The Jeremy Kyle Show suspended indefinitely after death of guest | ITV News

bris who's now with SHINee is next on the Jeremy Kyle show it has a reputation for confrontation and controversy where participants faceoff to air their most personal problems you make why would you sleep with his ex look but now I TVs Jeremy Kyle show is facing its own crisis after news that one guest had been found dead a week after appearing on the show in an episode that won't ever air today ITV issued a statement saying everyone at ITV in the Jeremy Kyle show is shocked and saddened at the news of the death of a participant in the show and our thoughts are with their family and friends given the seriousness of this event ITV has also decided to suspend both filming and broadcasting of the Jeremy Kyle show with immediate effect in order to give it time to conduct a review of this episode of the show there was no further detail from executives who make the programme at Salford media city let's get grime on the Jeremy Kyle show but no word from the show's on-screen psychotherapist Graham Stan iya who's director of the aftercare team employed to help solve guests problems I've never ever experienced any racial abuse Dee Kelly from benefit Street appeared on a celebrity edition of the show in February and defends the support she received it was a very positive experience for Matt and we got a lot of like pre-show care as well as after-show care you had the producers and the runners and everyone was absolutely brilliant they'd come in and they were talking to you but there are plenty of other notorious incidents which have raised questions over the future of the show Mick Philpott already had an attempted murder conviction before appearing with Jeremy Kyle in 2007 a leading criminologist accused the program of making him a celebrity he's now in jail for the manslaughter of his six children in the same year a manchester judge liken the show to bear-baiting after sentencing a man for assaulting another guest on stage and in 2008 a man ended up in court for threatening his wife with a loaded air rifle a week after she appeared on the show I would question the amount of and supports that actually comes out of appearing on a show like the Jeremy Kyle show in terms of the fact that I wonder what it's like for them going back into their everyday lives and having aired their difficulties in public to suck in such a way and on such a program so it's not the sort of program that I personally would feel comfortable working on after the suicide of love island star Mike Felicitas earlier this year the welfare of those suddenly made famous has never been more prominent and neither has the duty of care TV companies face for vulnerable members of the public who take part in their programs damn rivers News at Ten you

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