Switch to Chromebook

Hey, need a laptop that boots up as fast as 6 seconds
when you’re running late? (WHISPERS) It’s switching time Or how about a battery
that lasts up to 12 hours? Order up! Now we’re cooking. Or how about one with
virus protection built in? Which…. would be helpful….
right… about… now…. Yeah, if you want all that,
switch to Chromebook.

8 thoughts on “Switch to Chromebook

  1. I had Pixelbook for just over a year and I do NOT recommend it.  Software is half-baked, many bugs. Each OS update brings new bugs.  Apps are VERY poorly optimized and often barely function or not at all.  Google support was AWFUL.  I will be comparing/contrasting Apple & Microsoft for bringing my loyalty elsewhere.  Buyer beware!

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