Talking to Reporters About Trump’s Attacks on the Media – The Jim Jefferies Show

Since Donald Trump took office, America’s been at war
with a dangerous foe, one that’s been operating
in the open for a long time. Recently, I went down
to Washington, D.C., to meet the enemy face-to-face. Jefferies:
From his first day in office,
the President
of the United States
has repeatedly singled out
one group
as the enemy of the people.Is it the Russian spies
who hacked us?
The mass shooters
terrorizing our schools?
The oil companies dumping
waste into our water?
The agricultural companies
poisoning our food?
Incompetent leaders
poisoning Flint, Michigan?
Chinese companies
stealing our jobs?
Drugmakers fueling
our opioid crisis?
The white nationalists
marching in the street?
ISIS? The Taliban?
The Mexicans?
Sharks? Scientists?Steph Curry and the
Golden State Warriors?
Whoever decided “fancy toast”
was a thing?
Soldiers who get
themselves captured?
Personal trainers?
Mouthy porn stars?
Shithole countries?
The North Koreans threatening
us with nuclear war?
Nah! I’m talking, of course,
about the press.
They are the enemy
of the people.Just listen to these
pointless questions.
The President spreading
false information via
his Twitter account seems to encourage
wartime atrocities. -What’s going on here?
-Did he lie? That’s a pretty [Chuckles]
bold accusation.Since their job is
fact-checking the
Trump Administration,
I assume they drink a lot.And, sure enough,
I found four members
of the White House press corps
in a Washington, D.C., bar
in the middle of the day.So, you all work
for different outlets. Do you all get long? The White House press corps
is a pretty close-knit group… Yeah. …because when you’re
really “in it” in it, you travel so much together
with the same people around the world,
seeing them day after day. Okay, so, you all
travel together, you all
ask questions together. How much inner [bleep]
is going on? [ Laughter ] Is that a term? You’ve all got to be
having sex with each other. I have not had sex with
anybody at this table. [ Laughter ] So, you’ve all been journalists
in D.C. for a very long time. How is this
administration different from the other ones
you’ve worked on? Totally unpredictable. McPike: There used to be
a lot of complexity and a lot of nuance about
how you’d cover anything. But the rest of the city
can’t plan around it, either,
so all of that’s gone. There is a constant
psychology of the President that comes at you at a velocity
I’ve never seen, meaning — Literally at 6:00 a.m.
every single day from Twitter. Does that have
its advantages? Is that a thing that’s actually
refreshing in a way? Cillizza: Yes.
Well, I would say yes. Because you kind of know
what the most powerful person in the country
is thinking… most of the time. Thomas: At all times.And apparently what he thinks
about most of the time?
Shitting on the FBI, shitting
on the State Department,
shitting on Democrats,
shitting on Jay-Z?
He makes the news,then he sits at home
tweeting about the news.
And the thing he likes
to scream the most?
Fake news. Fake news.
Very fake news. What could be more fake than
CBS and NBC and ABC and CNN? Does the term “fake news”
infuriate you? Yes. Fake news, as imagined
by Donald Trump, is “news that
I don’t agree with.” Right. Fake news is what Russia
did in the election. Like, there is not
some grand plot here. You don’t just
make up information! Thomas: But that’s why
it is infuriating. People think we do. He is — He is
bolstering the idea that maybe we do,
every single day. But it’s so funny
that people believe that. But are there some outlets
that are doing that that are giving you
a bad name? What bothers me
about fake news is what happens
internationally, because when the American
President tells the world that news is illegitimate,
other leaders in other countries take a cue from the United
States on press freedoms. And you are already seeing this
happening around the world.That’s right. Just like
his cheap condo developments,
Trump’s “fake news” mantra
pops up around the globe.
Man: Police taking women by
the hair out of voting stations. You know, there has been a lot of alternative facts
and fake news here. Man: Demonstrators have
clashed with riot police. Interpreter:
This is the real fake news. Man: At least 200 civilians
have been killed in government shelling. We’re living in a fake-news era,
as you know. This has an
echo-chamber effect. -Does he get that?
-I don’t think he cares. And presidents in the past
and their White Houses — when the press corps
travels with them, they help you fight to get into
the room for press conferences. They’re, like, elbowing
the Chinese press with you. And part of that
was to show this is something that
is important to America. This job must be
all-encompassing. Yeah. Does Trump make your job
more exciting? It feels more… relevant
than ever before. There’s a greater conversation
in the country about institutions
and their strength, institution of Congress,
institutions of courts, institution of the
presidency itself, and the fourth institution,
a free press. Is it fake? Is it not?
Is it real? Is it not? That’s a conversation that’s
happening in this country in ways they simply were not
a year ago. That’s a real thing.All right. So the conversation
will continue.
But meeting these guys
is at least a reminder
that the press isn’t just
a political punching bag.
It’s made up of thousands
of regular people,
working late, traveling,
eating awful food,
missing their families,trying to get
the details right,
and dedicating their careersto holding the people
you elected accountable.
And all for articles
that I mostly read
whilst taking a shit.Just speaking the truth scores
points with their fan base.
Now if only we had a president
who would return the favor.

100 thoughts on “Talking to Reporters About Trump’s Attacks on the Media – The Jim Jefferies Show

  1. Fake news segment about white helmets is real fake news : white helmets are not humanitarians, they re al qaeda. White helmets is propaganda.

  2. I like how Jim drinks his entire beer in the cut between the establishing shot and when he first speaks to the reporters! 1:18 to 1:20

  3. I just got a Ben Shapiro ad in defense of Steven Crowder before this. Seems the right is paying the libs to own the libs 🤔

  4. Since more than a decade th US ranks in the 40ies on the international ranking of freedom of press published by Reporters without Borders…. And people are told that the US press is the best and freest of the world. People maybe do not know all the details but they understand that they are mislead. That's why they do not trust the media. Edit: From Switzerland

  5. If you don't think the media spreads bias narratives and false accusations you're a lazy idiot who doesn't deserve to vote. The media is a for-profit industry and doesn't care about the truth..

  6. Fake news is basically just information void of factual basis/sources, not information with a slight slant towards a bias of any kind.
    I'm pretty sure Trump didn't invent all this, he's just an early adapter or this fucked up global phenomenon.

  7. I live in the country under the dictatorships for many times. Free speech don't fully exist here. You need to learn to self-censor in order to survive here wether you are a citizen or the media. I've seen many media get attack and shut down by the authoritarian government many times to know that it's in their nature to target the press. After Donald Trump presidency, now we even have a 'Fake News' department where the government will monitor the 'Fake News'. America, wake up already!

  8. US citizens are so arrogant. Fffksake! The TERM 'fake news' may now be picked up by dictators worldwide, the actual suppression of the press? Always done by dictators. Rahahah. Not 'invented' by US 45fake.

  9. ‘Fake’ news exists; however, a more suitable term would be ‘exaggerated’ or ‘misleading’ news. News outlets are all about getting the biggest audience and the most attention. One way of doing this by making headlines that are eye grabbing. If you read the article and not just the headline you will see that the headline doesn’t exactly reflect the actual story. Both Fox News and CNN are very good at creating headlines that will make me click on them.

  10. I can watch The Jim Jefferie’s Show, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, The Red Network, Brightbart, Telemundo…doesn’t matter…Trump’s a complete IDIOT on all.

  11. First impressions count, since day one I've said he wasn't right for the job but ohhhh nooo he will fix everything they said 😂😂

  12. I feel like I've seen this table conversation before like few months before wheres he made the same joke
    Which one of you guys are fucking each other

  13. this is propaganda, fake news is happening and people aren’t as dumb as we’ve been led to believe. large corporations are getting caught in nefarious acts including government bodies. Just because the bad guys can cover their asses does not mean we should let them.

  14. Haha other countries look to the US for press freedom… Yeah. Third world shitholes. They are all thinking, wow… Is that where the bar is set now. Well ok then. But civilized countries look at the US and laugh.

  15. I think USA ranked 48th at freedom of the press last time I looked. Thats WAY behind every civilized nation. Trump or no Trump, american news is bullshit.

  16. Jim, I agree with you on most of your videos but you showed your bias with this video. Your full of shit if you feel the press is not biased and on a regular basis publishes fake news. The concept of a reporter or journalist is dead. They take sound bites from twitter, start out with an opinion and then write to support an opinion. Anyone with a brain wont watch or read the so called news outlets on either side of the isle as it's all clickbait echo chamber presentation of events. To publish a video using the White House press core as a real sample of the media is misguided. That's like going to a prison and interviewing 4 good crooks who made one mistake and then claiming all the prisoners are decent guys. I like your videos most the time but this one seems to be void of intellectual honesty and fairness. Hardly satire and comedy, mostly bullshit. Poll the citizens and I bet 90% will say the press are not fair, balanced or accurate. Rant over.. bring back comedy, your best sport

  17. 1:44 "I have not had sex with anybody on this table".

    "On this table" instead of "in the press corp". Does it mean you have had sex with someone not on this table? 🤔

  18. fake president pinocchio has sewn the wind, i am keeping my fingers crossed waiting to see the whirlwind, this is not going to end the way he is hoping,, may the repugnants get what they deserve, just hope the repugnants scum don't get the chance to leave a scorched earth, repugnants!

  19. I really don't like Trump but agree about fake News not that all of their news is fake but they pick side, that's why Syria people I see get mad about News and most call it fake , because news reports pick sides

  20. The US didn't have a free press for a long time. It's owned. The Journalists are selected to fit into the system.

    And the press is also responsible for preparing the country for decades for this debacle. They support systemic corruption and falsehoods.
    If the press wasn't so purely driven by profit motive or special interests or political neo-libertarian ideology then we also would never have Trump in office.
    They are also too stupid to realize that Trump is playing them. But like addicted junkies they pick up every little bit of excrement Trump produces.
    It's time for a truly free press to help in restoring democracy. You simply can't have democracy without it.

  21. Everything that's critical or negative for Trump is fake news – it's the logic of a child . I failed math today so math is fake news…. We're dealing with stupid children

  22. Trump invites the Taliban to a meeting the same week of 9/11 anniversary, yet all his followers find him and themselves to be the true lovers of America…. LOL Trump and his followers are enemies of America, the world and common decency!

  23. Jim you’re completely full of shit. Don’t mix comedy and politics unless you’re ready to take some flack. You have already been proved to edit and misplace people’s statements out of context. In other words you’re a predator and a coward. BAY AREA STRON WWG1WGA.

    And for your information, the fbi has been shitting on the American people for decades. I know from experience.

    So go fuck yourself and your wack ass humor. Stop defending terrorists like Hillary, the cia, and fbi.

    Get your fake ass news out of here bitch

  24. It’s only holding your subject accountable if you tell them and everyone else IMMEDIATELY when they’re lying. Otherwise you are giving a platform to misinformation, because nobody listens after they’ve heard what they want to hear without contradiction.
    Trump may revoke their WH privileges, but that damages his image and that’s a price worth paying.

  25. Guy with glasses def laughed to hard at the black woman's "Haven't fucked anyone here" comment.

    Pretty sure they fucked, and hard.

  26. Jim looks good with the grey. Funny hearing how people talk about millennials when the older ones are approaching 40 in the next few years. In fact, millennials are now old enough to start complaining about “the younger generation” themselves.

  27. The "Fake News" rhetoric is an attack on democracy world-wide. It's part of Russia's disinformation campaign to attack countries without missiles. We are at war. Most people just don't know it because it's unlike any war we've had in human history.

  28. To say that they are an enemy of the people is for the most part a lie. However, to say that reporters aren’t a huge problem in our country is also a lie, as the biases they project in their writing constantly mislead and underrepresent certain sides of their stories. As a result, the people are constantly mislead and under informed

  29. There was no fucking collision with Russia. Stop spreading that narrative guys. You are making a joke aboht Trump calling things fake news, while also mentioning Russian collusion, which has been proven to be bullshit. The FBI found no collusion.

  30. 3:47 Trump didn't invent "fake news", strongmen like Maduro, Chavez or Ecuador's Correa have been blaming everything on the press for decades. I don't think Trump got the idea from them, he's not that cosmopolitan, it's a case of convergent evolution.

  31. The Iraq war exposed the fake media and the way the millitary industrial complex and the cia use it to push their agendas to have endless wars and endless tax money flowing into their pockets in th tune of 800 billion dollars a year and rising every year.
    To pin it on trump is laughable he just took public sentiment and used it for his political gain.

  32. This is what Trump tactics seem like to me: he says some b.s., or does something wrong, then accuses his opponents of doing what he does

  33. I'd have a lot more respect for the media if they hadn't spent the 2016 election ignoring trump's obvious corruption and pretending that Clinton was just as corrupt.

    I'd respect them a lot more today if they reported accurately about trump's corruption.

    I'd respect the media a lot more if they could report honestly about election issues instead of the lazy, horse race coverage we get now.

    Fucking reform yourselves or continue to be obsolete!

  34. You are an idiot. You are a leftist who constantly take things out of context. He said fake news is the enemy of the people not the press is the enemy of the people. Get you facts straight. Propaganda is the enemy of the people because it is meant to enslave the people. I know it is hard to understand this as a leftist from the UK but leftist governments are responsible for the greates mass murders in human history. Why don’t you talk about that? O that’s right because you are a leftist freedom hating tyranny. Remind me who did the United States fight a revolution against? O that’s right your countries tyrannical government.

  35. None of the journalists interviewed in this video tell us the whole truth, and they should know it. They spread uncorroborated accusations as facts without providing any evidence to support their claims. I will bet that most of these journalists do not know the whole history of the CIA, yet they readily report whatever the CIA tells them as absolute fact, even though the CIA has been proven many many times that they always lie and disseminate rumors as facts. That's not journalism, that is nothing more than supporting the state's abuse of power, and providing them with cover.

  36. One important questions.

    How come you guys don't repeat the important questions?
    She goes and ask a question toward the angry gargoyle at the podium and it shuts her down
    So then you should ask the same question!

  37. The problem with all this is, our media is as equally corrupt as our elected officials. For one small example, take how the news is broadcasting "Vapes are killing people", when in reality it's been proven it's not legally acquired nicotine based vapor fluid killing people, it's thc based and unregulated liquids killing. It's been days since the real information has been released, and yet most of the media hasn't corrected their story.

  38. It is the ultimate in doublespeak. George H. W. Bush relied heavily on it. Quasi-code. Fake News. He's the Fake. He's the News. Win win. He even gets to toss in his own truly fake news. He's slowly wiping everything out believing we will let him have sole control of all affairs America, given what we've seen of him in action. His actions, more-so than his words clearly indicate he is going whole hog.

  39. The National Socialists thought they could control Hitler, and the republicans think they can control Trump. We're doomed to repeat history, because nobody remembers.

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