HAIR BITCH!WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! AND IT’S H&M BITCH! *Mac is shooketh* *lip quivers to the queen* *is gonna be shook for another 2 seconds* wwWHAT SECTION!? IS IT NEXT TO CAPRI PANTS? cuz I don’t go down THERE gUrL. I MUST BE MISSIN OUT! RITA ORA… *Mac questioning humanity* You got some silly string on your dress GURL, I don’t know what happend… I don’t know who did it…wasn’t me… With that small little yellow purse..she bout to go to CHURCH. What is that a gigantic bow on her head? What is happening? OH NO THAT BOW GOT sPiKeS.That bow a crown. She an evil witch now That ain’t confetti. That’s just soUL she took. OKAY we unDerStand. We stan for life HER FACE. look like she tryin’ not to.. (shit?) I’m not even gonna say it.. I’m not even gonna say it! I don’t wanna burn no bridges.. CUTE! Amigos! *Shooketh again.* kay..DONNATELLA VERSACHE We— get it. It lowkey looks like she just stuffed a blanket in her belt. And was like, “We’re gonna do this tonight.” This is happening tonight, and nobody’s gonna knoooww just MEE DONATELLA VERSACHE Five million dollars please Amanda Siphrit We get it– you’re cute. WHATEVER Goddammit. Can we just not for like, a day? Just, real quick. For a small bit. For two seconds (maybe three) without even questioning it? JUST FOR A DAY. Just for a daAAY GURLL In that trash bag sheen– WE SEE YOU. But just for one day– PLEASE? Billy Collins (WHO?????????) And what did we do Why are you crying blood, what’s happening here She looks like the main character of a Tim Burton movie that has yet to be produced. Honestly, I’m about it. *enter lit meme* it’s like a nun gon FREAKAY Is that the theme? Is that the theme? A weeping widow WITH SEXXX Oooooooh SHIIIT Bella Hadide *machiazelli.exe has stopped working* WHERE? wHO HURT YOU, GIRL? Why you come back with a vengence? What is happening? Oh my gosh– I’m okay with it I also like, just the cross around her neck being like “yes, I am on THEME” This is the theme, here we go– CROSS, Catholicism, Jesus Cate Bowsworth I don’t knOW you, but we’ve all wanted to be a pixie OnCe in our life And I’m gLAd you achieved that Zoë Kravitz OoOH MY GAWD We get it girl! You can rest! We understand! That’s not even a dress That’s just a blanket with some string BITCH we see you! We hear you! We understand! GETIT This is a *demon noise* BITCH COME THROUGH PINK GODDESS . . . OKAY *mumbles song lyrics* We get it, we don’t understand the words you say in your songs sometimes But we understand this dress. Okay??? Make this into a song, we’ll get it! HIMINIMAMNAMA LET ME KNOW All the stars are kosher, with her ass. Okay?! and then with that head dress? *gibberish* (did he just say beechies?) We stand what is that on your cheek? is that a chicken hand? What’s going on? OH no, those are tears. Is that a thing? LIKE CRYING MARIA? DID MARIA CRY?
Maria cried. Did maria have emotions? Who’s Maria? *laughs like an insane person* RIHANNA OH MY GOSH i just farted. . . Let’s unpack this. SHE decided. I’m gunna come on and with this bitch With a pope hat, a jacket, and some Louis Vuitton But not just a normal pope and jacket NO THis Bitch is going to be bidazzled to the gods! Okay? We love a Drag Queen, Go ahead gurl You did it.we accept it, we are drinking it up, we live for it. I would’ve changed the shoes though, but we live for it I also just really like those 2 girls in the back that just don’t look impressed AT A L L Okay you cute or whatever but you aint got my man Honestly same, Honestly i feel Diane Kruger . . . tried her best Oop there’s another one! it comes with a pool woahwha woahwah wait a minute where do i b u y ? where do i purchase? where do i get in? tell me the shit Lina you can’t just drop this and be like “it’s mine” you gotta share, okay? That’s what the gay agenda is about. where is my 10 percent? Bitch?! come through gay agenda~ come through “oh we about to talk about catholicism then we about talk about catholicism” *snaps fingers* biiitch, we get it, we political, its 2018 we fightin I already told you, we all fightin, we throw hands 24/7 somebody gon get hit, somebody’s gon get hurt and chu just gon laugh SHAWN MENDES WHY do you not try at all?! either you’re trying way too hard to hide something?! or you are just so boring like please? i’m sorry to get bored of you Shawn Mendes what is that on your hand . . a bird? for what? you really came to the met gala, wearing a plain ass suit with some color bitch . . . okay we get it! Your masculinity is fragile, is in jeopardy 24/7 But all i suggest, for all those men who are trying not to be seen just suck one dick, just suck one dick! whether you straight or anything else, just suck one dick! That’s all you need, just one, for one second, just suck one , pop in pop out Then suddenly you’re like, “Maybe i should bidazzle this.” There you go! Thats a step up! in life. in the entertainment buisness and then that’s Hadie Baldwin right next to him. Are they dating? Is this happening here? Hm I’m bored, I’m tired! Katy Perrhe he he he he! ee he, ee he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he BITCH!!! BITCH? Bitch , enviqnoanosnaynefnfafyoehfhopcbwbcyw WHY YOU GOT WINGS LIKE THAT? You bought to take flight with Shawn Mendes??? Was going on? Are those heavy? Are you hurt? We accept this, but bitch how are you going to sit down How are you going to party for the rest of the night Drink some fine drinks , and get your freak on Wearing big ass wings like that I just wanna know, imagine me in the club, imagine me at your par-tea Stepping into that bitch looking like an eagle on fire She was like “Oh y’all want a thing.oh y’all wanna party? We got dis. Ariana Grande Why does she look so blurry? Is that the photo? Or is that just her look right now? Because my eyes . . . are having trouble She looks like someone used a smother tool on face tune and just . . . went to work Girl go ahead, get some rest, we love a good eye test Chadwick Boseman YAS BITCH -claps- THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO MEN DO YOU SEE THIS? DO YOU UNDERSTAND? YOU’RE AT THE GODDAMN MET GALA SHOW UP, TELL PEOPLE WHAT IT IS Promote yo shit, ya know?! Dont’ be like “I’m gunna show up in this red tuxedo because i like vagina” I don’t give a shit what you like in your private time, if you’re at a fashion event YOU ARE AT A FASHION EVENT OKAY BITCH?!!?!?! Be Fashionable! Have in mind, he is not wearing 1 not 2 but 4 crosses bitch, he’s super jesus. Walking up there , bout to bless his disiples , we see this. We understand it , we stand for life. I am happy , I am satisfied~ A man finally showed up, and showed them what the hell y’all need to do! Lana Del Ray and Jared Leto YASS, SEE? We are making progress bitch! I know it’s just a suit with some extra props but bitch you get extra props when you put on those extra props! And Lana gurl, you have never looked like more of one of your songs in your entire life If a Lana Del Ray song came to life, it would be this outfit *laughs like a maniac* I’m lying, am i not? Am i wrong? Am i lying? Then Alecandra Mishelle I dont know you but we love sunny and cheryl Kendall Jenner Your pants don’t fit gurl Your pants are about 5 sizes too big and what does this have to do with jesus? Excuse me? jesus wore the right shaped pants. Last time i checked . . . Last time i read the bible. . . When i was 2 Jennifer Lopez Oh kayyy bitch. . . we . . . we here -laughs like a little kid choking- We’re at this level now, okay right? We love a good yeti, honestly, come through night of the round table. We stand Gigi Hadide . . . what , gurl we . . . . . . what? I Mean it’s really cute, i just WHAT?! Kylie Jenner, what is with these Kardashians, not following rules I mean i do not see not jesus Niki Minaj WOO, i almost switched sides for a second oh my gawd YAS BITCH, Bitch YAS, work it, upside down, over and out . . . double time double tap bitch, all around the city, all around the community, in comptan and in long beach. Girl we love a good red aumbrey okay? We love a good vodka cranberry Zendaya WHAT?! COME THROUGH Knights Watch, Game of Thrones, Calise’s Warrior. We get it, We understand, the war for christ GIRL, the war for jesus! OH that’s Kim Kardashian! I was like “WHO?!” You see she came on theme, sewed a few crosses on her dress and went right out the door. That’s, that’s some work okay bitch We about it!, looks like you have no legs We stand gurl, live your life, get that money, and control your man, what is he doing? Cardi B I forgot how to breathe for 5 seconds You guys saw me have an asthma attack right now COME THROUGH, BEAT IT UUUPPPP Have that baby too gurl! You look like you about to pop! We Stand! Blake Lively . . . Damn Damn, just damn, that’s i’ll i’m, just damn Liza Koshy???!?!!? Bitch you scam?! Bitch you succeeded !?! Go ahead girl! Live your life! We about it, go ahead, i mean this outfit, i have many questions, but go, you there you made it That means too some day, go ahead, go ahead And Finally we have Troy Savan i mean Girl why you look like a lesbian? It’s an attempt, it’s an attempt Where’s the Jesus? Cause all i see is a lot of pale ass chest, Okay?! Lets unpack that part real quick, second of all, where’s the album, when is the album, who produced the album and where will we get the album? And on that note i think i’m done, oh wait no Jayden Smith. . . Nevermind, i’m done , not even gunna talk about that This boy showed up with The golden record of his own goddamn song. . . Will Smith, come get cho kids. We need to have a talk AND on that note i am going to peace out On that note i am going to rethink i life decisions and try my hardest to get invited to 2019 ,okay? I have 12 months, I can make something happen. probably not. But i can try Comment down below “what the hell”. Comment down below what the hell katy perry is going to do with those wings. With all that weight . . . okay? And if you dont care, i’m still trying to find out who killed tupaq, so you can comment some clues on that. Why do i try to pretend like im funny? But anyways, my name is Mac . . . Almighty I just ruined this video And dont forget to like,comment, share ,and subscreebae BWAHHHHHHHHH *Outro music*

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  4. In Shawn’s defense, everyone’s already accused him of being gay so it’s not his fragile masculinity, it’s his public life’s masculinity

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