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That is my place. Get up.
– Sit somewhere else. – No, you get up. Don’t make a scene, sit somewhere else.
– You know that is my favorite seat. Get up! Don’t annoy me.
– Ajju, get up! Why do you make such a big fuss? Sit elsewhere.
– Are you getting up or not? I’m not eating.
– Wait, there. Fine, I’ll get up. You should’ve done this earlier. Football? Pass me the remote. I want to watch Friends.
Mom, he isn’t letting me watch TV. These sisters! They always have their way.
All these days, she projected me as someone so annoying. Today, I’ll show you how annoying she is.
– Is the remote with you? – No, it isn’t. Ajju, I’ve office work to do.
Could you take Leo out for a walk? I took him out yesterday. It is your turn today.
– I know but take him out today aswell. No can do.
– I’ll take him out tomorrow and the day after. You’ve got a call. No, you’ve got a lot of messages.
– Phones keep getting messages, don’t you know? Put the phone there.
– Who is texting you so much? Who is Vaishnavi?
– A friend. – Friends say friendly things. They don’t confess love.
– Oh, she did? Fine, you locked your phone.
You could’ve even hidden Whatsapp notifications. Now that you didn’t, I’ve seen all the messages.
And now that I’ve seen the messages, let’s talk about it. Come here, little boy. Come on, be seated.
– Want some milkshake? – Not now. So, tell me what that ‘I love you’ message was.
– Maybe it was a typo. Is it? So, you mean to say
the kiss and the heart emoji were also typos? She sent those too?
– So cut the crap and answer me. Freedom of speech. She said
what she wanted to say. If you noticed I didn’t reply anything to her.
So, you can’t pin this on me. So, you say there is nothing here?
Fine, but what if I tell mom about this? Imagine who she’d react. Forget freedom of speech,
she’ll leave you with no freedom at all. Just imagine. Problem is not that that girl exercised freedom of speech.
It is you who abused the freedom we gave you. Hereon, you won’t be using your phone, laptop etc.
Hand your bike keys over to me. I’m getting so fed up with all this.
Jahnu had a love marriage and now you? I pampered you so much as you were the youngest
and this is what you do in return? You are grounded!
No more stepping out of home after 8PM. Got it? You remember that old Nokia 1100 phone?
Good that I didn’t throw it away. Hereon, that will be your phone.
It has no social media or whatsapp. You imagined well how she’d react? Let’s begin cutting a deal.
First, take Leo out for a walk. We’ll keep working on this deal
as time progresses. Now go. The fan is on. Why turn on the AC too?
– I turn the fan on, just for the sound it makes. I can’t sleep without that sound. And AC makes
the room comfortable. Also, it is only at 18, not 16. At 18 only? I’m freezing already.
– Then go to the other room. The other room is filled with mosquitoes.
– Use the quilt if you want. ‘What a joker.’ Who ever wins this dual will get the last chocolate.
– Alright. – You know what I mean? – I do. You can’t twist the arm.
And you can’t use both arms. Let’s play fair. My arm!
– What’s wrong? Mom, look what Ajju is doing.
– I’m doing nothing! You know what I mean? What’s up!
– I’m just back from an intense work out. My arms and shoulders are aching a lot.
– Finally, you started gyming? I’m so proud of you. Don’t do that! My arms are aching!
– So sorry! Is this whole region aching? Even your shoulders are aching?
– Yeah. – Shit! Are you mad?
– Even your other arm is aching? Ajju, come here! Ajju, get me some water.
– Go get it yourself. Please, get it.
– I’m too comfortable here. I can’t get up. Get up!
Go, get me some water! You aren’t comfortable anymore. So, now get it.
– Don’t irritate me. Get it yourself. Ajju, don’t you remember everything I ever did for you?
I used to make you Maggi whenever you were hungry. And now, you can’t even get me a glass of water?
You can’t do that much for your sister? I’m older to you, so show me some respect.
Forget it, I can get myself some water. No, wait.
I’ll get it. ‘That’s how you get things done.’ She gets so emotional for nothing.
– Throw in a few ice cubes too. Get it to me in a glass. You think I’m burning with rage?
No, I’m shivering with cold. I’d rather sleep with those mosquitoes. Ajju, get up! How in the world can you sleep until now?
– Mom, don’t yell, he’ll get up. Why shouldn’t I yell? He is up all night
watching some movies or TV series and sleeps all day. He is done with his exams. So, what is wrong
if he is up all night watching shows? There are many memes on Instagram
and to understand them he needs to watch those TV shows. Exams or not is not the matter. I’m talking
about lifestyle. One must have a healthy life style. But neither of you pay any heed.
He has no plans for future. He is so irresponsible and immature.
What is he going to do with his career? He’ll figure something out, don’t worry.
He isn’t immature like you think he is. You always keep yelling at him
and when I yell at him, you ask me to back off. I know about my brother.
So, you chill out. I’m done with you both. Ajju, it is high time!
Get up now! He says these things are annoying. They pale out
in comparison with the annoying things he does. You know what I mean?
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100 thoughts on “The Annoying Sister || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

  1. Too good, to the point dialogues, natural,simple and good was fun watching it.
    Jaanu as a mother always beats the other characters.
    Jannus seen of supporting his brother was good.
    Brother is too good in this video with his expression and timing.
    Arthamavutunda line and it's usage with expression is cute.
    Please do the same content in middle class family atmosphere and circumstances.
    poster of marvel heros in the video was good, it bought back many memories from my past ,poster at entrance of your door saying " no stupid people beyond this line" is good.
    All the best for future videos.

  2. What r u trying to do, please make some good concept and good people to act. Not ur family member.. Sorry to say this

  3. Yessss fan vunnadi sound kosam it is just for me and also connected to the fight for last chocolate and asking water to bro🤣🤣🤣

  4. My goddd the nail polish with back ground music is the highlet one and me and my bro connected to it very much 😊🤣🤣

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