The Best Interview In The History Of Television [Robin Williams]

welcome back my first guest today there's a comedy I got he is a legend he's adorable he's a fantastic he's uh I'm fond of him he's uh he's an oscar-winning actor he stars and Happy Feet 2 which is in theaters now take a look at that the beautiful Robin Williams don't mind you which sensational look at you you get that fancy shoe no laces none at all no listen your shoes I'm an older man now it's much easier velcro cowboy what is this madness you can't walk around like that what if you have to do something quickly you do it too slowly you slide around in your little slippers congratulations oh yes sorry that's lovely I wonderful yeah it's very nice I married for the third time my best man Bobcat said it's like bringing a burn victim to a firework show did he say that during his speech yes classic isn't that lovely is that love yeah the room goes he saw that the pots look I've been married ah I'm on my third on your face yeah yeah three strikes you're out that's it yeah I wouldn't do again I see it no if you do it again that you have to give up a body part that's how many times you've been married bill whores are going for huh he's like no no third that's it three that's it drink no make me Joe that's it I'm done in fact I wouldn't have done three but it was just I met this person about well okay but only that's what I believe that's the way you're meant to approach it there are yeah only this one maybe maybe do you take this woman as often as possible yeah but yeah I'm back yeah it's hot deck and on the honeymoon is hardac surprise like oh wow do you find acting surprised help during yeah what are we doing oh I didn't expect the GIMP it keeps on getting look you look great the way you look very stylish and like a man who's a good woman is taking a right good hold of man you'll get your hair cut your your your socks match everything's working cleaned up your accurate either get married to go to court well you know that it's you you're right she picked all the clothes oh and you look great as sensational and you're going around the world doing that the Happy Feet Peng would have him pimping the Penguins yeah you did a big world tour for you know well where we go from tonight I fly to London and go there and talk about things tonight if like guys go wow wow yeah once you get over the language barrier okay that guy caught why you sarcastic bass I gotta and just came from Paris Wow we went to Paris for the honeymoon that was that's not we had the honeymoon suite at Notre Dom that must have been a surprise come up here we go right now don't be afraid if you need anything just ring the bell but it was so great of a romance restaurants in Paris are wonderful went to a tiny little restaurant had five tables at one of the tables there were two couples and a cat sitting eating dinner even the cats going try the mouse it's fabulous it's crazy and then at the end of the meal again did you ever smoke when you were in Paris to give a smoke no I never spamming me um you mean cigarettes yes no I never smoked marijuana on your time maybe buy any marijuana on your time someone blue marijuana I wondered why I was hungry there is just have you got some kind of free the hemp sisters or something yeah I don't know what I can't smoke pot because the moment I spoke loud I'm just like you know it's like a leper giving a facial it's a bad yeah ah it's a joke there's a jobs a job right now there's some leper going I'm harming a vending you're gonna know me no no I don't think leprosy affects your boy he said oh maybe my a my Amy okay I'll rope into it we were doing so well we had offended anybody until you came in and now we do you worry about that Oh big time really I've had it happen all the time what people get mad at you for just or you say something and then but now and with the internet somebody would call dear mr. Williams you know it's like bingo well you have to be very you've done it I've done it doing it the only thing that I the only safe place to go is Nazis was on a German talk show once this is very true it was on this German talks and this woman said mr. Williams why do you think there's not so much comedy in Germany and I said did you ever think you tried to kill all the funny Peter Oh favor telethon every of Alzheimer's Foundation I seem to have forgotten anything before 1945 but she didn't bat an eyelash she just with know at that point of ya know it's danger we'll see everybody thinks they're funny though everybody thinks I've got a sense of humor that's the problem even people are doing have a sense of humor they go that's not funny yes it's funny no no no no I know funny I'm German yeah knock-knock we asked the question so you got you're going to London today that would be nice yeah it's a long flight you get that when you get off the plane in London English paparazzi are always there going Robin hello wabun I won't wind it elmer fudd land here I'm a woman woman woman woman woman we are hunting Wahby we're going after woman William yeah what a big rid of Shakespeare had a lad willow is it Citra had an impediment speech your speech I pray you as I pronounced it to you trippingly on the tongue oh yes I knew you I look forward to your angry speech impediment think it's just a joke we're just messing around we don't need any harm by it angry Shakespearean speech impediment actors please call this number down thank you what after that London Australia zlil eventual going that's in a week come home for a couple of days and go to Australia is your wife going with you oh I don't think has to stay home take care of the kids there right they don't all right here are they when did you get married what day is it great recently I get left a honeymoon I'm a little low on pride did you have to go to did you have to go all the way to grote you didn't have a little time probably gonna press I'm a little tired but I'm running low on fluid when you hit 60 everything and what we got give me some mucus anything we ran out of sperm let's go people blood urine let's go head down to the testicles and don't noise let's go if you're offended by that there's another number falling at the bar I like it when you're here I can relax you know it's a bit like a terrarium hot lock this everything is there like a positive Tourette's I know sometimes in the negative traits like the people say things like I'm having yeah but is there a positive Tourette's where someone goes like those pants are slimming it's a joke positive Tourette's people are doing I really enjoyed that do you think that men Thanksgivings coming up do you think that's the rapture for turkeys that every year they go get ready some of us are leaving and then the ones who don't get taken up or like weather like that anyways alright so you're going off to London into the habit you enjoy the penguin movie – Jeff it's wonderful it's in 3d which is oh that's the life is like that I know yeah one thing you don't want in 3d as of yet I don't want to watch 3d porn no I've seen it have you I have yeah it's it's me no you know I'd movie is like a vagina Robert we have to take a break we'll be right back here was the Robin Williams and we were talking about we're talking about 3d vaginas I think coming to a theater just or do thinking about yeah no behalf of the Uniting cunning linguist society talking in tongues before everyone knows yeah so what you going to stay in San Francisco then that's you oh yeah it's wonderful guys nice riding the bike there'd be the nice time when we're up there where was good time yeah so you'd Bobcat we went for a nice cup of coffee in one of them places yes one of those lovely times is yeah that was that was good yeah oh yes a really you know why don't we become English week I remember they were there yes very good I rather enjoy being English I do true their little drums are me in the last two or three is in battery I enjoy a bit of rum so I guess that just leaves the lash and sodomy for me whatever you prefer Halloween juju Burt we ever a fan of Peter Cook I loved oh he was amazing for tabes he was better than one sketch sure I wanted to be a lawyer but I didn't have the lining really like he did that Derrick and Clive starvation they said words that you um to be very upset Oh be rough one time I was in the old days in there kind of the crazy days it was three o'clock in the morning and all the Sun here I opened the doors Peter Cook he goes hello Robin time to go out now and at the in those days when it's Peter Cook all ago I wouldn't rent to his house once in London the first time I met my knock on the door it was ten o'clock in the morning I was going to have a business meeting with him and I heard on the intercom he said common breakfast is in the fridge like a big hotel I was and he was at the top of these stairs wearing just the robe I could see his junk fever goes down and he said I repaid breakfast at the fridge and I opened the fridge door and there was one can of hard cider well that's an alcoholic oh that day we had quite the breakfast that went on for about a week that break the moveable feast part oh yeah he was great though was that one of your heroes Pierre Cooper you're a time to heroes Oh Spike Milligan kid yeah yes Pike malagant God yeah he was crazy big gun yeah tried to kill Peter Sellers with a spoon one time Eddie but went after my guess they were having it something went wrong he would I'll tell you but first I'm gonna dish a little bit up it was like Oh Peter Peter Cook Dudley Moore ah God spike Peter Sellers no British these comedians ha but I never ignore local American Jonathan winters oh yeah Jonas has been here Oh has he all the best yeah I called him up the other day anyone how are you Oh well it's your birthday happy birthday what do you want I'd love it if you sent a suitcase full of singles which brings me to what we can do now cuz we're done what do we do what we'll do the big cash prize you you you just got married you probably need some money oh god yes thank you that big cash prize yeah if it goes price is it 50 bucks in singles in singles oh oh you want to try it that is like the old days oh yeah you do to roll about none okay no okay you know if you win them all you have to do is you have to have the one question you have to answer correctly okay great if you get it right you get the $50 which I would suggest in order to placate the audience is to make it rain as the kids sing all right if Robin doesn't burn the money it will not be ready so look at the guys over the gun and you can't go to London yeah and there will be no Christmas yay none for you little Tom Cratchit hey hey you'll have to work out the chimney on Christmas Day that man's life there's labels now let's have the other leg off young for the plague oh excuse me I caught a call from a guy in the second row with diamonds in shadows demons it's time for the big cash Iceland is in the North Atlantic you're its capital city is reka Vickers would you see the famed Sydney Opera House is a fine example of modern architecture or postmodern architecture hmm I would say a fine example of postmodern architecture make it right welcome back to the big Thanksgiving week of shows for this week we're going crazy turkeys are big larger Dafina every night they wonder out here eat me if you're a turkey and you're watching the show who's that at the door the door what does a guy Christmas everyone Merry Christmas Robin for his Thanksgiving probably I don't know what you're doing here oh right knock it off I know what you're doing here you were here just last week all right yes I want I decided oh you know what let's go back did you have a nice time in London because I know that's where you were headed yes it was fabulous or they say they're brilliant oh they do stay brilliant for everybody actually yeah I see you picked up their habits yes uh so long Robbins dentist consoles all girls all it's all work for you hello everyone welcome to Terry Thomas School of Acting to tech Jerry I love tears always I loved it but he said he was still you said your jet is you're an actual cha-cha get in the back of that van you Rick you behaved abysmally in this war it's amazing she was all those war movies but they always had the German to add English accent so open here are now but they do that in in room as well when it's like rumen hail Caeser houses Oh Brutus come here father knowing my name and calling me thus we shall go there stand behind me gentle friend they never had like a really hardcore Italian Caesar go what are you gonna do right now Yeah right there hey Oh medulla Galilee Santeria chilly all right we're just doing the emails with you all right take me through it then yeah this is from Dean in Detroit but she can't ever been in Detroit I lived there for many years did you read my dad was in the olive oil industry he was not yes he was hence the cars every week we move back and forth between Detroit and Chicago but can you really yes sir really yes this is hi Craig I'm Robert that's amazing that they knew that you were going to be here I didn't know you were gonna be here but work here right now addendum I made friends with a guy mm-hmm sitting next to me a hockey game recently in exchange numbers to hang out ah the old puck sucker dad is there anything wrong with a man there's nothing wrong with I don't know I don't roam with it yeah you know if you're gay you're gay I school was College Oh twice that's not right or wrong to her this is from Sean in Atlanta Georgia you ever been down there Atlanta Georgia and down now many time know the devil with the devil went down to georgia when reading what happened i did wind up georgia money edited it dude did one down to georgia i dad devil one down now had some fried food and went broke it I'm going back to here dear Craig and Robin my mother surprised me by driving in for Thanksgiving but my wife can't stand her oh oh how do I use holy family tensions I always pray for heroin I don't know what well there's an old an old Georgia tradition is a big bottle of Jack it's much the same effect you know and the basic after a little while all of a sudden Mama's like yeah happy Thanksgiving mama bubbly and then to add to that the tryptophan from the turkey tryptophan Ozai that's the good stuff yeah you should sell that street-corner a gobble double-double turkey junk easy trigger y'all man I gotta stop Jim I got a blitz in tryptophan and I got sweet potatoes in the back don't be afraid right now you know once I was walking through when they used to sell drugs in Tompkins Square Park in New York for his hipsters and their prams there used to be used to be a guy that like everyone else was selling sense Emilio but all these guys gone sense to me a sense of meaning a sense of mirror but it was one guy in a bright orange jumpsuit and a green clown where you'd go acid take it out had no effect on me step into another dimension acid right here hello what's your name look on the back ah say Round Rock Springs Wyoming you ever been up there I'd like to go fishing up there do know I've been up there right there I'm always afraid I'll end up on a river and somebody going hey pretty boy you are pretty you're prettier since you got married you know that you I mean you have you got yeah you always had the sparkly eyes but now you know your I guess it's the it's the it's the unattainable thing makes you even more attractive hey hey still hand signal don't do anymore remember you do that reap this goes in the witness-protection yeah too late now running manual alright anyway Sierra and Rock Springs Wyoming says dear Greg and Robin my friends and I are forming a punk band but can't agree on the name what do you think you should call ourselves Oh is it an all-girl band uh yeah let's say it is let's say sake of argument I don't want to fight me ever in the punk band yes yes but then they weren't any girls in my but well you know there was no how about chlamydia that's good it gives it kind of it's Greek but at the same time slightly uncomfortable to my weight and very recently I was on a bar in Scotland and rural Scott with and – I mean it is the restroom and there was a sign up right one of these public announcement signs in Navarre and it should Tina it was a drawing of teenagers dancing and you know about to have sex and it said everyone's out and about including chlamydia chlamydia your dad's here we pop them on out but we didn't know I thought in a medical dictionary I name you versus sister gonorrhea get over here yeah calamity everybody she's out and about them going in there what doing you good I will be this fall this is a this is zone a I hope that helps and this is from Denise in Orlando Florida you ever been down there yes sir sure all right dear Craig and Robin my boyfriend did I made a special tape together oh oh but we broke up a few weeks ago how do I get it back send it here Sam care of Craig and chlamydia yeah a special tape Oh what everybody's out and about including in Canada yeah but add the last thing you hear is this you mate my god his trousers got pixelated and this is from Tonya in Charlottesville Virginia I don't if you can tell but Tanya's our tip can you see that yeah boys and girls that's a bird and a woodpecker is too unless you're a puppet and Souza cop it's a bird and they both crew no done alright but you don't go into a bar looking for a rooster I gotta oh you look anyway yeah they got it I was like hey hey Craig and Robin I've been a vegetarian for eight years are you a vegetarian no sir okay but I do have a car valve which is kind of weird cocaine I can't eat meat because it's like I'm one of them now and the good thing about a kal valve is like a groggy standing up I don't never koval but I can do that you can but people won't give you the whole Newton he's got a cowbell well that's okay mister I don't like our valves but I'm enthusiastic I've been a vegetarian for eight years my doctor suggested I start introducing meat into my diet what should I start with if all your zone or well if you're a dangerous person spam right off the bat that's kind of getting all the meat products every part of the cow in one little box and if your body said if your bowels don't just go well then I say go a little easier spams you know you know that's a little much too soon oh wait you can do haggis I guess that's true right this is a vegetarian haggis oh yeah that's a great one does just blow your cheeks up out that's a guy call huh comedy I love this hey Bobby go get me the chlamydia get done you think yeah what did you see chlamydia your dad's here that's the one you don't want to have over the loudspeaker chlamydia like courtesy phone chlamydia all right Happy Thanksgiving Rover

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  1. Le couple de français au restaurant mangeant littéralement "avec" leur chat ha ha ha ha… celle-là je vais la raconter à mes deux chats !

  2. Going on 5 years without him,
    We miss you and love you Robin.
    Watching you is wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time.

    Godspeed amongst the stars.

  3. Without a doubt one of the best interviews ever. They were at the top of their game that night. I could binge watch them all night long.

  4. I miss Robin so much. Can't explain why his death hit me so hard. It felt like I lost a family member. Whatever the reason, these moments of him feel like home movies. We're thinking of you, oh Captain, my Captain…

  5. The best interview in the history of television is when Robin was on Inside the Actor's Studio in 2001. 😉

  6. In the Jungle, you must wait – Til the dice 🎲 read 5 or 8. Well since we lost one die let’s send The Rock to go find him like on the “Rundown”

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