Sustainability Into Fashion Industry | Divya Shetty | Pepaa

We just keep buying products, use and dump it It absolutely fits right for the fashion industry. Today due to fast fashion, the companies come up with trendy cloths for every 3 months Due to which, there is factory waste i.e., pre-production and there is post-production waste Where does these waste go? Do we have any idea about it? Well, this is Divya Shetty.. Co-founder of Pepaa Products Pvt. Ltd. How we can effectively use these factory waste to make innovative products. We empower brands to build circular solutions across their waste streams Today, what happens to these waste? Usually, it’s just dumped, incinerated or downgraded to a lower quality textile material. Let’s just consider a scenario.. A customer walks into the store, she picks the dress, looks at the hang tag and the hang tag is either made up of plastic material or a paper material which isn’t sustainable. Might be now, you pack this dress in a packaging material which is again laminated which isn’t sustainable. Either you give this dress material in a plastic carry bag or let’s consider a best case scenario that you give this material in a paper carry bag which is again made from the virgin wood which isn’t sustainable okay, so the price tag.. which where the customer comes and sees the price and also most importantly the brand’s story when it is such an important aspect of your clothing, why should it be in plastic or paper? The next thing is your packaging material it could be a laminated packaging material or a carry bag These materials are your indirect marketing materials. It communicates a lot about your brand. So let’s see how we can bring innovative solutions for these scenario. So, when it is such an important thing, I feel we should all replace these material to an eco-friendly option. At Pepaa, what we do? is we collect all the factory waste, we process it in such way that we make paper like this These papers are made from the textile waste. So, it is very strong. It’s not just that. We also embed seeds in it which is sourced from the local farmers. So the end product will look like this. Now, your paper tag or the plastic tag gets converted to a seed tag. Now the packaging material which is made out of the laminated paper gets converted to an Eco-friendly alternative which is either paper or a plantable material Now, the third option i.e., carry bag usually which is plastic or paper gets converted to a textile waste carry bag. So these are the innovative options which we provide to brands. I personally feel we should change our perspective about waste, bring in innovative solution and make sure that we increase the life span of the product Let us do not destroy this beautiful planet. Reach out to us at the below mentioned email address. Let us together build a better planet for our future. And one more thing, do not forget to click on the bell icon to get instantly notified. Thank you so much for watching I will see you guys in my next video Bye Bye

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