The Fashion Police’s Greatest Busts – Will & Grace (Mashup)

-Grace, sweetie, what’s that? -It’s a hat, Karen. I didn’t have time
to dry my hair. -So, what are you saying, honey?
It’s gonna stay on all day? -Okay. Wow. Now what’s happening
on your feet? -What? -I think she’s talking
about your shoes, Heidi. -What? They’re clogs.
They’re good for your back. -They’re good for the back
of your closet. -Terrific. Everybody
from “The Matrix” called. They want their coat back. -Honey, what’s going on here? ♪♪ ♪♪ -Is that a girdle. -No! It is a man-girdle. -Why don’t you hurry up
and change for lunch? -This is what I’m wearing
to lunch. -Oh! Are we going
to the lesbian bar? -Honey, what’s this? ♪♪ -What do you think? -I think somewhere, Dorothy
Hamill is skating topless. -Honey, what’s with the cap? Was your hair doing
a dippity don’t? [ Chuckles ] -Good morning, vest! -Uh, mine’s the tan Camry
with the scratch on the side. -I will teach you
how to live on a budget. -If this is what it means
to live on a budget, then… ♪♪ -Huh? -Takes me back to the old West.
-[ Chuckles ] -The old West Village. ♪♪ -Honey, can I comment
on those pilgrim pumps? -No. -Why are you wearing that? So even people in your dreams
know you’re gay? -I thought we talked
about the beret. Patty Hearst
couldn’t even pull one off, and she had money and a gun. Oh, and am I drunk,
or did I just take a whole bottle of whipped cream
and go like this? Kshhhhhh! -Oh, honey! What’s this all about?!

46 thoughts on “The Fashion Police’s Greatest Busts – Will & Grace (Mashup)

  1. They forgot, "Honey, …we talked about this blouse…." Also, how much is Grace enjoying her "Honey, what's this all about ?" at the end……lol

  2. I am very happy to have been watching Will&Grace.They are hilarious, absolutely talented and adorable.I wish one day I could meet them.Greetings from Brazil.

  3. It makes you think…did they write the dialogue and let the costume department know or did the writers see the outfits and come up with lines? 😂

  4. "Didn't we talk about the beret, Grace? Patty Hearst couldn't pull it off and she had money and a gun." 🤣😂 My all-time favorite fashion joke from Karen!!

  5. Left out my favorite: “Woah, got skirt?” 👩🏻 “Come on, come on. Move…mooove.”
    “Grace, that blouse hurts like a hangover.”

  6. Back in the old days before YouTube was popular they used to have these kind of videos as a special feature on will and grace DVDs.
    At 1:56 where will is in a nightshirt theres also an episode of SpongeBob where Squidward is wearing one and people keep calling it a dress or calling him ma'am.

  7. "Oh, Will, someone was asking about you in the elevator. Yeah, it was your youth, and it wants its shirt back." Classic Karen!

  8. Tseason 9-10 are missing Karen going what’s this what’s going on what’s happening? And Karen ripping Grace’s style.

  9. Awww it missed my favourite when Jack and Karen asked grace to be a designer

    Jack: why is she not saying anything?
    Karen: it's because she's hypnotized by her own dress


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