got it really how's it going guys welcome back to more J's do hope you're having a super epic day so far I know I am because I that's what it's for and boy oh boy do we have a fun one for you guys take it away – stop man Friday it's so good for so many reasons for us we get to build for you guys to get to watch it for it that's for Friday's you know and it's to started the weekend so anyways today for is brought to you by a video game before sorry so we made a PlayStation 4 how many times have we done that twice now yeah I think so twice today we're gonna it's gonna be a gaming for it but it's gonna be switched up a little bit ya know ps4 this time no ps4 but we got the mini TV if you guys remember this is the smallest TV we could find mm-hmm fits in a backpack so we're gonna bring that we got our phones which we're gonna be playing some games we're going to connect our phones to the TV make an epic like lounge you know gaming studio on the store it's gonna be cool we already got some food it is but we still need a few more supplies right like an extension cord cuz we don't know where the plug is in this spot we're thinking about for the fort so yeah let's go look at this plethora man it's like all organized and then there's a huge orange one over there but we're still good alright we're here got the bag yeah I've got our gear and it's pretty early in the day it's like 11:00 yeah 10:40 let's go the soilless Oh someone there employees going in guys we found it huh and we'll look around the corner to see what's going on and pull he's over there all right well oops literally we were in there for like five minutes I didn't I didn't even cut it soon as I got hit just like right there oh but she was really nice about it it's okay but we will make this gaming for it so we just got to go to a different store yeah luckily that's the best part about making forts is there's more if you go to a certain type of store the store layouts are the same for the most part yeah usually maybe it'll that maybe the next one will be better it has to be Andrew is getting gassed real quick and we're gonna run into the gas station to get a drink maybe snack to bring into the fort we could put on the backpack so we're already set we don't have to buy anything that Bay black in this gas station and Bay iced teas Andrew and I are trying this Flav we haven't tried it yet never seen it before actually Glen Bari watermelon lime and some chips all right guys we're in the new fort which yeah I wanted to see if they had any plugs in here but I don't think they do whoa is this to open though okay I'll keep looking but we may come back here we've been searching around the store for about 20 minutes I'd say trying to find a fort has been a really difficult won't you say yeah I don't know searching for this horse a little different and we're trying to find the plugs before 4 yes but I think we made some progress check this out what is that that's a plug you go come come let's show you guys what we found this area is like blocked off with walls so there's an area right here where the cord would reach we got the wood so we're thinking about moving some of this wood up so we can go under and just get in yeah we're just got a fortified a little bit Wow we're back in the car why could that be we've got found again man what's happening I can't explain it gotta find a spot we're gonna keep trying guys luckily the employees are nice about it and it's kind of like a mutual thing like hey it can't be done a fort here ok we'll leave ok that's how it goes really but still it's unfortunate ok guys no more strikeouts this is gonna be the winner yeah we're at a store we never been before never even heard of this store but it should work I'm so excited let's do it this is a super story oh it's like huge yes why's this tree upside down by the way who did this we found an ayah let me say so this house just has tons of like mattresses so it's gonna be like a comfy bed you can stack them up make a nice wall okay let's get to work oh okay this wallet York so we cleared out this space a bit so we're gonna make a wall for this side now this is seriously gonna be the best comfiest gaming for we've ever done more need more also we're trying to pretend this what we're trying to decide what their organizational like strategy is here have you figured it out yet no so this might be out of the ordinary debate what is this nice my stack we like this look where it's just like we don't know what we're doing look okay it's looking pretty good so far you come in here and Wow oh wow is it comfy what did you seal up the back entrance yeah so there's not much like good we need this there we didn't show you guys this it's the plug system help us more okay tuck it like behind this pillow and then no one will know what happened okay okay yes we have extension cords yay man we're smart you gotta cover it up back here – yeah okay there now no one knows just once we get in do you want anything else – the fort like because we have cushions is there anything else in the store we could use they'd probably have tons of decorations we could like deck this thing out Oh get the backpack geez this guy's perfect it's a good addition do you have any more of things like this so you have spider-man than us I'll have this as clerks use of that word it's just a funny word if you think about it quarks quarks okay time to decorate and get the stuff okay characters we've got a dope table just hit no shoes allowed in the fort oh wow Andrews getting the doors ready as you can see it's really dark in here yeah spider-man we need to put that up I'm just clearing the space right here so we can put like the TV there we go okay that shit should be in okay cord is installed okay and you finally made it in knocking down the fort and as you can see we got the lights hooked up whoa just hanging up her props it's so cozy in here guys oh the table with our drinks snacks then we both can see okay and the cord that's right here – so we're good to go huh yeah we finally did it I'm so happy it was a HDMI cord it's hard to tell people will see this light got it all plugged in should burn yes wait I'm so sick I'm so excited let's play some games guys I just telling Andrea I wish we would have brought our spy cam so we could set it up a lick watch the aisle cuz we don't know when people are coming got it looking at no really sheekha what happened or took a piece of it thank goodness we got the TV off and volume off yeah I should've like wow I really found something Danny we should have put all the boarding colors here know why he picks up good colors well at least identify yeah but now we have one less piece can they go away we can play back I just want to play a game Andrews over there grabbing some other ones luckily this is just like a city full of cushion so we have to reinforce and she knocked it down about this piece yeah see how dark it is now guys let there be light yes keep it on the low setting all right let's get back to gaming also we need to get to our snacks I think I turn the volume down we're gonna watch Andrew do a battle we're on clash Royale right now legendary talent challenge is up I'm four and one you ready what yes first check out the deck I'm using if you guys want to know is it doing well for you for one so far let's go for five and one for the win mmm you did it yeah man do you get any prizes for this one time for snacks of course don't wait to try these new flavors but anticipating this all day that's nice table it's such a good addition yeah again why do so many people like cushions all of a sudden haha this is ridiculous you guys let's go all right stealth mode hey you turn off she was just there she's in the Ford guys please just go he was looking at every single cushion like oh I want this one that's all time to try the drink that's delish really oh yeah I need to try now Wow and it goes perfect with our chips it's like soundproof in here because of all these collisions so like it sounds like it we're being loud but out there can't hear it because it's been probably this is what are you doing this is a table oh yes over here nice so comfy I'm just gonna lay back a little bit Wow good night everybody to her again what's she doing oh we finished the chips those are so good I wish more me too darn it next time yeah I tried to turn the light on Oh what's taking so long it won't swipe up Wow okay the table philony knew he wasn't expecting it he's playing a game it was so funny it just came timber just thought we'd update you on that one time in this file I'm not kidding guys this is her fourth time being down this aisle I don't know what she's doing up next I'm making bed zones yeah so this right here is just full of pillows so we can move them move them around and make it like a bunk weirdo that's mine out of here where do I supposed to go this is our yes yeah what number is that five is she gonna make the turn she's waiting there's more people turning she turns again the return of Imam [Applause] does she even take anything she just pushed it over did she leave grandma what the heck I don't get it we can try did you guys back against you like huh push this up now our fort is under siege by Grandma we must fortify the defenses damn us coming back it's been do not attack our Ford again game on yeah yeah there's gotta be a break like what is happening she'll be back I promise what's that so Maya brought reinforcements Oh for pete's sake I think she's coming back she's got a load of pillows my bad gamma 2 is back what really yeah I'm assumed a pretty position yeah I definitely say from Grandma yeah if they push it over we're still under the blockade see if I think then my spot this is like the NORAD bunker it's a good bed as well bunk beds both cameras are back I'm so fused Oh looking for roller Derby's back I think it's time to go yeah too many gay moss Oh okay we put everything back but we wanted to just show you guys that we could really make this a huge like because we did the fort over there but if we did in here we can make it like a huge room and go upstairs maybe those have boxes over there we could venture to make other forts yeah so if you guys want us to keep coming back here and expanding and making huge force we'll even like of course well guys I think this is the end of the fort video today I thought I was gonna be a fair today I know we had two fails but then it ended up being yeah even better than we anticipated that love today's four they're so funny and so comfy we got to do it again yes so make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed it and you guys enjoy the rest of your day we appreciate you definitely we'll see you back here next time goodbye you


  1. You should ask a manager or boss to make the fort so that you have permission… but employees will not know 🙃🙃🙃

  2. Speak speak I mean farts because it's very funny and it's very funny because then because she actually starts on the pillows pretty much and then she actually just cheap drop the pillows that's very funny

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