The 10 Daily Essentials of Fashion Designer Garo Sparo

Look… Oh (beep)! Oh my god Noodle, that’s quite a
threat for an 11 year old dog, but they- Jesus, you guys, I’m so sorry. I keep losing stuff. This was just an absolutely fabulous start to this episode. Can you imagine just being like, “I want to be the best at making credenzas… …but I got sweat in my face, and I can’t see my credenza!” Right? Right!? Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for watching
this week’s episode of Tools of the Trade. My name is Jonathan, this is Noodle, and this week, we are going through the Garo Sparo box. For those of you who don’t know, Garo Sparo is a fashion designer of both couture and bridal. You might know him as a finalist on Project Runway. He has his own couture boutique
in St. Mark’s Place in New York City. He’s created looks for Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Noodle just commissioned something – – he wants a nice sequined glove. So exciting that we have this box curated by him. He’s brilliant, and he’s really, really nice. And it’s clear that he’s worked so freaking hard to get to where he is – – that we were so curious to see the kinds of things that he needs
to get through his day outside of the hard work. The first item we have in here… Okay, wait, what is this? There’s a large black thing. Okay, so this is the first thing we have – – it’s two letters and an ampersand. Totally kidding, there’s something in here. Oh, of course! Okay, it’s a whole a sketch set. It looks like this is a total sketch set. Oh my God, this is fancy! I love when you have fancy things on here. Obviously as a fashion designer, he probably keeps this in his everyday bag – – his travel bag. So that moment he gets inspiration, he can draw anything he wants. I can imagine he’s walking around the city and he just gets inspired
by what he sees, and he has to draw it. I think this is a really wonderful item – – and anyone who is a designer should absolutely have this. And I can imagine the H and the B stands for… …Hella good art… …by Garo Sparo. The next item in the Garo Sparo box is… This is just…this is a… It’s a satchel! So obviously, this is important for anyone who actually lives in New York City. Also because backpacks are just so gauche. However, a satchel is fashion! I can imagine that this is really useful for obviously, carrying a stencil set with you. But also you got to keep your hands free, right? You’re running around New York City, you got to touch subway poles, you don’t want to. You’re holding a Starbucks cup. I can imagine that this is a very practical item to have for anyone – Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or you’re just kind of farting around the city. It’s also got a lot of pockets. You didn’t put any money in here for me to find? The very next thing we have in the box is a slew of bandanas. This symbolizes many things for me. So I do believe that Garo probably uses this as some kind of hair restraint. Okay, I have a confession to make. When I was young, I was very impressionable. An impact was made on me when I saw High School Musical 2 – – starring Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. He, in the movie, started to wear bandanas like this – – and I bought a ton of them and I wore them all summer as a lifeguard. And to this day, I’m horrified of that phase of my life. But I have to own that up, because here they are, and I’ve been confronted with it. Bandanas to me always symbolize hard work, right? I grew up in Rochester, New York with my dad’s good friend Johnny – – who fixed our car, and let me tell you, Johnny always had one of these his back pocket. But I think this is really a fantastic item. I’m also going to put one of these on Noodle. Noodle doesn’t have much of a neck, but we’re going to look for it. Noodle! I don’t know if you knew this, but midnight blue is one of Noodle’s signature colors. The next item we have in the Garo Sparo box is… …a Good Grip avocado slicer.   I just got back from the doctor and I am
currently living with medium to high cholesterol. I have to change the stuff that I eat! And I recently looked up, avocados are a good fat that help you lose cholesterol. So I will actually be taking this myself, and I will be
using it to make sure I live forever. I love this because it speaks to taking care of yourself, right? Avocados are really good for you, and they help lower your cholesterol. I don’t know if Garo is trying to send me a little
subliminal message or something like that. Avocados are a really healthy snack, and this is a really quick way to consume one. I think most entrepreneurs have to keep some kind of healthy food around them – It’s going to help them go through their day. Once again, as someone who has high cholesterol – I should be keeping less French fries around me, and maybe more avocados. Noodle, do you want to try? The next item we have in the Garo Sparo box is… this was the avocado thing. Oh, crystals! Okay, great. Crystals. And I’m assuming that these have already been energized. So I actually did get an update on what these crystals were,
we sent someone to discover them. We have a black tourmaline, we have obsidian, and we have a crystal cluster. If you are one of those people who understands the properties of crystals
and you do fundamentally believe in it – – these will really help you. I’ve seen the way that these impact people. Whether you think it’s placebo effect – – or you truly, truly feel the energy of these,
there are so many people I know who swear by… Oh, Becky! Oh my God, my friend Becky. Becky, if you’re watching, go back to work. But otherwise, she has so many crystals and you can tell when she doesn’t have one on her. She always has one that she keeps for good luck. It’s really fabulous to see how these affect people. I can imagine that Garo, being a creative, a creative soul – – needs to make sure that he is as centered
and as grounded as he can be throughout his day, And honestly, living in in 2019, I think we all could use a little celestial connection. The next item we have in the Garo Sparo box is… It’s an avocado storage pad. I can’t help but bring this back
and feel like they’re connected in some way. So a member of our live studio audience, her name’s Kristen – – She just kind of farted in here to take some photos. She has both of these, and it’s absolutely fantastic. So remember this whole time when we talked about avocados
and how you’ve got to have one all the time – – because they’re good fat and they help lower your cholesterol? Now you’ve got somewhere to put your avocado. That’s it. Every entrepreneur needs avocados,
I think that’s the takeaway from here. These are a one-two punch. So if you are an avocado person, you are going to love these items. The next item in the Garo Sparo box… …is the watercolor journal! Okay, great. So I imagine that this also goes with the stencil set. Oh, it’s so small. This is a really cute little sketchbook – – that I would assume that any designer or any creative
would need to have on them to help them facilitate creating. Like Garo, if you’re someone who’s been able to create such a significant name for themself – – simply based on your creativity and your ability to execute,
you have to have some kind of incredible vision. This is really key, and I hope once again,
whoever gets this box is an artist, and would absolutely love to use this. The next item we’ve got in the Garo Sparo box is… Oh, these are nice markers. These are Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers. And what I think is really important about this, is that it speaks to – – once again, the integrity of what he’s doing,
even down to his sketches, right? This is something where if you don’t have the right tools – – you’re going to compromise the kind of art that you make,
especially if you’re just sketching a design, right? That’s not fully crystallized. So you have to have the kind of tools that are going
to help make the piece as specific and as nuanced as you need it to be. So that when you go back into your studio, whether you’re a
fashion designer, graphic designer, artist, or even just a hobbyist and you love doing it, Having the right tools is going to set you up for success in the future. The next item we have… and oh no. I’m still happy, it’s still great. It’s chocolate. The next item we have in the box is chocolate So I love chocolate, chocolate is great. I’ve always been more of a… this is so not for you. I love those orange chocolates, and I thought that’s what this was. However, it’s still really good dark chocolate,
and good dark chocolate is actually quite good for you. I mean, obviously – Noodle, you are not having this. It’s like he knows, he just knows. Yeah, and this is just a human thing, right? This is more of a tool for everyone. Everyone needs a little chocolate, unless you are horribly allergic
to chocolate, in which case, I advise you to stay away from it. The final item we have in the Garo Sparo box are… Oh wow, noise-canceling headphones. It’s a Buddhist saying, right? That you have to be cognizant of all five of your senses,
and you should be mindful of what you take in – – whether it’s what you see, what you feel, and what you hear. So being able to kind of navigate that with these, I think is really important. And for any entrepreneur – – if you have a six and a half hour flight, and you can only
watch Independence Day so many times before you go crazy. And there’s a kid screaming next to you, these would be very helpful. And I have to say, for Garo’s sake – – if you’re a designer and you’re in the zone,
you have to keep yourself in the zone, right? Could you imagine being in the middle of drawing
something really, really impactful, and someone comes up and is like – “Hey, what do you want from McDonald’s?”  Bam, totally taken out of it. So I can imagine that this is something that really keeps them grounded. That’s it. That’s it. That’s everything in the Garo Sparo box. Garo is an absolutely incredible person and if you
don’t know him, you have to look him up on Instagram. He’s all over TV. If you ever find yourself home with the stomach bug, it would be a fabulous opportunity
to binge watch his season of Project Runway, it’s really wonderful. It’s always so fantastic for me to be able to see those little nuanced items
that people need to get through their day. I love knowing that this beautiful couture gown
was made on a diet of avocados and chocolate. Once again, anyone who is interested, you can win this box. All you have to do is follow GoDaddy on Instagram and tag one person to enter. Please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram,
so you can see more videos like this – and our other shows, School Of Hustle, and The Journey. That’s it. That’s everything. I’m all done. For Noodle and for myself and – – honestly, on behalf of this avocado set – I hope you have a great day and thank you so much for watching!

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