21 thoughts on “Television, behind the scenes – Thames Television – Magpie

  1. The surprising thing to me was just how poky that studio was. Compare and contrast with Blue Peter… okay so they went a bit overboard and did this in TC1, but still…


  2. Just hearing that Magpie theme music takes me back to a world where all my family and relatives were still alive and everything was fun. It ain't no fun being 55 now.

  3. Endboard – these were always left on longer than required so presentation could fade/cut when they wanted without worrying about coming off of VT before it went black.

  4. How were the more complicated wipes (e.g. the multi-diamonds one) done in the pre-digital age?  How could you generate that pattern with analogue?

  5. God, I miss Thames Television and LWT. All those London copper series and comedies, and the old East End.

  6. Wow, the technology for the studio camera mixers are something else. With television broadcasting, it has come a long way!

  7. 2 questions:-

    Does the actual edition of Magpie exist in the archives or is this all they have?
    And why is their so much of the Endboard at the end, Tower Bridge would collapse like that!

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