a lot of attention is also being paid to
what new technologies will emerge in 2020 this is especially so in Korea
where many adopt early then move on just as fast also young reads into the
nation’s every change in digital and consumption trends 2020 is expected to
be a year of hyper personalization as Koreans become more and more
individualistic and stop smart technologies in their daily lives as
Generation Z who are born between the mid 90s and early 2000s become
economically active more and more products and services will be catered to
their needs for instant satisfaction these include super fast delivery around
the clock and smart mobility options such as electric scooters streaming
services for video and online games are also expected to become faster and more
diverse fueled by the country’s superfast 5g network and given the
nature of the younger generation who prioritize individuality or products and
solutions ranging from skincare to online entertainment are likely to offer
more customized options through hyper personalization which is gathering
real-time data of customers to tailor products services and experiences
helping enable this personal bubble our connector technologies such as AI
speakers and smart homes of Isis in 2019 we saw a huge increase in the number of
households acquiring smart speakers in 2020 this trend will continue and we’ll
see more personalized services based on AI speakers and other smart devices such
as smart watches from healthcare and personal banking to mobility solutions
we’ll say a growing number of Koreans are expected to lead socially conscious
lifestyles in 2020 from consuming vegan food and upcycle products to supporting
ethical causes Generation Z values social justice does still require
transparency between all channels of business and ethical values and
processes such as Environmental Protection the support of women’s rights
and social equality they want to understand the value they’re going to
receive when spending money on products and services entering a brand new decade
the characteristics of Generation Z are expected to set major trends for Korean
society Oh Sooyoung Arirang news

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