Solskjaer Makes Woodward Transfer Demand! Man Utd News

– at the United stand on Laguna Soulja has made his demands to head Woodward and the Manchester United board and as Manchester United fans I think it's going to be a very interesting three week three weeks and we'll speak about that in a moment there is a little bit of breaking news as well Manchester United again linked with Darren Fletcher as sporting director for Manchester United and this role apparently this is all coming from Sky so take it with a massive bag of salt because you never know Rio Ferdinand's been mentioned Dan Ashe with has been mentioned and Paul Mitchell quite interestingly has been mentioned but this is the sporting director role which will be the glue between Ollie guna Soulja and edy Woodward and there is reports that they won't be involved in the recruitment of players who will be there who will be involved in the recruitment of players are we putting it all on to the manager or is it still going to be somebody up in the higher echelons at Manchester United you clearly aren't qualified to do it um interesting – keep your eye on that very interested to see what's going to happen my stance on Deron flexure and Rio Ferdinand is going to be very consistent I know some people are very happy with that appointment for me it's it's not a good appointment I think at the moment I mean look 24 hours on from this is the first time I've been live I know I do transfer daily at 7 a.m. every morning give it a watch but this is the first time I've been live since my match reaction 24 hours along all I keep saying to people is we lost two nil at home to Cardiff I know we're numb by the last five weeks I know we're done we're definitely none and you expect it but we just lost two nil at home to Cardiff with no excuses with the team that our league and the soul shard relies on he's got his young e he's got his Jonah he's got his Rashi he's got his linky he's got his Poggi and we still lost to know fairly to Cardiff it's a crap result an absolutely terrible results capping off a terrible five or six weeks it's unacceptable and I think at the moment is a lot of people a lot of United fans who firmly back Holly goodness all shy like I do but I can't guarantee it's going to be a success what if this win of results continues into next season into October he will be sacked he will be sacked he's relegation for he will be sacked so at the moment we all hope Holly's going to be the right man I love only going to soldier I'm wanting to be the right man I think he says the right things I think he does the right things I don't think that means is going to be a success but you want to bring in a sporting director like Darren flat as well forget about it forget about it no way no way if we're risking with the manager don't risk any other positions we are taking a risk on Olli and I hope it works out do not take a risk on the sporting director by bringing back another old boy like Darren Fletcher or Rio Ferdinand who since they've retired from football have done next and nothing in relation to actual experience for the role so it would be poor Mitchell for me or Dan Ashe with somebody who's got some pedigree in that role that's what all he needs if it's gonna be the glue between ed Woodward and only gonna solve Shire does Ollie give a soldier I need an old boy who doesn't know what they're doing or does he need an actual specialist like Paul Mitchell he knows what they're doing that's what you know I'd need to go out and get but a will we do it on the cheap and hide behind an old boy again I don't know we'll have to wait and see on that one but what let's let's talk about what I wanted to talk about first of all soul char making wood with transfer demands it's been a very interesting two weeks Eddie's at the wheel and you ain't seen the thing yet says Edward wood obviously it's not the real one unless he likes doing super Chuck's on the United stand but what I want to say is and I'm going to talk about the pompe thing as well but what I want to start off with is and also just it's a little bit of a shout out for those people who are watching transferred daily on the United stand I keep saying coolie barley I keep saying clearly barley there's a big story about Coolibar Lee today that United or are in so you know what I hope it's not about a source it's not about a source I know Mourinho wants it coolie barley I think you know I'd have kept that deal going and I think we are trying to get clearly buddy so let's wait and see if my prediction is right on that it's not a source I've not been told this it's just the theory so let's see what happens with Cooney barley but I'm only gonna soldier after the game yesterday said that he'd had effectively said that he'd had an honest and open conversation with Woodward about what where Manchester United's and our how far are we away we are and what's required to close that gap to me only gonna soldier is saying the right things publicly that statement there is basically saying I've told the board what we need to do to get Manchester not head back on track effectively a terms and conditions which I'll talk about in a moment he's also spoke about two weeks ago in a press conference that he will have the say and what on who goes and who comes into the club so for me those two things are very very very clear he thought August the 8th we've still got all the crap and we bought nobody all he's failed because he's been on he's not strong enough or he's made the decisions which is what we want I'm happy about that I'm happy all he's been honest with us we want that we crave a bit of honesty there's so much of a gray area for the United fans about what goes on at the club and I think Mourinho would like to speak in riddles van al certainly did and Moyes was just ignored so with Sol char for him to say I've had a frank conversation with Woodward about what's required great and for him to say I'm in charge of transfers great because it gives us some clarity um ask asset aya monger says we need to feel this role of their extra football but not with ex players and people with no experience we need the best-in-class stop with the sentiments exactly I agree with that what I would also say about the director of football or sporting director role he's too bloody late this should have been done in January sporting director cannot come in when the transfer window is open and make an impact transfers take a long time to work on which is why I think we're in for cootie barley but let me just say this if a league on a soldier has had a chat with Ed Woodward about what is required at Manchester United try and bullet point me some of the things that you think are important for Manchester United because I've bullet points and stuff here that I would say to Ed Woodward and Chloe Jenkins says United make coolie barley top target Manchester I'd have made Napoli defender calendar color balling their top transfer target this summer says the Daily Mirror I mean Daily Mirror if you don't live in the UK they're the ones who said Marcie I was away and waste the money he obviously wasn't you could say is now but he wasn't and they're not that reliable the Daily Mirror to be honest but I I do believe we're in for Keeley Barney but let me just get that minimum of five players and get rid of the Deadwood says Jacob Hurley I think that is a statement but if I was speaking to Edward wood and I was only gonna soldier I would say these things I would say 200 million minimum 200 million pounds minimum needs to be spent on this team this summer 200 million if Padma walks out the door and eat 300 million I need 100 of whatever you get for him if the hay walks out the door as well and he did another 70 million soap-opera day ago he needs 370 million if pokeman daheia state you need 200 million that's the bottom line that is the bottom line no messing around that's factual we can all moan about our wood wood won't give it to him we can all say the glazes are tight we can almost say we're not gonna get 200 million but we're trying to close a gap that isn't one summer it's six and mistakes what we've spent before now I wish people would shut up about it I know how much it is it's well over 400 million quid in the last six years but we need to forget about it cuz it's all in the it's all a bloody mistake so we're not just I know we're probably and it was so far behind those teams above us we need to get he needs also forget about bloody Game of Thrones and regal and bloody star what was it regal and and the highest well I can't remember Jon Snow's mum and dad theory I'll tell you what Theory we need at Manchester United this summer the S & L Theory Sanchez and ikkaku get out they needs that it's not just about giving him two hundred million quid there are problems in that dressing room as well and Sanchez and the cock you need to go they need to go Liam McRae says mark yourself the United stand and the fam cams kept me going through that season so fantastic work and keep it up but my question is where do you see united next year the area's needs a we we need to work on well thank you liam and we're pretty much talking about about that at the moment I've been quite firm on the fact that I think we're fighting for fourth place next year at best but with these the things we need to do and if Ali's had a frank conversation with Edward wood which he said he has this is not speculation this is not the back of the Sun this is not the back of the Daily Mirror this is all even a soldier in a press conference after the Cardiff game saying I've had a frank and honest conversation with the owners and told them what is required and you can lit you know unless a legal a soldier is a weakling which I don't think he is he's a fan of Manchester United like all of his lot and I will guarantee every single one of you will be saying the same thing at least 200 million pounds needs to be spent Sanchez I don't care how you do it I know it's very difficult but you bought the problem get rid of that problem out of my dressing room I cannot have Alexei Sanchez performing like that earning 400,000 pounds a week I said it's not I would say it's nothing personal ed it's nothing personal about him you know he's a crap piano player he's a good dog walker but I tell you what as a footballer he does nothing and I've got a dressing room that he split because the wages you pay him I've lost a very good midfielder because of the wages you pay him he needs to go or we're gonna lose more players and we're gonna have a split dressing room I don't care how you do it get rid of Alexei scientists from that dressing room it's not personal maybe he still is a decent player but what you've done to this club by giving him that money he is a problem I don't need it Lukaku he's never gonna have the first touch he's not a top four striker get rid of him and I think they're the most important two players to get rid of we can all talk about oh let's get rid of young let's get rid of Jones that's getting rid of Matich let's be realistic all eagerness OSHA is not going to get rid of those players but 200 million the car coming Sanchez out the door that's a big staff the United for me Leo man United says if you know I'd would have waited until the end to appoint Holly I don't think he would have got the job we might have gone paja t no Holly was pointed by sentimental I'm gonna come back to the late that lioka is a very very good point MUFC Rhys Russell says I was thinking about the transfer budget but worst thing is on Sky Sports right now they're talking about Fletcher with Olli that has to be sorted we've spoken about that at the start the video restore so I think it's a big big mistake big big mistake I like Darren Fletcher ollie going to Seoul Shire is a risk do not put another risk next to it next to him this position is going to be the glue between ollie gonna sole char and Ed Woodward Ali's a risk woodwinds a risk let's put another risk in the sandwich no let's put some proper bloody glue in the middle put Paul Mitchell in somebody with a bit of experience Sonny B I'm glad the fans gave it to pop but I've been saying for a long time his attitude stinks he plays for himself not the team he needs to go we need players who will take pride in wearing the shirt I need to come back to that one as well remind me Greg Hansel I agree flexor is a question appointment director of football is all about structuring the scouting academies etc not just middlemen in the transfers right yes he spot-on Toby surfer mark I break my leg and you're keeping me through my full times keep up the good work rest up pal and Edward wood says Man United fans are the best any other club's fans would be protesting by now our fans are moaning on Twitter and YouTube makes me wonder how much more fun I can have with the corpse of this club glory glory man Schneider I mean obviously somebody taking the piss but to be honest with you yeah that's so what was the two things I was going to talk about I know well let's talk about the pogba thing first the pogba thing my stance well no no I remember the other one now and let me just note this because this show this show is fast and furious 8 or whatever it is I've never watched them filmed to shit please do subscribe to the channel some like on the video this summer is last season's over how about Robby from ftv of a DT from ftv China Bantam e46 it's over you've got your Emmerdale cut final all the best been there done that it's over I'm already I'm not even thinking about last season with finish sixth wish it don't come at me with we're finished fifth you finish sixth we finished second you finish sixth first if you're first you first if you second you know where so I bothered with crap and I embrace that I don't need anymore people telling me about it but let me just say this in relationship Raja Tino very very quickly very very quick statement I was reading Jim Dwight from talkSPORT said a few months ago that Edward would have basically briefed people that United would not make an appointment until the end of the season there was lots and lots of top quality candidates interested in the job but Manchester United would take their time and they would not make an appointment till the end of the season and then in March he goes against that and basically boughs down to what the fans want however you read it and I'm one of those fans who wanted only goodness all Shia to get the job I put my hands up I wanted him to get the job I don't want him to be sacked I wanting to do well he's a risk I'm worried I'm more worried than it was in March I'm a lot more worried we've given him the job and his records gone absolutely down the toilet I still back in I wanting to do well I think he's a fantastic human being he's a he's United through and through but I'm worried but I'm a fan of Manchester United I'm allowed to be passionate I'm allowed to get lost in the moment that's what we do Edward would if he did breathe breathe the press that United had loads of candidates top quality candidates were gonna wait till the end of the season why has he done that as a businessman why has he done that why is he bowed down to fan pressure because he doesn't bow down to fan pressure on buying players they don't bow down to fan pressure in relation to removing the players that shouldn't be here they don't bow down into from pleasure in relations how much they're going to pay the wages for people to wear our great shirts but he boughs down to fan pressure to a point highly good a soul shot look in hindsight from a business point of view ollie you know maybe Woodward should wait till the end of the season maybe should have looked at all the candidates but he didn't he went he changed his mind and again like moist like Mourinho van hal soldier is on the board they've got it wrong three times I really hope they don't get it wrong four times MUFC Resources says Holly according to Sky Sports will be able to veto any decisions about players and transfers what is your opinion on that mark well it makes the sporting director role irrelevant and this is what Jose Jose Mourinho was saying he didn't want to sporting director because he wanted the final say if you're gonna get a director of football in get a director of football in but it's already creating barriers because if you look at man city's model and you look at Liverpool's model Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have very good relationships with their director of football in equivalence and it works really well their peps men they're basically perhaps men they were came into the club before Pep Man City and club gets on with his really well but those directors of football sporting directors their role is recruitment that's big part they're wrong what is the point in having a sporting director you know you may as well get Fred the red to do it if we're just gonna put a puppet there to be oh I used to play for United I'm a sporting director we've got one now but I have no role because he's telling me what to do get Fred the red to do it'd be a lot cheaper he can do match days and sporting director dual role save a bit of money Pogba let me just talk to you about Papa because there's loads to get through here Paul Pogba don't miss flex and rants tomorrow because as you can imagine rent rants lives up pompous ass and I've told him that loads of times and he's very very angry about how Paul Pogba received the treatment he received sand from some friends at Old Trafford yesterday it was abusive there was swearing I didn't I didn't like that but you know what I've got no problem with a man chest you know I found having a pop at Paul pumper if they believe popper is the problem at United I've got no problem with it we weren't a fan channel how can I sit here and go it's bang out of order and run shouldn't do either he goes on his fan cams I'm gonna pop it other players yet someone has to go at the player he likes and he's like always unacceptable this that another what a load of nonsense a Manchester United fan after a week where everybody was fed up with that team waited to the end of the game and shouted at Paul Pogba he probably shouldn't be swearing this kids about this you probably shouldn't be so aggressive because it was aggressive and you don't want that a proper protest he could have just said Padma you're not good enough the United game I Club same impact calmly say it haven't got a problem with that I don't know why people have got a problem with it I've heard today poplars covered the most ground I've heard today Pope has got the best stats without paul pogba we'd be relegated what a load of nonsense well I mean where have you been get to Specsavers tomorrow Paul Pogba for the last two games has been dominated by relegated midfielders for the three games before that he's been crapped he basically ended his season in the middle of March like most of that team that's where I come in about the pod brand fairness he is a problem but so is everybody else to highlight pomper on his own is totally utterly unfair you've got to bring in young Jones rash middling guard Marcial loads of other players it's unfair to highlight Paul Pogba as an individual problem at Manchester United because he's not the worst there's a lot worse than him but he's certainly a problem and if that united fan feels that Pogba is a problem that he wants to express probably do it in a different way but I don't have a problem with it what I do have a problem with is this changing of flip-flopping suddenly old pomp is a victim somebody shouted at Paul Papa it's not fair he covers the most distance Oh Paul Paul Paul Paul Pogba what a load of crap the minute you start feeling sorry for those footballers is the minute you accept what happened yesterday against Cardiff or Huddersfield or where we finished in the league the reality is every single one of them deserve the criticism they've got they've all let the club down let the fans down let the shirt down to start sympathizing with them just hold that thought for a moment to start sympathizing with them because somebody shouted at them how does that help us oh it's not Papa spot and asked for his stats he played two months out of an eight-month season he scored a lot of penalties he's a very very good player but he's nowhere near as good as he should be but as I said it's not just about Papa whilst I don't agree with fans II put a player before the club I don't agree with Pogba being the problem it's not just Papa it's a lot of them so that's my stance on that I don't about yours English players are less consistent the real players who have let Holly down is lingard and Rushford lingard five goals in 33 games and Bradford but you see again you focus in on two players why is anybody getting into any sympathy you know oh it's not popular it's Rushford lingard is all of them this is what I'm saying don't hide behind stats I hates that don't hide behind distance covered if you think will cut winner potential world class player Paul Pogba I've seen him dominated by Huddersfield Cardiff Everton Man City Chelsea he's been poor for a lot of this season and that's without touching on what happened in the marina who's even worse then but everybody's been like that it's a whole problem I don't think anyone deserves any sympathy I think Luke Shores been crapped the last few weeks and he wouldn't Player of the Year I think Lindelof everyone goes old Linden office the only player to come out of this season with any credibility have you seen how many goals we've conceded he has had a good season but how good would he be in a good defense would he be a liability we don't know we don't know I got a few super just to read out here I've got a new member from Graham Robinson welcome to the club and Graham remember you can join the club there did anybody notice Pogba giving his shirt away and a boot then waving goodbye well he probably will want to go after that I don't blame pub before wanting to go I'd want to go he's not getting the best out of his career the three-year cycle he's back where he was juh man gee jakey says it's not it's got to the point where I laugh at when we lose because I'm so used to seeing the same results week in week out it's sad to see players like Greenwood putting in more effort than players like Papa Marc Whitten I remember Fergie years ago saying if you don't support us when we lose then don't support us when we win Ferg you went through tough spells too let's not forget stand by the team we are united I totally disagree with you and agree with you mark I think Sir Alex Ferguson is right but he's wrong this is not about only gonna soldier this is not about the coaching staff this is about the players I would not agree with that statement if Sir Alex Ferguson came out now and said if you can't support as when millions don't support when we win is anybody not supporting Manchester United I love Manchester United that's why I'm fed up that's why I'm annoyed we all are annoyed because we care if we didn't support Manchester United because they've lost we'd all be singing man cities name is it the statement makes no sense but it does make sense but it doesn't make sense in the context because if you can't support theirs when we wear when we lose don't support when we win well I still support United there's 10,000 of you support you support united watching now we've just lost the cardiff and we're all really pissed off and we're all talking about it because we love the club so we're not going anywhere anyway but we've got every right to be unhappy with the players and the f-series Russell says just want to ask you a question mark in terms of the domestic competitions in Raleigh how far do you think we should aim for also Greenwood number one Mason green woods better than Marcus R Astrid flex says you can't say that it's two sensationalist but it's not about it's not about his sensation this to do after one game but what you can see with Mason Greenwood is technical he's a technical player he knows how to caress the ball he knows how to run with the ball he's got technique Rushford panics a lot of the time and he needs the smash wood needs a summer off he needs to get his head right he needs to get injury free he needs to get focused and get back to the player that he can because Marcus Rushford can be absolutely top class but there's a lot of players like that it you know had you've lost it as for the domestic trophies Ollie himself has spoken about the arepa League he's spoken about the carabao Cup so there's your answer he's gonna try and win something next season and I don't know we don't like the carabao Cup and I know the arepa bleak isn't ideal but that's the level we're at now we can't be snobby Jack Lu HD al UHG says I reminder Jose they got 81 points with these idiots don't come at me with Jose a shit don't I've seen a lot of people talking about this josée sympathizers josée sympathizers where were you when he embarrassed is against Sevilla in the Champions League where were you when he's putting himself ahead of the club every time leaking stuff to protect his own big ego where were you when we played bloody West am away from home and played with the back five who Scott McDonald in it he was a banter manager who he's now getting sympathy because the players have let Holly down like they let him down but he's tactics his arrogance he didn't he was a bad manager at Manchester United he did very well to get a second place but he was a bad manager he was a bad manager he didn't fitters and I'm glad he's gone it's Jordan HD I have insta called out you know I dig and Bay follows me well done well done he might not be United player for long we should sack Ally then hire him as caretaker says Massey at 99 I know where you're going with that try and get two good results grad Greenwood had more shots in one game than any player at United player all season that was a confirm stat shows he can take a game by this group of the Nexus well yeah what I loved about Mason Greenwood was that he proved that he's got the physicality he proved that although he's a young teenager he can play against the very physical side and he should have scored a couple of goals I think if that Lukaku we would have been really really critical but the thing is we're not going to be critical as much as we moan about Ashley Young and Phil Jones and everybody else the great thing about United fans is we've not got a mode at Mason Greenwood because we know he's a young player though we know that we will be patient with charm and Gomez and Greenwood and garner and out in 20 B when they get a chance because we know they're gonna make mistakes we know they're gonna miss chances but as long as we see the talent and as long as we see that drive well we will be patient with them but we're not going to be patient with world cup winner Paul Pogba Marcus rash when he's been in the team for three years lingard is 27 you know we're not gonna give them the patients because they should be performing consistently week out and they're consistently performing way below even average so Jett does says mark thanks for the awesome show Papa needs good players around him look at how he plays for France even Ronaldo needs good players look at after javi and Iniesta retired no Ballon d'Or for Messi look he does I've already said I've said this already I'm not gonna be a hypocrite Paul Pogba needs better players around him we bought Paul Pogba in we didn't put better players around him you looking at him for France you look at him if he goes to Real Madrid you look at him at Aventis he had better players than him around him and he's a better player there's too much pressure into Pogba and he sinks in it I agree with that but there's two things out of that one you know I had a failed by not bringing in the players in for him and to the most important thing is we're all admitting that Papa doesn't play well for United so all these Papa fans saying our most distant covered look at the stats you can't say it's not Papa spoke he hasn't got the players around him and then in the same breath like a lot of people say he's had a great season he hasn't had a great season he hasn't had a great season because he hasn't got the players around him which means he's not had a great season thanks John Bongiovi mark I know this has nothing to do with this video but I do not agree with Van shouting abuse at players that's not who we should be as a fanbase Jam I do agree with players being shouted out to be honest with you they earn hundreds of thousand pounds a week because of the fans sponsors everybody else who puts money into football they do it because they want your eyes you and your eyes and this and the reason somebody likes Chevrolet support Manchester United is because they want you to buy a Chevrolet and if you buy a shredder Chevrolet they make more profits that they can then sponsor United with is because of you that they're footballers get paid all that money you have got every right as a Manchester United fan to criticize the performances of the Manchester not players this season you have I don't know why people suddenly think a fan shouting at Paul pop was unacceptable he earns a lot of money he earns a lot of money and he deserves the criticism if that fan thinks it now the aggression of it I don't agree with you know you could have just said Pompey not good enough for United please go calmly he still would have been impactive he probably would have been more impactive so I don't agree with the aggression and also the most important thing is I don't agree with it just being Pogba there was Ashley on that pitch Jessie lingered on the pitch they've been worse than pablor this season they should be getting the same level of abuse so I agree on that but I don't agree with a lot of people today say fans shouldn't be shouting their displeasure at Manchester Night plays of course they should it's a sport it's an entertainment business it's entertainment you know you boo people in all sorts of sport they deserve to be booed if the fan wants to do it do it would I personally do it I don't really agree with Billy no I don't and I wouldn't do it but I'm there's lots of different opinions out there I don't and as I said before what worries me is you got all these sympathy for pop by now and as I said no player deserves any sympathy you can't be all last week I don't like this team I don't like these players and then feel sorry for somebody because someone criticizes them yes have an issue with the aggression that's not acceptable yes have an issue that it's only papa it's not just Papa but I don't have an issue with with a player being you know told that they've not been good enough this season because the players need to realize that if you Maudie coddle them and wrap them up then they'll just accept that that's ok they live in a bubble anyway that bubble needs to be burst reality needs to slap them in the face and not fit not not really not really I mean it's it's a metaphor but they need a wake-up call for sure as to how bad they've been because it's the only way we're gonna improve Olli would agree Jacob Hurley says Marc how can I get a united stand top and does it come in kids sizes I want to show support around where I am in the UK for you Jacob the links in the video description you can get the hoodies the United standard FC tops you've got polos for the summer links in the video description for our merch you can get that definitely theand McCabe mark if they're good enough they should be fit enough to play josée was right they squad but I'm not trying to stand up for him but he was right about pogba being a virus I agree Theon I think Mourinho is right about some of these players but we know what makes me laugh he was still a crap manager with crap tactics but and also the creme de la creme on this and I'm gonna destroy people he loved Mourinho now he bought most of this crap he bought most of these viruses you know think about it I'm not even gonna name names he bought a lot of the problems so but uh but it's not his fault welcome melon head one eight four eights latest member of the club and Marc Whitten when you not had broke the bank for Prague where they had their money made back in two days on poplar jersey sales that's that's the fake news mark I'm sorry there's a myth about shirt sales getting back transfer fees they don't they don't you know I don't actually make that money for much money from shirt sales because it's all part of the UH deed a thing in the first place a deed us don't pay United millions of pounds for a shirt deal and then give them all the profit from the shirts they get it so that's always a myth about shirt signings anyway I don't want to miss some of the things I wanted to talk to you about Coolibar Lee's looking good Woodward I've been told that David day's gonna leave this summer I have got no idea how credible this source is but they contacted me today and say the hair is gonna go I'm 50/50 on wet weather today is gonna go but I'll mention it to you anyway terms and conditions we've done all that yes I'll tell you what um amazing show absolutely enjoyed it please do smash your like on the video I think that's one of the best shows we've ever done and a lot of it was pretty unscripted I think this is going to be the standard to try and keep up throughout the summer every night at 8 o'clock on the United stand every morning at 7 a.m. for transfer daily and in it and then we'll go live with anything that breaks through the summer but for me just to end on this the season's over ain't looking back at that crap I'm looking forward and whether it's discussing directors of football what soldier wants transfers whatever I'm looking forward we've got to look forward because if you look back you're never gonna go forward so I'm looking forward and that's part of going forward you've got to address some of the issues that are still there but we've got to look forward go look forward and you know so the club needs to do as well please do subscribe if you knew were live every night at 8 o'clock and we're also got the transfer daily at 7 a.m. to get you notification smash alike on the video absolutely fantastic loads of great comments fast-paced tonight sorry was a little bit late I was late tonight normally eight o'clock half past 8:00 tonight because my daughter was playing in a Cup semi-final got in a little bit late they lost 2-1 I was close it was close fast football but the effort was there the talent was there it was just it was just they had a very good striker Melonhead 184 8 if Alex Ferguson took over today we would we give him the six or seven seasons it took him to really kick on it's a totally different time he's a totally different time you know what it's probably means because of bad recruitment and we've got no structure we've got no philosophy Sir Alex Ferguson came in with the plan and and it took a while to implement but you could see the plan under Sir Alex Ferguson you could see what he was trying to do he was rebuilding a club that had basically not been structured for 20 years all he's gonna try and do that hopefully it'll work I'll see you the morning at 7 o'clock transferred daily please do smash alight on the video merch is available link in the video description if you want to get some united stand stuff I'll speak to you tomorrow thanks for watching

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  1. "I won 25 trophies but my 2nd finish with that Manchester United squad was my greatest achievement. Because people don't know what happened behind the scenes." I'm sorry for laughing Jose, I didn't know what a shambles this club is.

  2. Never understood everybody's issue with Rio. I think he was perfect. He's just got that right blend, he's a businessman and he's a Utd man. This structure is just nonsense tho… If the director of football isn't going to run the football side of things he's useless. Woodward's had nearly a decade in charge and for it woefully wrong. How can he not get it by now that he just isn't qualified to partake in footballing decisions?

  3. Does anybody really believe that this boardroom full of incompetents will listen to anything Ole demands -he has been given mission impossible and will become the scapegoat for the Glazers to deflect any blame for the shambles we are in -they are responsible for this mess -the buck stops with them.

  4. Liam Roseiniors comments were illuminating when he said Pogba makes players around him worse I never thought about it before but players around him have to fill in for him which means there is no structure to the midfield. I would like him to be sold now while he still has some value cos another season like this and nobody will want him. Start afresh and build around youth with a bit of experience like Docherty did in the 70s instead of being pessimistic be excited about a rebuild get Tielemans/Fernandes/Rice and get PACE PACE up front so that the midfield get some space to operate, but youth and promote some youth like Greenwood, Gomes, Tuanzebe and Chong and all of a sudden there will be a total new fresh feel about the place

  5. I love ole so much but he has disappointed me. When he came in with no pressure I expected him to bench the deadwood and integrate greenwood, Gomes and garner. I expected him to banish young, Jones and smalling to the reserves to be sold. He is also very biased towards the English lads.

  6. I mean 200 million at the minimum considering City won the league and beat us by 30+ pay. And there rdy to spend 200 million this summer also so we need to spend more then City and Liverpool if we’re gonna close the gap at all

  7. Can’t believe he got the job because some fans wanted him to get the job after some results. As the owner of a business as big as Man U u don’t make a call like that because some fans think it’s a good ideal no. What has Olie done to prove that he will get United out of this mess nothing.

  8. I can understand Sanchez getting out, but we need Lukaku's 20+ goals per season. This season he did not get the game time. First touch crap does not fly. He has always had the same touch but managed to score loads of goals every season. Ever since some idiot came up with the first touch theory, all of a sudden he got dropped and not able to score his quota of goals.

  9. Mark, more and more you are becoming a circus shill. Ole makes a "demand" ? You've got to be kidding. The spineless Ole will be effortlessly manipulated by Woodward and the players. He's a third-tier manager at a fifth-tier club. Next season our lazy waddling turds will struggle to finish in the top six and silverware – forget about it !

  10. Attempt to sign names like: Modric, de Ligt, Mcguire, Coutinho, Sancho, Felix, Deulefeu.. Bring in top talent or don't bother. We all want to read the headline, "United seal de Ligt transfer." That's the headline I wait to see. If not, it's just not good enough.

  11. Sorry Mark but had to dislike the video. After seeing a video of the conduct of that fan I don’t see how you as an influencer cannot condemn the actions more forcefully. It’s not criticism it’s abuse. If he acted like that at work with a colleague then he would be in trouble as it’s clearly abuse.

    No one has a right to abuse another person no matter the circumstances or scenarios. No one should be subjected to this type of vile behaviour.

    Anyone saying….. well I spend £££££ are deplorable, so if I spend £100 on my meal & I don’t like it then I can shout abuse at the chef???, or if I buy a new car & it has a major recall then I can shout & swear at the dealer???? Clearly not & clearly if you do this in public in this type of context then it’s inciting, there are laws against this type of behaviour.

    I wonder if his employer knows of his aggressive behaviour?????

  12. If u remember ole got the job immediately after Pogba started answering questions about madrid. After this everything fell apart. I think it was trying to stop star players looking elsewhere and given ole the right to discipline players but it's back fired. Personally I wish Pogba would just not talk when it was unncessary. The teams form went down after this

  13. Mark, no Jose sympathizer here. But many of us did not trust Woodward or the Board to make any decision about Mourinho before a Director of Football was hired.

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