Television is poisonous

how y'all doing today I'm doing great I'm doing wonderful I feel great I feel I feel great you know I'm saying now I used to tell a lot of people that I don't watch television right and I don't think they quite understand what I mean by that if you break down television it still a lot to your vision television you know what I'm saying um you notice how the television like when you watch a movie you watch something to say paid programming you know when they skip commercials and and go through commercials and and it's like paid programming and all that it look like it's about the rent but anything that's not nothing anyways it's like you paying somebody else to it they tell you a lot and what I did I thought it was gonna be like a crazy thing cuz I got rid of my TV and I start watching TV and I thought was gonna be boring and actually I gain so much good things and I learned that you could you could shape your own reality without nobody telling you what to expect you know what I'm saying and they use TV as a fear tactic they use it to put fear you know what I'm saying now I met the concept of I don't watch TV I don't it's been about three years I don't even watch I don't watch TV so instead of allowing somebody else to put things inside my head I control what I put in my head so I shaped my own reality you know I'm saying I control what I see I control what I want to put in my ears I feed myself what I want to feed myself and not putting in other people hands it smell like it smell like nature I hear but uh anyway you get one going with this it's like the TV is made to descry you but you know you don't have to be destroyed you could grow and be better and better I want you to be better and better I want you to be the baddest that their best the greatest version of you start taking control of your own life and your own mind and rise thank you for taking the time I have a nice day my little butterfly friends over here just just being lovely I know my little butterfly friends over here being lovely Hey they feel it they feel the greatness have a nice day smile bright and and be positive and have a nice day thank you

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