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Hello, I’m Foster from Synology. In this video, I’m going to share with you
a fantastic way to stream media files such as songs, photos, and videos to your PS4 using a Synology package called “Media Server”. Media Server can turn your Synology NAS
into a home media center. Installing Media Server is easy. Simply go to Package Center, and click Multimedia. Find Media Server, and click Install. With Media Server, you can access media files
stored on your NAS directly from your DLNA or UPnP device, without going through complicated settings. Before playing media files using your PS4, please make sure the files on your NAS are indexed. Files in the “music”, “photo”, and “video” folders
are automatically indexed. So they can get played directly on the TV. Now let’s upload a media file to the folder. If you want to create new indexed folders, simply go to Control Panel>
Media Indexing>Indexed Folder, and click Create. After adding, you will be able to find these folders
on the TV screen. Now we’re all set, so let’s, say, play a video using PS4. Make sure your Synology NAS and PS4
are on the same local network. As you can see, these three folders can be instantly found
on my TV screen. I just need to browse to the “video” folder, find my video, and voila! My video is now playing on this TV screen. It’s as easy as that. Normally, you don’t really need to change the settings
of Media Server or your PS4 to play media files. But if you do have trouble streaming files, please refer to to get instructions
on how to configure Media Server, or read the troubleshooting section of the document
that comes with your PS4. So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this video. To discover more features of your Synology NAS, please watch our other videos. Thanks for watching.

7 thoughts on “Stream Media Files to PS4 with Media Server | Synology

  1. and for KODI? one update to stream with full resolution cover,resume… no update since DSM5! MediaServer refer to XBMC (it's KODI since 2014!! )

  2. How i can make SMB or UPNP for Kodi ?

    How i can make Transcoding for PS4 Videos Files ? The Most Video Files are not Playing on the PS4.

    I habe a DS916+ NAS System

  3. I see my NAS on the media server menu but if i select it it says "no playable media found" or something to that effect. it works fine on my ps3, but not at all on my ps4 pro.
    any idas?

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