15 thoughts on “The Media’s Role In Mass Incarceration

  1. High school students talk to their older class mates that are in the military.
    They see them shooting up schools in other countries and getting treated like heroes.
    Their just doing what we're teaching them

  2. Why is it that most crime in America, especially violent crime, is committed in democrat dominated areas?

    Is it the diversity? Is it the poverty? Is it the culture?

    (Hint: it’s all of the above)

    Most fines only exist to generate funds to try and pay for the welfare state. Think about that the next time you get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt in your car… at least until the red new deal eliminates cars 😂

  3. Tulsi Gabbard 2020 : A New Direction for America ; MSM Will do everything
    they can to stop Tulsi and we must not let that happen ! Remember
    it's up to us to help Tulsi Gabbard in every way possible , talking
    about her , social media , youtube comments , donations , people if
    you want results we have to work ! Not just for a day but all the way
    to the Presidency ! https://youtu.be/w7rjA3riNUI

  4. I am signing up for their newsletter here. https://theappeal.org/region/national/ Perhaps you should as well if you're interested in criminal justice reform.

  5. If the Americans know what is good for them they will nominate Josie Duffy Rice to be a Justice Democrat, that girl is gold and way more electable than she thinks.

  6. Show me one Justice democrat Cenk will put on Camera that is willing to call for politicians to list policies they #RecallGuarantee to introduce and support. When you protect the right of politicians to lie to steal votes, you're propaganda.

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