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  1. Considering how these ideas apply to Internet platforms, and noting Wikipedia's differences: https://medium.com/wiki-strategies/open-everything-and-minimal-financial-needs-wikipedias-strengths-def60ce63a3a

  2. Awesome! Great to see this again. Thanks!

    I also saw it on Image Union in Chicago in 1981. I worked on another video in that same show. I was cameraman on the Movie by James Orlandino called "The Dream Waltz." I was watching Image Union to see that Movie and when I saw "Television Delivers People" I was amazed.

    I have a transcription of the text in the book "Video Art" I used to Xerox this text and hand it out to people as a form of "real life performance art"


  3. I remember seeing this on Image Union in Chicago back in 1981. It still holds true except for the part about shareholders. Great piece even now.

  4. How do you think Richard Serra's ideas about mass media television could apply to YouTube? While television delivers you to advertisers, who does YouTube deliver You to? Are You not also paying for the privilege to sell yourself?

  5. @bodnotbod you missed the point. it's not about the ads that are on tv, it's the actual tv programming. the actual tv shows you watch define what your world is. for example, if everyone on modern family/dancing with the stars was smoking marijuana throughout the episode and acted normally, it would become part of the public consciousness that marijuana is okay. what you perceive defines you, and television decides what you perceive.

  6. Excellent Video! If you're interested in these subjects you may also like the work being done by BEWARE OF IMAGES. It's a feature-length, animated documentary about the history of visual representation. The movie explores the intricate relationship between the technology, regulation and social effects of mass media. Its aim is to serve as an educational and entertaining media literacy tool that can be enjoyed by everyone.

  7. Hi! I´m not absolutely sure but I think that the piece is from Miklos Rozsa. Unfortunately it is so unfamous that you can't find it on the net or at least I can't find it. Good luck and tell me if you find it.

  8. This is completely true, however, just because you get something served on a plate doesn't mean you gotta eat it right? Ideology is present everywhere, directly as well as indirectly. Demographics are sold to advertisers. Programming carries social critique. Through every program something is being promoted. You have to make the choice what to give in to, and what not. People will always be consumers, what you consume is your choice.

  9. How to find out… I think that out of all commercials I've seen in 6 months, I've only bought an X-Box. It's going for $199 now, I think it's a pretty good deal.

  10. Clearly just being a hypocrite? How so? I guess you're right if I'm being pessimistic when talking about something pessimistic. But then again, I can't be optimistic about something I don't agree with. I watch TV, I filter the messages, I am not a drone. This video makes it seem like I have no self-control.

  11. Pretentious anti-establishment messages. I put up with tons of goth kids that preached this throughout high school. I can't believe I have to write an essay over something so pessimistic.

  12. you've done a great service posting this here. What makes youtube so important is gems like these.

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