Summer 2019 Trends: Keep or Cancel?

So neither of you want to do it with me? all right. What’s up Western? I’m Griffin and I’m Emma and we’re here on concrete beach to discuss this summer’s hottest trends. Should we keep or should we cancel? Let’s check it out. All right, you guys, so summer 2019 had a lot of super hot trends,but I gotta ask… Do you know what a hot girl summer is? A hot girl summer? Could be a hot girl summer the beach or something? I don’t know. Okay, lots of beaches. Sorry, what did you say? Was it a hot girl summer? Definitely for him. I mean, he was hanging out with me so… Not for me for the girls around me and my friends. So hot! Margs on the beach all day. Ouu, okay. We’re fancy! It’s pretty cool out there for me. Mine was pretty hot. I worked all summer. Okay, so you had a working girls summer. Well I mean I spent a lot of my summer with her, she’s a hot girl so. What are we calling the back to school season? Scholar girl fall. Scholar girl fall Sustainability fall, you know what I mean? Broke girl fall Broke-girl? We’re already broke into the beginning of the semester? I think we should chill out a bit. Fall back fall. Hmm, I heard frisky girl fall, but I’m not sure about that. That’s a new one. Describe summer 2019 and three words only. Oh sh*t, um hot-girl-summer! hot, glowy, and nature. Fun, unique, and this for the boys back home Vegas. Fun, fruity, fantastic. Fun, fun and fun. Lot of booze. Lot of booze, you had a lot of fun? Go-to-church. We’ve got very contrasting values here on Western TV guys. What are your top favorite trends of the summer? Um, biker shorts. Classic, comfortable. Memes are always funny, but I guess they’ve always been funny not just this summer. All right. So what about like VSCO girls? If you can do it well, why not. Have you guys like seen any on campus? Not really. I know she was crunchy sometimes, so we tease her about that. A couple in my math class you know, I’m not going to name drop but you know who you are. Okay, so we’re going to talk about some summer 2019 trends. I’m going to ask you guys if you’re going to keep it or you’re going to cancel it. It’s gonna be like a rapid fire. Keanu Reeves Keanu Reeves. Yes, he’s doing good. Obviously keep. No clue that is. Keanu Reeves is like, basically the best person on the planet. Alright VSCO girl memes? Keep. -Thank you! Keep. Tiny sunglasses? Some people can keep them. Keep. Cancel. Uh, nah, I’m into those big circle sunglasses. You like tiny sunglasses too. -Oh I do? Giant birthday balloons? Keep. Cancel. You had them for your birthday. I know when I’m over them. Keep, like they’re basic but they’re still cute. They make really good Instagram pictures. Definitely cancel, I feel like they’re getting to basic. Too basic? My grandpa had them for his 90th birthday, shout out Papa. Tik Tok? Cancel. Cancel. Keep. Is Tik Tok the new vine? No! Scrunchies? Cancel. Biker shorts? Cancel. Oof! Biker shorts? Definitely keep it. Cancel. Keep. -yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep, yeah. Keep, they look cute on like my friends… who have butts but. Air pods? I’ll say keep because I just ordered some. I’m not an Ivey, so cancel The WHOA. Keep it if you can do it right yeah. Can you do it right? How about you show us how to do it, then we might follow you. Nah, cancel Okay the WHOA? Cancel. Cancel. So neither of you want to do it with me? All right. God no. No. Can you guys do it with me? To finish off, would you like a spray of our Mario Bedescu. Sure? What is it? It’s for the hot girl summer. Well Western, it looks like my outfit was NOT a hit with the summer trends. But on the other hand, it looks like we’re moving into a studious-girl fall. If you like what you saw, make sure to check out our other videos and as always, be sure to like, share and subscribe. We’ll catch you later Western and I OOP!

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