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do you think that the media with the sensationalism and all that you think they were responsible in part in creating the phenomenon of Donald Trump no I think what has created the phenomenon of Donald Trump is is the fact that as the the industry fragmented with satellite television and with cable and with the internet the level of competition became so great that now it became a faction I mean a function of how do we draw viewers and how do we get more of those of that diminishing number of available viewers and we do it by focusing more on entertainment you got more pussy cats falling into toilet bowls of the end of news programs you do it by a a harsher harder-edged partisan approach to covering the news and i understand that draws more viewers but I don’t think it’s good for the I don’t think it’s good for the profession I don’t think it’s good for the country

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  1. Now I need to find cat falling into toilet videos. Seriously though, Trump is the first social media president. Just like Kennedy was the first TV president.

  2. MSM spews propaganda with edited footage taken out of context not facts or the truth, and people aren't as stupid as they obviously are.

  3. news should be the science, industrial, tech, and construction documentarys we watch. and movies, games, exhibition and work new, real development in industry! . politics is a waste of time and energy, they spread famine what is assencialy poverty!, false economics has no place in this day and age. and the crazy thing is it based on merit? when it's a last resort job, based on false stimulus and false economics, so sad when every time you put the news on its disappointing. we don't want to no about how people are coping with fake news because it's bad economic! and no one can relate with it, so it shouldn't be pushed out there it not about the life we live and it's not good business ethics or to do with prosperity.

  4. Ted Koppel states that more media sources have a negative consequence because it creates a system of click bate to compete for viewership. That's ironic because National Geographic is reporting this instead of showing us nature or ancient ruins.

  5. Ted Koppel's comments about the state of media, and journalism vs. entertainment are right on the money. I was wondering where his "pussycat" comment was going though ….

  6. I guess if I was a liberal democrat I would be a great supporter of the mainstream news, but I am not. In addition, as a republican, I did not act with vile, violent contempt toward Obama as we all see examples of on a daily basis against Trump. Ted Koppel hit the bulls-eye when he said the mainstream media no longer cares about the truth but instead only their stance. I smiled a bit when host Aasif Mandvi tried three times during the interview of just a little over a minute to attempt to inject something negative toward Trump but it did not deter Koppel as he drove home his accurate portrayal of the national media who are now creating news, instead of reporting factual events. Is there anyone out there that is actually reporting factual news without a liberal or conservative spin? I already know the answer to that. And a note to CBS anchor Scott Pelley….28 times since the Trump presidency began, you have confirmed your fabricated news story by saying "an unnamed former government official confirmed to CBS News.." Are you kidding me? Our national news agencies are all in the toilet and it has just been flushed and this will end because I have faith in the American people, not the ones out on the fringes on both ends, but the majority of our citizens who will only tolerate this mess with the national media for just so long. It wasn't that long ago that Brian Williams lost his NBC anchor position for embellishing an event. We have national news anchors who are not embellishing but instead outright lying and creating stories on a daily basis, and their day of reckoning with the American people is coming!

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