Singing Karaoke On Reaction Time!

Are you guys ready?? We are doing karaoke madness on reaction time in this video We’re gonna sing and see who is the best singer. You wanna start? No you’re going last You know why are you going last? Welcome to cringe time and let’s do it Mike you ready? I’m ready. Here we go Anthony, so this actually shows you if you’re accurate or not Tell us who’s the better singer alright let’s- let’s chill You’re missing everything bro.. *slaps* slap me in the face- (to the losers cow) *cracks up* you gotta get in the bars- Mom I swear it’s not me Alright now is my turn Here we go, Lady Gaga – Applause my turn (oh dear lord) and then it’s Mikel It’s gonna be so hard. Yeah it’s gonna be pretty difficult R.I.P. headphone users good luck (you have been warned) Let’s do it TRASH Why did you change your voice? Lady Gaga when did you turn into a man? Michael’s turn! Here we go I can’t even read cause of the f***ing other microphone Here we go Michael.. this intro is like 10 minutes R.I.P. HEADPHONE USERS (OH SH-) If you guys think you’re better at karaoke cause there’s some hidden talent. If you want us to react to your- Madonna if you think I’m good at singing you should definitely hit me up. I’ll be in the singing career game Subscribe to free time! Free timee, game time Subscribe to reaction time, have a good one If you want to see me sing my solo check out teton

100 thoughts on “Singing Karaoke On Reaction Time!

  1. I know that all 3 of them are good singers but they just wanna entertain third viewers so they fake it and I respect that so much💖great vid tal

  2. you didn't choose Queen?



    * inhales *


  3. I was still singing with you guys and I was still better than you guys ha ha ha your never going to catch up to me ha ha ha

  4. Why on game time a.k.a. Mike and Anthony. Anthony on that high note in the first song he did good on the other channel but not on this one

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