Surface + NFL: Make Style Happen – Alvin Kamara

>>What’s my favorite part of being an NFL player? Being professional it’s like, you made it to the top of the top. Other interests are fashion. When I was young, me and my sister was into it. I took a liking to it and then it just took off from there. Wearing something is one thing, but wearing something that you have a helping hand in is a different thing. Ya know, I want to make a statement and just being able to work through that process, and pick the fabric I wanted and know how I wanted all the suit to fit. Once you put it on, I didn’t sew it or anything, but you know you feel like you made it. On the Surface, you can pull up designs or color swatches up all type of things. You can draw on it without collecting a hundred different fabrics. I can get one print and maybe change the color a hundred different times. If you did that in real life physically, it’d take forever. But on a Surface, whatever I’m thinking about, I can bring it to life and endless possibilities.

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