[Please select the language of CC subtitles] Hello, I’m Illustrator ETAMA. In this video, I will draw a gladiator and a huge dragon. First, draw a rough area on another layer, and then display the rough position in a slightly darker color. Then simply specify the base color. I want to draw a younger gladiator on black hair. The Overlay property was used when converting colors in black and white. When deciding on the age range, the ratio of face to body is carefully determined. I had a plan to draw dark clothes from the beginning. So, considering the material and color of the clothes, the bright areas were not colored as much as possible. It allows me to wear a long, high prosecutor’s office and two short swords on my waist. Originally I was worried about letting me wear a cloak that would hang for a long time. But I thought it looked like a wizard, so I removed the cloak. Please apply a certain amount of color to the background with the overcoat like the person in the front. The bottom layer has a background that looks like a mist like the wind. The dragon will take up quite a lot in this painting. So draw some detail and move on to the person. The person stares somewhere off the screen with a tragic expression. I thought of static production without looking at the screen, so the facial expression of the person occupies a greater specific gravity. Let’s immerse yourself in your face. It is a success if you draw with a look that looks exactly like a person. When the screen is dizzy, looking at the non-moving screen will help your eye health. Make sure that the age of the person is not too mature. decides the position and the size of the eyes well. The calm hairstyle adjusts the volume of the top and back hair appropriately. In the end, you are drawing a virtual person, so you can imagine as many places as possible. If your hair is in contact with your face, Keep in mind that just the hair can affect many aspects, such as the face type and overall outline of the person. decides the face to some extent and expresses the costume. At this time, please draw the number and position of the buckles roughly in your head. decides the structure of the clothes that are tied or tied together. It is better to represent the part that has been torn mainly as the part with much friction than the part with little friction. The handle of a long sword draws while imagining the design. I dug a ditch so that there was friction when holding the sword. The designs I planned for the first time were mostly related to dragons, The direction applied to only one part was selected so that it doesn’t occur too much. I’ll decide by imagining the arrival of people. There are a winding string and a buckle just because I chose an old design. I tried to keep it from looking like a new one. Wrap a buckle made of string around where you can wear pockets and accessories. Be mindful of what you can fix. However, in fact, it seems that this apparel is very impractical. drew a cloth wrapping glory wounds inside the leather. If you are playing a game, the hero will almost go, but you will always get injured. It seems that there is a great possibility of being injured. Firstly, the position and clothing of the accessories were roughly determined. From now on, it’s time to draw a little more detailed expression. I imagined a pose that grabbed something, such as relics, (not a finger hat). drew items that seem to be related to people. also put on protective gear that didn’t look firm. The part that took only the rough position will also determine the shape. When the first stage progressed, I used a square brush to take the picture position. Then I used a much rounder brush. The reason is that it is easier to draw when the size is reduced Since there is no right answer, let’s choose a brush according to personal preference. It ’s better to use a specific type of brush like me when expressing different textures I think that the expression of the texture will become easier if you use various texture type brushes. However, I feel ease when using a familiar brush. The material of the iron lump, such as a buckle, should not be overcoated with a light undertone so that it can be seen. This is because later light colors use moderately heavy colors to express with the Color Dodge attribute. And it can be applied in the same way when drawing a golden object like the shield now visible. After deciding on the design, please express light in order of decreasing lightness on an appropriately heavy color. Then, use the Color Dodge to express the bright part around the part that is exposed to light. Proceeding in this way prevents the brightest areas from becoming too saturated. Next, I will draw the buttons, pins, and strings that make up the costume again. If not intentional, avoid uniform thicknesses and repeated designs when drawing costumes. You can get more natural results. drew a string hanging from his elbow. But the image and silhouette that I imagined for the first time didn’t match, and they removed it again. There is room to continue to modify the design structure and colors while drawing. It is also a good practice to control each piece of jewelry after separating it into layers. For natural results, check the areas that will remain visible until the picture is complete. Continue to describe the shape and finish. Please be careful that small items that have been decided with different colors do not resemble other materials in the process of drawing. It was also helpful to imagine the details, such as the traces of the battle. Now that we have finished the person to some extent, we will move on to the background dragon. draws characteristic appropriately while imagining image of dragon expressed in movie and media. Care is taken so that the sharp scales and teeth are appropriately represented in the silhouette. When the picture is completed, it should express the sense of distance using the Screen attribute. The detail is expressed by adjusting the size to match it. I drew the skin so that the dragon’s wings were broken, and the depiction of scales larger than the face showed a sense of distance. drew a sharp silhouette little by little and explained the shape of the dragon. The expression of the dragon is already over. After finishing the details of the person, you can complete it by expressing the sense of distance of the dragon. Please feel free to leave any parts or comments you would like to know. Thank you for watching my video to the end today. See you in the next video.


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