Television News Careers : How Much Does a News Anchor Earn?

How much does a news anchor earn? I’m Glenn
Selig and I spent twenty years as a TV news reporter and anchor. And now I am CEO of Selig
Multimedia. But still, people want to know all the time, how much does a news anchor
make? It’s paycheck peeking. People want to know that stuff and obviously you do too.
So I’m going to give you all the inside scoop on how much a news anchor makes. If you’re
in a small city you’re not making as much money as people think you’re making so people
think you’re on TV, you’re making all this great money and you’re really not. But if
you’re in Los Angeles for example or in New York, you’re making lots of money and probably
making a whole lot more than people think you are. Talking dollars and sense. A news
anchor in a very small city may make as little as fifteen or sixteen thousand dollars a year.
Not a lot of money but people think they’re raking in the big bucks. If you’re a news
anchor in a very large city or a network you could be making millions of dollars. So it
really depends on which city you’re living in, where you’re working, on the station and
the type of market. And that’s how much a news anchor makes. Now you know. I’m Glenn

2 thoughts on “Television News Careers : How Much Does a News Anchor Earn?

  1. Of course the big city news anchors make millions of dollars because there par the propaganda machine and the major networks rigged elections to make sure they get they can eat in power that they ought to pay them any taxes because they care more about money than America . And that should be considered treason !

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