Subscription Service Ultimate PC Digital Box Apple Stadia Plus RANT!

Is it me or they’re way too many
subscription services and gaming seriously guys like I’ve been going over
this and all of this New Age PC box streaming doing this doing that pay five
dollars a month here pay two dollars to start up pay six dollars a year and get
these games get all of this 100 plus games adding new games regularly all
this stuff is just getting out of control and you guys know me I’m super
old-school all of this is just really confusing I mean like seriously let’s
run down the list of stuff that we have here for subscription service gaming we
have Xbox Live we have Xbox game Pass we have ultimate Xbox game pass so you
have three separate subscription services that you can pay for within one
system this is absolutely nuts you know what but wait there’s more as somebody
famously said there’s PSN plus you have origin access origin access premier you
play Plus Nintendo switch online which is the most tame out of all of these by
the way Apple arcade Google stadia I’m learning about so many different
subscription services here do they really expect us to tune into all of
this my mind is absolutely racing I grew up in an era where you wake up you sit
there you get a game you take it you go blowing the cartridge back in the day
even though you weren’t supposed to you put that cartridge into the system
you press it down and you play the NES old-school Atari back in the day that’s
kind of how it was and I know this old fogey over here is trying to sit here
and say you little kids will never learn but you know what you kids aren’t
learning because the same things that people were sitting there and
complaining and crying about back in 2013 when Microsoft first revealed the
Xbox is the same stuff that’s happening now but I guess because it’s a dollar or
two you guys are no longer upset but it becomes more than that it’s a
subscription service to where your pain that isn’t on top of the already
subscription service that you’ve already paid just so you can play all of your
online games to me this is getting a little bit out of control especially
with all this stuff here we’ve gotten to the point with Google stadia that
you don’t own anything and you know it’s not even like a digital download it’s
literally just streaming only and they’re seeing their egg leg hey guys
this is a great deal oh by the way you still purchase games for a full price on
there on top of paying a subscription service this is just what are you
serious and this Google stand your thing by the way is coming out this year oh
and I got one purchase so I did review for you guys to tell you how bad of an
idea this is and the newest thing that I’ve been looking at here is the Apple
arcade this is the new thing that’s kind of going around because you have a game
oceanhorn to that recently said that hey we’re gonna be exclusive on Apple arcade
the first month is free make sure you guys check it out launching on September
19 so another new subscription service to add to the mix of subscription
services that we already have and you know I guess in my head is a little bit
spinning with this I think the C is a bit fragile like this
one with apple arcade because once again they say here is five million games
actually 100 plus games but you can play if you pay five dollars a month for us
and I’m like okay well why am I going to pay you five dollars a month for all of
these random games like who has time to sit there and just browse through a
bunch of random mobile games for $5.00 a month like honestly like what do they
think and a lot of these games are the traditional type of games they’re not
just like regular mobile games that you can tap on a screen I mean you can play
it that way I guess the movie started that way but a lot of them you’re
probably going to want a controller so you have to try to Frankenstein
something together some type of Bluetooth adapter with an iPad or with
the Mac then also get a different controller from an Xbox kind of put it
together then you have your subscription service is just adding up to be a bunch
of nothing a bunch of hassle a bunch of time wasted and money spent on
subscribing to another service that’s saying we have five billion games that
you won’t play because that’s pretty much what happens heck I’ve known gamers
that seriously go out there and buy a bunch of games and then don’t even end
up playing all the games they buy on sale like for example Steam right that
has like an endless supply of sales and everything that people don’t
finish their libraries on there but now we have to have subscription services
for us to not finish our libraries which is interesting because now big time
developers won’t kind of I guess Sakaguchi not really a big time
developer anymore but he was one is going over to this apple arcade you have
stuff like oceanhorn on this apple arcade as well and I don’t feel like
Apple II nor are Kading with apple with their subscription service so you know
what I’m just not going to at all and I’m gonna make this little video instead
ranting about it but honestly guys it’s taken quite a while all right it’s taken
quite a while but we’re seeing the issues in terms of what Microsoft first
revealed back in 2013 but this subscriptions and all this stuff like
that which I guess came before that with Xbox Live but you’re seeing how its
influence is starting to spread across the industry and we’re getting all of
this stuff here because people keep on buying this stuff but I guess hey if
it’s what consumers want it’s what consumers want it’s an option
but it’s starting to seep its way into the traditional gaming and you know it
is taking things away from what normal traditional gaming is I think oceanhorn
2 is a big example of this when it comes to this digital box streaming PC in a
box mobile subscription service stuff and I’ve tried to get into this digital
gaming age and all this and it seems like I spend way more time actually
downloading games than playing games seriously the other day I went to go
download Gears 5 I got a review code for it and I’m alright let me download it
and it’s just taking so long not like an hour whatever the case is it’s just
taking forever to download because it’s like 50 something gigabytes and I have a
good internet but it’s just taking forever I just want to play the game I
don’t want to sit there and download forever and that’s the case with pretty
much every single game if you’re not getting the game day one and you’re
pre-purchasing with your digital stuff you’re sitting there and waiting for
this digital stuff to happen and you know I don’t feel like waiting my time
is not that easy to come by because I’m working I’m doing other things I don’t
want to just sit there and play video games all day and I’m sitting here and
waiting for this thing to download for ever and yes like I said you can do to
digital pre-order bonuses and all that but what if you don’t want to do digital
people but if you just want to wait before there’s more reviews or whatever
the case is so this digital PC box gaming thing I’ve given it like an
honest shot I’ve honestly tried with the place they should form the X
box 1 because that’s where it really kind of started well it actually started
a little bit before that in the seventh generation when games actually had
mandatory installs so for example like Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Xbox 360 you
had to install that game or a part of that game so there started to be manual
installs there were some on the ps3 and everything early to where you have to
like install like 5 gigabytes or like 2 gigabytes but those were tame compared
to obviously what we’re seeing not at this point to where you have pretty much
the whole game even if you buy a game physical it has to install and to me
it’s like lost the relevance of a disc but this basically is a DMR check or
whatever our DRM check or whatever the heck it’s called you simply put it in
there oh yeah you still got the game alright here we go and it’s like well
why is it even a thing now because the whole freaking game is like a PC which I
don’t like that you have to everything digital and everything’s on your hard
drive I didn’t like that I like to just be able to put in the game in the game
plays but that seems to be like a lost art and people just saw huh well I got
game pass for a dollar I got 5 billion games that I don’t have time to play
because I’m the responsible adult but hey you know what it’s a good deal right
but it’s a good deal but you never play you never like there’s like a few games
are thee that you can just normally just buy and play when they’re super cheap
because games are devalued it just like that on PlayStation 4 and also the Xbox
one and PC to an extent heck yeah PC but those steam sales and everything so
useless this digital box gaming waiting for downloads and not even really only
the games that you pay for do you guys know what these digital licenses and all
these different things here you don’t even really own anything and I don’t
want to hear away you don’t own the physical games because it’s on the
device no yeah you do you own the game you can sell it you could trade it you
can do whatever you want you can let a friend borrow it and all that with this
digital gaming stuff you have to go through accounts and passwords and all
this type of stuff you just want to play a game somewhere else or anything it’s
getting to be like mind-numbing what’s going on here and I’m just kind of
spewing what’s going on in my brain because everyone is sitting here and
talking about how cool this is and that is with all this new stuff that’s going
on but I’m looking at like 15 different subscription services which I might be
exaggerating just a little bit but that’s okay we like to exaggerate and
I’m looking at like why am I gonna spend my
time with all this like essentially you could just wait for games to go on sale
but you could just wait for games to go on sale and then you could just buy
those games like serious like even like the big first party game you could just
wait you don’t need all this subscription stuff you don’t need
everything here to have fun with gaming you honestly don’t need all of this into
me this zaps the fun out of gaming with all this stuff
the downloads the subscription services to sitting there and having three
different subscriptions for the Xbox I mean what is what is going on if you
talk about this for a second like ultimate game paths game Pass Xbox Live
there’s like literally think three different ones here in terms of what you
can do all with varying levels of what type of free what type of games that are
all dead you can just wait you really want to play them
it’s just crazy man and like I think that’s one of the main reasons why I
want to do this I know people think it’s a good deal I know people say hey for
only $1 you can do this and I know people play the game pass because you
get the games day one but this is kind of like what they were doing back in
2013 I did a lot of physical games to lose their relevance I don’t want to be
sitting there downloading I don’t want everything to be digital because I said
these companies can just take those away I think that people are kind of going
further down the rabbit hole and they’re not seeing the light they’re not seeing
the evil that’s waiting for them with all this digital PC box gaming
subscription service stuff and I’m just like yo man I’m out I’ve tried I’ve
tried to go in there with the EA access I think I did that way back before I’m
not even sure something like that got like a free trial it was trash I tried
to play at Mass Effect I was like horrible on origin it didn’t support
certain controllers on my PC and everything like that it was just like I
can’t do this anymore I’ve tried the game pass it’s like I’m sitting there
waiting for games to download I’ve tried PSN Plus after you’re done
with it or if you don’t renew all your games are locked behind the paywall on
there I’m done you know what I’m saying I can’t deal with it anymore I
understand for some of these companies charging for online play if you want to
do it like regular Xbox Live but all these subscription services shoving 5
billion games down there though as if we have time to play all this stuff I’m out
like I’m not gonna sit here and give them any of my money for these
subscription services I’m done I’m an old-school gamer at this point man I
need to see the game and just put the game in there I need to be as
traditional as possible even if it’s with these digital you download to the
hard drive whatever I’m going to hold on to that old-school
form factor heck there’s a game that’s coming out pretty soon you’re actually
it’s already out it’s called AI the somnom files which came out digital
first right so if you want to buy the game digitally you can buy and play on
ps4 or also the Nintendo switch but the physical version of the game is coming
out next week and I was like you know I’ll just wait for that because I’m not
going to play into all of this like I said I’ve checked out man I’m cashing
out I’m out of here but anyway those are just my thoughts of somebody just
ranting what do you guys think let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here gonna check out
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so much for watching I’m gonna catch you guys for the next one face

73 thoughts on “Subscription Service Ultimate PC Digital Box Apple Stadia Plus RANT!

  1. These subscription serviced are the modern day equivalent of what arcades were and rental services. Many will flock to this nonsense and eventually realize that you don't own the games and you just paying to give companies money. Then it will die out eventually (just like arcades and rental services) around the time the Switch hybrid consoles start to catch up to PS 4 pro levels of power.

  2. I've always loved buying physical games more than digital but some of these sales are like too good to pass up so a lot of people just buy digital games but I agree with what you're saying thanks oj

  3. I totally agree. It's not just gaming that is doing streaming services it's also movie streaming services and television and it's getting beyond a joke. I'm collector of physical media whether it's games or movies I like the physical media in my hands that is tangible.

  4. These companies swear they think we're gonna buckle down and buy $300 a month in gaming subscriptions. Gonna be the gaming crash all over again. Digital edition. I know for damn sure I'm not going with that lol.

  5. oh no! you want to tell that for the price of a single game(overall) per month I can play hundreds of games including new releases that just came out? yeah you're right, let's go back and pay thousands of dollars every year for games, that way smarter right?

  6. Me in year 2030: What happened to all my digital games?!

    Publishers: Ha. "Your?" You paid for the PERMISSION to play OUR games, you just didnt know it yet. Mwa haha HAHAHA!!!

  7. You forgot that other playstation thing, playstation now I believe it's called. So stupid in my opinion paying for so many subscriptions video game, TV, movies and music. It's as if everything in the entertainment industry is going digital and I really dislike it. Physical over digital for me any day, I still buy DVDs, CDs and games for all consoles. I miss PC discs they were good. I think it's an issue due to people will actually buy this stuff due to people being lazy (myself included) who want it now not in 1 day.

    End of my rant lol, I enjoy your videos thank you for the rant.


  9. You forgot Playstation now 😂
    I hate subscriptions services even streaming like Netflix. I'm happy with Gold and will stick with that from now on. Nintendo online and PS+ are just wasted with me since I hardly use those systems.
    As long as you find value in it then I think it's fine. My wife and I both have Xbox ones and play on line together so it's worth it.

  10. I fell the subscription model might fade a little. Honestly how many subscriptions can you really afford each month. I dislike it either way I still buy physical.

  11. This is capitalism at its finest. So, there were echoes that people would regurgitate, but eventually, they will complain about it, when they feel overwhelmed by all options.

  12. Subscription service game fee may be inviting for their lower ENTRY prices but they are deceitful in that once a subscriber is snagged, these companies will do their best to entice you yo part with ur money any way they see fit!

  13. Dont forget about Target, Walmart and Amazon trying to get in on this too. The honest reason why you are seeing all of these services is because the video game industry is low key dying and everybody is either trying to save it or get a piece of it.

    Nintendo is dominating and selling the most hardware and software as of right now and is the only one that's saving it. History repeats itself. Remember 1983s gaming crash? That's imminently about to happen and everybody is creating safety nets for these third party companies to land on with all these services. They also dont want Nintendo to monopolize the video game industry. That's what I'm seeing.

  14. You, we're around the same age so I see where you're coming from, but chill. Some people prefer to pay a lower price for a lot of content. People use Netflix over buying DVDs/blurays. These services really help smaller studios out as well. There are games on these services that I've now bought multiple times that I would have never played without gamepass.

    But more importantly, if you don't like sub services, don't buy them. It's like DLC. I used to spend hundreds a month buying games and being able to not spend that much (outside of my Switch) is amazing.

  15. The problem isn’t just with gaming but the entertainment industry in general. People can only subscribe to so many services at once and the bubble is gonna burst. It’s only gonna get worse before it starts to get better so I wouldn’t be surprised if a few years from now you can’t even buy games digitally and they’re all tied to a publishers service

  16. You right o.j., digital sucks, but that's what major companies are pushing and by the next gen wars happens and we can't access our digital games from previous gen. Thats when people will start complaining that they can't play their old games no more.

  17. Anyone who complains about slow internet has no idea….. 52gb of data for me takes 3 days to download!!!!! Now all of a sudden your 4 hour install time doesn't seem so bad does it!

  18. I buy Nintendo Online to occasionally play with friends online. I buy enough physical games as it is that all the 'free' digital games with other services don't interest me enough to pay for them.

  19. My biggest problem with digital only and always online games is that they become unavailable when the servers shut down.

  20. The only subscription services I enjoy are Netflix, Gamespass, and for various models on snapchat (joking, you can just go on reddit to find those kinds of pics for free) but this all digital era is a sham & a shame. I love physical media, but when it comes to the ease of use, the digital versions of games are better especially on Switch since download times are normally quick compared to PS4 & Xbox One & you can have all your games in the palm of your hand when playing games digitally on your Switch.

    EDIT: I feel like subscription services like Stadia just gotta be boycotted cause its a sin how much they are charging for absolutely nothing trapped behind bandwidth speeds that Google needs to make sure is settled on their end in order for their service to even function properly, since they barely get YouTube working properly sometimes too.

  21. OJ you are my new favorite gaming channel. Finally someone who is clean and speaks with common sense. Good content. We share a lot of the same opinions.

  22. My main reason I will subscribe to Apple Arcade is because I can finally play games on my phone or tablet without having to worry about the usual mobile game scams. Apple has confirmed no in app purchases or advertisements which has always been my biggest gripe with all mobile games. I'd rather pay a $5 monthly fee to play a bunch of games than have to buy $5 worth in "gemstones" to progress faster in a game. I just wish there was an an option to purchase games that you really like on Apple Arcade. Also you don't need any kind of adapter to use DS4 for XONE controller because iOS 13 will natively work with controllers.

  23. I remember ditching cable 10 years ago just for Netflix because it had everything I needed. Now all these damn companies ripped their movies and shows from Netflix and are launching it on their own. So now I have to decide which one of the 20 services I'll give my money too (spoiler: I've taken the high seas again). And it's all come full circle to where it's basically cable again

  24. As I'm getting older… I'm not interested in online gaming.
    I use to love online gaming and paid subscription fees, but not anymore. Too tired…
    I'm more interested in Single-player games. 🙂
    Switch and PS4 single-player games are amazing!
    I would hate to pay subscription fees for Streaming to play single-player games.

  25. These subscription services are becoming a steady debt to the people. You have all these gaming services and all these movie services. Constantly taking money either monthly or yearly. They are legit robbing everyone, and adding crazy micro-transactions. It's getting bad

  26. I'll jump on Stadia etc when there's a persistent sandbox VR MMORPG on distributed hardware, otherwise I'm sticking to digital purchases from indies and devs that aren't on my blacklist, that way the devs receive more money and if it turns out they've started taking the piss in some way I will simply place them on the blacklist for at least a year

  27. Physical games will soon be a novelty i believe in the next 5 years. Subscription service do help people that can't buy a 60 game but can budget in a xbox gamepass ultimate or any other service. I believe once we let the music industry get away with it the writing was on the wall. Now we going have a ton of television ones coming out in the next 8 months. Disney plus, HBO Max, NBC anded to the Nextflix,Hulu,Amazon. It's going to be hard to watch your favorite show if you don't paying for the right service. As consumers we need to draw the line in the sand now.

  28. This is a major part of why I said back in 2017 that the Nintendo switch is going to be my final game system the industry is continually pushing the streaming services it's only going to hurt the gamer but no one gives a damn about the gamer anymore

  29. Sorry, PC games have been this way for ages, and paying an extra $1 for Gamepass to get both the PC & Xbox One versions of all those games is too good to pass up.

    I only recently signed up, and getting to play a few new games and some old ones (like Ori which I've never tried) for $1 was a great deal. I don't even care if I don't own them, and I have no intention to play all of them, I just want to play the games…

    And even if you buy physical, you still have to wait to install forever, has nothing to do with subscriptions or anything. Just like you said, discs are physical DRM now, and once the servers go down, you won't have the day 1 updates or the other required updates on the servers that no longer exist, so it's not like that changes anything either.

    I prefer physical, but when a deal exists that allows me to play games for dirt cheap, games I otherwise wouldn't pay full price for, I'll take it.

  30. You're not really "checking out" or "cashing out" if you're still paying for Nintendo Online and giving them money to stream NES & SNES games…games you used to be able to at least download but now can't even do that.

    You can't complain about a $1 upgrade to download full price, brand new games yet still be cool paying for decades old games to STREAM. At least those other companies give you the option to buy their games physical too. Not like I can go back & buy these NES & SNES games new at a store anymore… I'd have to go track down overpriced 2nd hand copies that could be in any crappy condition. VC at least allowed me to buy those games & have them locally installed on my HDD, now I can only STREAM them.

  31. I am mad that we don't own anything online digital i also thin it's a bad idea too but i care see why most hate digital i love both physical and digital gaming but i wish they would let us own are digital games because i don't want them to take our games away from us that's all

  32. The irony… Ubusoft plus was the ad that rolled lol. But yeah its getting outta hand, I do gamepass ultimate and that's it.

  33. Very good video OJ. The Subscription services and Launchers are getting out of hand big style on all Media fronts too be honest and an All Digital Gaming World looming isn't looking good or fun at all but i turned 40 this Year, i am old git lol, so hopefully when Gaming does go All Digital Streaming Subscription based, i'll be retired from Gaming totally by then cuz i don't like where Gaming is heading in the future.

  34. To be honest. iPads, iPhones and AppleTVs natively support PS4 and Xbox controllers so it’s not really a hassle. I see your points though. Also, Ocean horn has Apple thank för it’s initial success so it makes sense that Ocean Horn 2 premieres on Apples platforms

  35. I agree with all you said and for a old school gamer perspective you’re totally right. I think those service like Apple Arcade is for more « casual audience » that will just play those games with their Apple TV or on their phone when they got free time. Also I think one advantage of digital is space. A Gaming library can grow very fast and take a lot of space , so in that regard some might find digital media more convenient. Furthermore some people don’t want to collect games but beat them so a subscription service will be more appealing to them. I think we’re living in a world where there’s different type of gamers and each one need to find the way they want to play games.

  36. I can't and won't have a dozen different subscriptions going every month, I don't know what these companies are smoking. OJ, go to Red Letter Media's Channel and watch their latest Nerd Crew episode, it lampoons this subject pretty well.

    Switch Online, PS Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Nefflix, Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass, Hulu, Apple Arcade, Disney Plus, Stadia etc., y'all really going to shell out hundreds of $$$ every month just so you can stressfully navigate menus and not actually sit down and give a game/movie your full attention and enjoyment?

  37. When these services are only a few bucks a month it is hard to believe that the companies aren't currently eating a chunk of the real cost. It may seem like a great deal for now but I don't see it being sustainable in the long term.

  38. My iTunes library is a cancer. I love my music, but many albums I’ve purchased in the past and later deleted off my iPhone library are now no longer available for me to redownload.. I have to rebuy it.
    I absolutely hate it cuz most were already repurchases from scratched up cd’s. Bullshit!

  39. Well in defense of Cornfox& Bros, Oceanhorn is an iOS franchise. The original was developed with that in mind & then ported to everything else. (Much like what’s happening with the second)

  40. Hell I'm young & I hate download only 😐 I have Netflix & Prime(Nintendo if that count), & I'm not gonna add more sub. If theres physical copy I'll get it azap! Other than that I'll buy indie game that have little GB or a game that been compress like Nintendo.

  41. Thank you for reminding me why I buy physical games. I was about to cave in and buy a game digitally and then I watched your video and now I feel better waiting.

  42. That's why physical copies on switch have more of a demand compared to xbox and playstation, the games are actually on the cart but alot of publishers just cant see the difference.

  43. Not everyone is a responsible adult ike us. Many people are young and have more time to play games so it makes more sense for them.

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