100 thoughts on “SIMPLE Protective Style | Slick Down 2 Cornrow Braids and Low Bun on Short 4C Natural Hair Tutorial

  1. I really love your natural hairstyles. I plan on doing this.
    I admire your make up too. Pls can u do some detail makeup videos for beginners like me?
    Thanks sis

  2. Wow I need to get some packs of hair to do this style! This turned out so cute! I find I have a hard time making my buns look so full because my hair isn't that thick so this looks like such an easy fix!

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  4. I can always click like before I watch your videos 😉 love them love the hair style ( thank you so much for sharing) God bless ❤❤😍😘

  5. Hi.. How long do such hairstyles last? Can you do a video on how you bring it back to life after several days?
    Love the video btw

  6. Only the 4b/4c club understand the struggles of just 2 simple cornrows and your arms feeling like you're lifting weights lol….not to mention when your hair tangles right back up as your braiding 😒😒Thanks for the idea for work this week!!

  7. My hair is currently in box braids but I watched anyway 😂 I’ll let you know later if this help my noncornrowing butt. But you always come through in the clutch for us for 4c to 4zzzzz girls 🙌🏾

  8. At first I was like oh please was that going to turn out to be…

    But now I like I love it I want to do that to my hair soon…

  9. Very beautiful! I will try this. I love your personality. Very warm and lovely lady. You make it look so easy! God bless!

  10. Beautiful and sleek. I even loved it without the added bun, just pin up the two braids and it’s just as beautiful and so are you! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Thank u I'm going to do this style tomorrow cuz my hair has been breaking off cuz I have touched it just put it in a high bun & it's been falling out due to stress, so I'm do this style to revitalize it & this is coming from someone with thick 4c hair. PSA never let life bring u down emotionally cuz ur emotions effect ur actions & every action inspires the next it like a book each scene inspires the next but like words written on a piece of paper just cuz it's written doesn't mean u cant erase it & write it over & if it's written in pen ex it out & rewrite! NOW RISE

  12. Another great tutorial from my girl.I don't think I've seen you wear mate lipstick hihihi… Good luck with your exams

  13. I can braid but I have difficulty with gripping the front of my hair by my edges can you suggest what I can do? Thank you .

  14. Not fair ..cause you look different with makeup, ok say we hook up and in the morning I wake up to you without makeup I will say " who let you in my house what did you do with her. Just saying.

  15. Hi Ada, i like your tutorial. I have natural hair but do not know any good hair product to use. Pls can you recomend any good hair products.

  16. Love this natural hairstyle I used to wear the two side braids a lot when I was much younger. This style is something I want to try even though I have gray in certain areas. I'm thinking of using a blend of off black and grey for the Marley bun! Thank for all your ideas for our natural hair 😘😍

  17. I have not seen no one to beat you out I JUST 💘 💘 watching you do these vedio s you are the best love that do I could swear your hair is as long mine my hair is long and I have trouble putting in that style you are good and love all youe hair style all of them are BOOB

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