Student Perspectives: MA Fashion Communication Critical Studies

I chose to do critical studies because I
wanted to do writing but a combination of other things as well and so I thought
it might be a bit wider than journalism and also because of its academic
grounding and I wanted to kind of carry on that from writing my undergrad before
I can my sort of it’s totally people work cause as people work study but as
long here I found it’s really interesting we learn a lot about fashion
archives like a very material base objects how to learn that how to
integrate that it’s very fashion but like from different perspectives
we’ve worked with any fashion be a fashion obviously we do stuff with FCP
and the journalists and you just get to create really amazing things and yeah
you just meet really interesting people all the time you express your knowledge
your idea interpretation through words through language like a designer
designer expressed them themselves by garments by techniques by craftsmanship
serves for us were right fashion you

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