100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to media’s ‘bombshell’ analysis of impeachment hearing

  1. Someone misheard.
    " It bombed… HELL ! " ….
    turned into
    My whistleblower was telling me, just last night.

  2. George Kent: As I mentioned in my testimony, you can't promote principled anti-corruption action without pissing-off corrupt people.

    Boy, are the Republicans pissed.

  3. So…. if the hearing is boring to Fox Hosts and Trump gang then Trump is innocent?  Not everyone is as shallow and dumb as Fox Hosts, etc. These people are trying to make you think nothing is happening, all is a massive fake with everyone in on it. And that anyone open to listening to the inquiry, not believing that Trump is absolutely innocent, is evil and eats your babies.

  4. To believe this network and the hosts, is just to deny reality. These are bedtime stories for people who want opinions that match theirs.

  5. Juan Williams needs psychiatric help, for his delusional narratives…….Dana, call Dr. Phil for an intervention for Juan, please darling, please!!!!

  6. Everyone, including themselves, know Republicans are terrible people.

    They cheat on their spouses and make their mistresses get abortions.

    All while claiming to be Christian.

  7. None of these Trump haters and Democrats can articulate the facts of any crime or misconduct committed by Trump . Just wild accusations spun by the leftists in the media that only a dimwit could buy into. Sleepy joe is on video actually doing what they are accusing Trump of … We are so far down the rabbit hole there is no daylight.

  8. They wish they can Turn the Republican house To Vote for impeach on TRUMP They must be crazy does no bombshell would any a testimony at all so called Evidence against trump narrows no evidence it's wishful thinking AOC is an old saying you can hit in one hand and wish in the other and see which Han gets full Faster The Republican party or a United against you and they're not gonna go against troll you don't have a had changed in hell don't teach him could you know dam well even if you do it the house is does gonna shoot it down anyways

  9. AOC learned a few new words, but basically, by saying "we're talking about the compromise of the 2020 election," she is pretending the election automatically belongs to the democrats. Of course, she is saying there is no such thing as fair elections, the people's will, or anything other than who the democrats decide who will be election.

  10. I am of neutral mind and all I could see was more of the same: gambits to get rid of Trump. There is nothing wrong with the call, I wonder why they hate this guy so much, true he is not likeable but who is?

  11. The Democrats are internally divided. And Pelosi gave the extreme socialists what they wanted at all costs. Now everything is imploding in their own hands.

  12. I watched to a lot of option on President Trumps policy's. Nothing illegal just they disagree with the direction of their boss! this is a coup no question any longer and it has HURT AMERICAM FAR, FAR MORE THEN THE DEMOCRATES COUNTED THIS HAS HURT AMERICA AND WE WILL NOT GET OVER IT

  13. What’s funny is I’ve read and watched both sides talk about this in the most that this side seems to be able to do is make fun of and poke the bear while the other new stations are actually talking about the facts involved. But the one thing that seems to be the same is that trump is unqualified and problematic. I would hope all look at the facts because “attempted” is still a crime.

  14. If the republicans want their pick of people to testify, then so should the democrats, lets let everyone testify! Get to the bottom of this. No more blocking subpoenas, no more refusing to show up. Let either side call whoever they please and lets find out the truth.

  15. The Dems have been on the take for fifty years picking the pockets of the poor countries who receive aid from the US. If these countries do not kick back a percentage to the DNC the Dems don't vote for the next years aid package to that country.

  16. We think its a J-O-K-E!!!!! No it won't change our minds, it's F-A-K-E. Again they (Dems) find away N-O-T to take care of the people's business!!!!!!!

  17. "Hearsay is better than evidence" That sums up the Dem's strategy from November 9th 2016 the day after the election. The oft repeated lie becomes the truth.

  18. Dear Fox and Friends, you know what would end this feud on the hill? If you, one of the largest news companies on the planet, stopped with their shite, and get back to real reports. I swear, not a single day goes by that my autoplay isn't overloaded with "new" news that's just repeating yesterday's news. Why not talk about education gains, hype up some small rural town for victory, show some small businesses triumph? Just something other tjan repeat after repeat. You know, if you let the news go silent up there for a day or two, of course keep someone there on tabs, but only showcase it like midweek or end of week unless highly important, i bet they'd wind down, viewers wouldnt be so apprehensive, and maybe you could find solace in the fact that good news is equally excitable if it were only advertised with suspenseful music, and fear engulfing thoughtless linguistics such as shite news. Be the force of the wave, not the wasted kinetics.

  19. Give Juan a break he's trying hard to understand whats happening but getting lost at the bakehouse. Poor darling cant work out how to defend the indefencible but trying to look dumb enough to sound intelligent.

  20. I heard this person talking to another person about something they heard. That there will be a historical landslide slaughter by Trump 2020. Good enough for me.

  21. "The nature of the evidence is irrelevant; it's the seriousness of the charge that matters." Yeah right! I don't think so! Lies, smears and baseless accusations are all they have! Weasels!!!

  22. there are no coincidences some say? i would need a pat from a dog if i was them, but hey dogs are unclean and might trigger islamic types so maybe ban dogs?

  23. What’s abusive about inquiring into abusive power from the Obama administration? That’s literally what the people want……..The truth. Ukraine never knew the aid was withheld so how could it be about bribery? The best first hand witness is the Ukraine president and the transcript. Put Jim Jordan in schiffs seat and see how much WORK gets done. Impeachment sealed Trumps 2020 landslide victory.

  24. Hey juan 4 days ago it was quid pro quo a year ago it was russian collusion 3 years ago it was steel dossier when are you going to stand up for what's right and say enough is enough its obvious this is based on hate and not facts. Wake up

  25. As an Australian citizen I have watched the unfolding of the impeachment issue in America. I was going to make a comment but I feel it would be improper for me to comment and meddle in the politics of another country. 😉

  26. I watched the impeachment hearing the other day, and I didn’t hear anything that convinced me that he should be impeached.

  27. Maybe this is what they are getting at……..
    The leftists and their mudmedia are disappointed that the “people” don’t riot on the street, because of their fabricated lies and false shows in the House and hearings😎

  28. Every time I see Juan trying to justify the fraud being perpetrated on the country the more weak and foolish he looks. I wonder if it’s really worth it for him to be the circus clown for the DNC!

  29. Been watching Juan many years, used to be reasonable, now I think he'd claim Pelosi saw Zeti, must be true. He's changed to blindered talking head. Dont confuse him with facts.

  30. Impeachment didn't work, what's next, did Poxy Pelosi give a clue, Bribery, if that's so, then Joe Biden needs arresting, "I withheld $1Billion in aid money for 6 hours till the Ukranians fired the top prosecutor looking into my son".

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