Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

It’s clear that social media is here to stay,
but many businesses are still slow to adopt a strategy on how to best utilize it for marketing.
New social networking platforms continue to appear and the existing ones, like Facebook
and Twitter, continue to evolve to keep up with the changing market. We have analyzed
the current trends in social media and have made some predictions for next year so that
you can be ahead of the curve. Investment in Social Media is a Necessity
It’s already been clear that your business should have a presence on social media, but
in the coming year it’s absolutely necessary. Integrating social media into your marketing
plan is key for generating leads, referrals and brand recognition which in turn leads
to higher revenue. Brand awareness, word-of-mouth advertising, improved search rankings, and
direct customer interaction are just a few of the key benefits from having engaging social
media pages. Google+ is on the Rise
Google+ already has the second highest number of monthly users behind Facebook, and that
user base continues to rise. It’s proving itself to be more than just another social
network, with the integration of higher SEO rankings for Google+ pages, improved social
signals and a more personalized search experience for users. Also, with the new Google Authorship,
You can link content you publish on a specific domain to your Google+ profile. Businesses
that are having trouble keeping up with multiple social networks at once could turn to Google+
as their main outlet because of all the benefits associated with content search optimization. Image is Everything
We cannot emphasize this enough, but image centric content is key in generating engagement
on social media platforms. Many studies show that users are much more likely to click on
posts with images or videos than just text-based content. Coupling important information with
eye-catching images or graphics is a great way to stand out in the news feed, so do it. The Rise of Micro-Video
Vine and Instagram have revolutionized real-time video sharing in social media. With a max
of 15 seconds for Instagram and 6 seconds for Vine, users can create short pieces on
their smartphones to share instantly with their fans. We’ve already talked about the
many benefits of using these services for small business marketing, so it’s only fair
that more and more companies will be jumping on the video bandwagon. LinkedIn Will Become a Major Player
LinkedIn has always been the #1 social networking site for business professionals, boasting
nearly 240 million users, but now with the launch of its Influencers program, it will
become a source for content creation and curation. This program allows for selected “thought
leaders” to share original content directly with LinkedIn users. Where LinkedIn was already
a great source of information, now it will provide insight from some of the best minds
in business. Looking ahead to the future is not easy, but
if you keep these trends in mind going forward with your social media plan, you should be
ahead of the curve.

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  3. Agree, Social Media is now widely used for some business company to improve the product branding.

  4. We’re in the middle of 2014 already and I would have to say that most of the predictions they did on the trends were very accurate. Great job!

  5. Great video! The social media marketing is a great source to market your business online and can use as an advantage to the business owner

  6. Social media is no doubt the best and most effective way to make your business able to reach out to people. Thus, marketers use various tips and techniques to make business go viral. Thanks for this great video @Engage Target Media! 

  7. Quick and informative video about the trends for 2014, but are there any new predictions for 2015 already? The year is ending and for anyone who wants to maintain their social media status next year should already be working on their strategy as early as last month!

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