Singa Open Air Karaoke on Helsinki Day 2019

It was quite exciting to be on this big stage here at the Music House. So many people watching and your voice is heard really loud. But really fun! You could just let go and enjoy it! Singing on the big screen was quite emotional. But on the other hand you kinda forgot how big the audience and this whole situation was, and in the end it felt quite the same as singing karaoke normally. I think it’s incredible – I’ve never seen anything like it before It seems like everyone is happy and excited. I like it a lot – it’s really cool! Well, singing in the big screen felt… nice! It’s the openness – one can interpret all kinds of songs. And people can go on stage just the way they are. That’s wonderful. Maybe the variety – the fact that it’s for everyone – is lovely. And that you can be the (pop) star of your own life every now and then. That’s very welcomed. The shared vibe – that everybody cheers for each other. I think it’s a good way to practice singing. So, maybe some day I will have my own band and stuff like that.

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