9 thoughts on “Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough – PattySmith KARAOKE

  1. Sometime love just ain't enough. Nice song 🎤🎼🎧👏👏👏 I love it 😘😘😘 tapat ako sayo at ang pag ibig ko sayo ay tunay at wagas mag pakailan pa man 💑💕💘😍😘😉🤔 Pa22nayan ko sayo yan mahal ko sa takdang panahon 😉🙏👍 take care & 😇🙏👼 I love you allways mahal ko 💑 muaaah 💋💋💋 and I miss you too ⌚😂😭🤔

  2. the lyrics of this song illustrate a relationship that is not good, but it is presented with poetic easy to understand meaning 🎼🆒️😊😘

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