Skyrim Theme – Full (Dovahkiin Song) Peter Hollens – A cappella Style

Dragonborn, Dragonborn, by his honor is sworn to keep the evil forever at bay! and the fiercest foes rout when they hear triumph’s shout dragonborn for your blessing we pray Hearken now son of snow to an age long ago and the tale of boldy told of the one Who was kin to both wyrm and the race of man with a power to rival the sun and the scrolls have foretold of black wind in the cold that when brothers wage war come unfurled! Alduin bane of king ancient shadow unbond whit a hunger to swallow the world! but a day shall arise when the dark dragon’s lies will be silenced forever and then fair skyrim will be free from foul Alduin’s maw! but a day shall arise when the dark dragon’s lies will be silenced forever and then Dragonborn Dragonborn by his honor is sworn to keep evil forever at bay and the fiercest foes rout when they hear triumph’s shout Dragonborn for your blessing we pray Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “Skyrim Theme – Full (Dovahkiin Song) Peter Hollens – A cappella Style

  1. Fucj yeah Peter hollens , love this guy , he and his wife Evynne made a great WoW medley , check it out ya i know its probably old , but that still dosent change the fact that its freaking awesome , good day to ya all 🙂

  2. What a ride you've been on. I remember this song being in my favorites for years before I even knew who you were. Now I have a couple of your CDs and all of my friends know who you are. It's crazy how many great songs you've covered. Keep it up dude

  3. Am I the only one who's deeply disturbed by the fact that he's wearing different colored shirts in all the different squares? And that some of the squares are actually rectangles?

  4. Слов, к сожалению не понимаю. Но звучит красиво!

  5. I love your singing and I miss the game! But your song is filling up my heart to slightly heal it!👏🏻👍🏻💚

  6. You sound so amazing! It would be really cool, if you made one of "Bink's Sake" from the anime "One Piece" (there also exist an english version😉)

  7. Looks like an optical illusion : when there is a grid of small peter hollens heads, you can see dark dots between the corners but when you look closer it's white
    Btw awesome work! As cool as the original song 👍

  8. You should do a cover of the Dragon Age Inquisition song The Dawn Will Come. I think your voice would be amazing at it.

  9. Just noticed the captions are the English translation! How Cool! I've watched this many times but never noticed that. I love this game so much. I know how to sing most of the song in the dragon language thanks to this song.

  10. Very strong performance, judging strictly by the vocals presented. I have never played Skyrim, but am planning on checking it out. Thank you for the rousing performance of this song, it made my heart race!

  11. I find this absolutely fascinating. I think it's because I can see the face contorting as it makes the sounds that really makes it interesting.

  12. I just want to say… WOW!

    words cannot describe how amazing this is.
    I know it cant be easy recording all those separate parts

    it's even harder doing that while singing a language you don't even know

    you have done an outstanding job

  13. Just found you today and loooooooove! Love your voice!!!! You are amazing! So happy Spotify introduced me to you!!!!😄

  14. Is there a version of you singing this song with instruments. Your voice is beautiful but it just sound wrong without the instruments.

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