Street Style – ST. Petersburg, Russia

Top from Bershka, the bag I forgot, shorts from Concept Club, Shades from Mojito, earrings from Koton. The shirt is year and a half old, got it somewhere in Finland. The beer is from Burger King! The jeans are from H&M, they don’t cost a lot, very practical. Shoes? Yeah, I like shoes! It’s better to buy more expensive, these are Paul Smith. The skirt is very cheap! Didn’t thinks it’s possible! Got it by chance in some store. Sunglasses Paris, broke mine in Germany, had to get something quick! Slippers from Little, 5 euro in Germany. Bag from Hamburg, 10 euro, have it for 3 years, the best eternal thing! Sunglasses Ray Ban? -No, It’s a fake… I often lose them, so I get these cheap from my friends. When it’s cold, they become oragne, and the pink become red. -It’s a special nail polish? -Yeah! They change colour from the cold beer! The tink-top… I think it’s Topshop. The jewlery, I really buy them a lot, I think it’s Stradivarius. The watch… Jacques Lemans. The shoes… My mom brought me from Europe! With me it’s simple. T-shirt from Levis. It happens, that the shorts are also from Levi’s! The shoes Adidas, and the bag is also Adidas. My dress is from Be Free, sandals I think, from Obuvshag. Top Zara, pants Mango, slippers from H&M, glasses are Benetton, the bag I forgot! Sandals from Mascotte, they’re new and I really like them! The shorts are cut men’s jeans from some ancient times, got them at some second hand store, have no idea what brand it is! Tink-top, I can’t remember, probably from Tvoe or the like. The chain’s from H&M. This is a corporate bag from the company I work at, really love it, and this bag’s with Dovlatov, just got it over there a second ago! Army belt I snitched from my friend, it’s great. Glasses are regular optics, I also got a cool haircut! These are my mom’s sandals, I think it’s Gabor. A regular belt from H&M or something like that. Tink-top, shirt, blouse… It’s my mom’s. The “waitress” jacket, as I call it, just took it off my mom! This is second hand, that’s from Thailand, pants from H&M, shoes from SELA. The bracelet is from India. The rings are from, America, Latvia, and this one I got as a gift in Saint-Petersburg!

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