Spotlight on Amazon Fashion’s European Photography Studio

I work as a stylist for Amazon Fashion here in the Hoxton studio. I style clothes every day, and put them on models, and make our products look fantastic! Especially for online, photography is essential,
because since you are not able to touch and feel the products, you need to be able to have an emotional connection to get excited about what you want to buy. Essentially my job is to make sure that we have enough product at the studio to do our
job. When I came here I had no idea of what a good image looked like, a picture of a t-shirt
was actually just a t-shirt on a model. Now I am trained, and I can identify what an elevated
image is like and what a much better customer experience is! I am in charge of making sure that we have all the photo equipment that we need to be
able to get all the shots done. I’m also in charge of repairs, rentals, any tests that
we do… My role in the studio is overlooking processes
of packing, prepping and steaming. All the items are sorted in different types of personas
and styles, and when they are ready they go to the bays. Clothing comes in every day, and we sort it and decide who is going to look best in it,
in terms of model. I work on set every day with a team, I have
a photographer, a model, an art director and a hair and make up artist. We get as many images we need to get all the information about the product, and after that
the products get repacked and shipped back to the warehouses to be sold.

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