100 thoughts on “Taste Testing ‘Food Trend’ Products Ft. Donal Skehan | Vol. 2

  1. ngl, when Jamie said, “…to meet up with our favourite Irishman”, I REALLY thought they were referring to JackSepticEye 😐😂

  2. The monkfruit sweetener could be a whole new ball game for diabetics. Can you guys make some deserts using this and see how they turn out?

  3. I feel like the only one those adaptogenic herbs are good for is the company that people sell their left kidney for

  4. How do the chips have the probiotics on them? Are they sprinkled on after the fact? Because the chips being cooked would kill all of the bacteria.

  5. Just take a moment and think about this: Ben said monk fruit can be used 1:1 and is 100 times sweeter than normal sugar. That's going to be a VERY sweet cake if you use it 1:1!

  6. I’m seeing a lot of interest in the sugar replacement monk fruit. If you guys have any specific questions about alternatives, let me know! I certainly don’t know everything, but I work in a flavor lab, and have probably tasted most alternatives out there. I can’t comment too much on health (besides basic info) but I might be able to help with other questions!
    I will say these things: 1) most monk fruit (also called luo han) like the one shown is added with erythritol. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that has wayyyy less calories than sugar (like 0.04 in a gram or something ridiculous) and its about 70% less sweet. Monk fruit is a lot sweeter than sugar but it’s expensive on its own. I’m not sure how it tastes when mixed with erythritol, but on its own or in high ratios, it has a more candy taste and lingers quite a bit without a bad aftertaste. 2) some people have mentioned baking. While I dont exactly know about monk fruit, most sugar alternatives dont bake well, as an important process with baking is the actual structure of sugar and how it breaks. These products have really different structures that probably wont behave the same way sugar does. You could try it tho!

  7. I suddenly felt the need to punch a ignorant health-nut in the face the moment Ben started listing off all of the [insert "unknown" ingredient]-free shit.

  8. Hi SORTEDFood I have attempted your epic chocolate cake recipe from the website and was a bit disappointed that the recipe didn’t include the step to add baking powder and subsequently, I have two very flat cakes which I can’t use for my sisters birthday. Please could you change the method so that it works properly so no one else wastes a lot of time and money. Thanks

  9. Came here for another great Sorted video, walked away with a sanity-saving, keto-friendly alternative to sugar. Bless you guys. ♥

  10. Monk fruit sweetener says it has erythritol, a blood vessel dialator extracted from lichens and algae….it’s a vasodilator…so no blood thinners with this!

  11. Math doesn't work for the monkfruit sweetener, 250x sweeter but 1:1 use…. So any recipe you put it in would be super sweet then, right?

  12. I would love to try the Monkfruit sweetener mainly because I am a diabetic and I don't really like most artificial sweeteners.

  13. A piece of cardboard free of many things that makes food tasty, stamped with pseudoscience does not make up for a biodegradable wrapper.

  14. Just saw the video on Donal’s channel- you guys should do the same challenge in subscribers’ kitchens. Different backgrounds and level of cooking proficiency would make the challenges so varied, would love to watch!

  15. Dear lord how old does Donal look now. I think he needs to come home to Ireland. Well I mean that when they zoom in you can see him properly. Zoomed out he looks so old and then looks like he has grey hair. I think that that's the lighting though.

  16. The monkfruit sweetener looks interesting. I have to cut down the amount of carbs in my diet for health reasons and usually use stevia but i'll be looking for this.

  17. All the GMO stuff has already been said – but this feels like such a 'bubble' video. The best bit of you guys is you're everymen, this is the furthest video from 'everyman' I've watched from you.

  18. The Lakanto is irritating, as are most "monkfruit" sweeteners. The packaging borders on fraudulent. It's not Monkfruit with Erythritol, it's mostly Erythritol with some Monkfruit.

  19. The monk fruit "sugar" caught my interest! I love tea but I can't drink it without sugar, and I feel so bad when I drink it because I'm trying to lose weight and shouldn't have any sugar…

  20. Being on Keto monkfruit is my favorite alternative sweetener. I think it mimics sugar the best out of all of the sweeteners I have tried.

  21. Ooh, interesting! The monkfruit has my attention. I was diagnosed diabetic earlier this year and am allergic to agave products. One of the things I have been missing most is cakes and pastries. Though I know the dough will still have carbs, maybe I can substitute monkfruit for the sugar to make it a little better for me. Thank you guys. I will have to try that. Love you guys and your vids! Especially Ben and James.

  22. There are no live bacteria in the bag of banana shits. The terms "pro" and "prebiotic" mean absolutely nothing unless you have a stomach disorder in which both your saliva and stomach acid are not produced. As you are still accidentally citizens of the EU, promoting and making claims of "probiotics" is illegal even if you're in California when you make them.

  23. i feel many youtubers use ø as a fansy o, me being from norway who use the letter ø, finds it a little triggering lol

  24. While the video is interesting, it felt weird with that sudden cut to black. At first I thought the recording device lost power.

  25. Old people's food trends: fatty, fast food, unsaturated fats, sugary, polluting, overall unhealthy

    Young people's food trends: Health conscious, environmental conscious, sustainable, just over all healthier

    Old people: Fuck millennials and their fucking avocados.

  26. It makes me sad that people would think a whole GMO fruit or veg would be less healthy than a super-processed non-GMO snack bar. Sigh.

  27. The monkfruit sweetener is awesome but as a cost comparison to your average 4 lb. (64 oz.) bag of sugar, and equivalent of this sweetener would be roughly $62. That's a tad more than I'm willing to spend, but it's good to know there's an alternative out there.

  28. I'm sorry but this donal dude might be the dumbest person I've seen in a long time. he would pay the same for the ghee and the 1 bar. dude has 0 brain cells.

  29. I've been looking for sugar alternatives, and actually got that exact same brand/package on Amazon to try monkfruit out… but I didn't really like its taste 🙁

  30. I love monk fruit, but lakanto is not my favorite brand. I like Now foods, and swoon makes an amazing monfruit simple syrup. Lakanto, especially the brown sugar version, has a strong cooling effect in baked goods which I normally associate with erythritol. You should test a bunch of alternative sweeteners! Monkfruit, stevia, erythritol, allulose, ogliosaccharides, are the various blends available (like pyure and swerve)

  31. @sortedfood I really think you guys should do a show on GMOs. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding them right now, and I think we would appreciate your take on them! Love the show!

  32. Is Donal colorblind? I ask because he calls the Royal Ghee brown, when its obviously green. Love your videos and watch them all even if the topic is not necessarily my cup of tea, as i find you lot highly entertaining. 😉

  33. My gf is keen on diets for weight loss (previously keto and currently WW) so the monk fruit interested me, for her sake. I'm gonna look in to that, glad I clicked this video.

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