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– Go Jackson, go Jackson! Go to sleep, go to sleep! (upbeat jingle) – (talking all at once) Hi! – [Narrator] You guys
what are we doing today? – We’re gonna show and tell. – [Narrator] What are
we showing and telling? – Our favorite outfits. – Are you ready? – Yes! – Give me one second. – Bye, Mila! – Bye (upbeat pop) – This is my favorite outfit. – Is that a tutu? – Yeah do you like it?
– Me too. – Can I touch the bunny? – One at a time. – Touch bunny. – Bunny’s soft. Why did you choose this outfit? – Because it’s beautiful. And it’s perfect. – Give us a little spin. – Do a curtsy! – Who wants to go next? – I do. Me? Are you excited for my outfit? – (all at once) Yeah! I’ll be right back. – Bye. (drum roll from hands and knees) – This is my favorite outfit. – (all at once) Yes! – Why did you choose this, Cameron? – Because it has my favorite colors on it. And it came with this bow tie and hat. – Did you buy it just today? – These parts right here
that’s what I buyed yesterday. – I like it. – Thanks. – Me too. – What do you think? – You look like a tap dancer. – Who wants to try on my hat? – [Narrator] Ooooh. – Can I try on your hat? – Can you tap dance? (clapping) – Can I pick who goes next? You! – Yay! – It’s my turn. (gasping)
– Do it! (cheering)
– Go Dee Dee, go Dee Dee! Look at Dee Dee guys. Look at how pretty she looks! – Do you like it? – (all at once) Yes!
– You look beautiful! – Why did you choose this outfit? – My mom did! (laughing) – How many days have you weared this? – Oh, this is new. – I like your rainbow stripe pockets. – Thank you. – I got a question. Where did you get it? – I don’t know. – You’re supposed to know you were there. – No I wasn’t! It wasn’t in the store. My mom bought it online! – I’m a girl fan. – You’re a fan of the outfit? – I’m a fan of all girls. – We need more men like this. Yes! – You’re next. – Yay! – Ready for this? – (all at once) Yeah! – I’ll be right back! – Go Jackson, go to sleep! Go Jackson, go Jackson! Go to sleep, go to sleep! – This is my favorite outfit! – Are these jammies? – Yeah. – Do a little bow. – Oh, and the hat stayed on! – Jackson, when do you wear it? – I wear it to the mall. – I wear my jammies to the mall. – And I also wear it
at the ice cream place. Does anybody else have questions? – What do you keep in your pocket? – Money and candy. – You are next. – Are you guys ready for this? – Yes.
– Yes. – I’ll be right back. – Are you ready Olivia? – These pants super tight
and good looking on me. I know it. And this shirt, very
sparkly as you can see. I chose this outfit to inspire you guys to be fashionable. Do you wanna feel it? – Yeah
– I do. – It’s time for the grand finale. – Everybody come with me. (laughing) – Hey guys, it’s Claire. We have a new hiho original
series called No Whining. And we’re super excited about it. And you can only watch
it on Facebook Watch. And we want you to go watch it. We’re putting the hiho kids in a bunch of weird adult situations so it’s
really funny, really weird. Go checkout the link
in the description box to check out No Whining. Thanks.

100 thoughts on “Show and Tell Favorite Outfit Fashion Show | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

  1. Please do kids try Islamic food🍱🌯🌮🍣🍘🍦🍭🍺🍻🍫🍰🍢🍎🍇🍓🍊🍍🍇🍑🌽🍗🍖🍠🍯🍲🍡🍱🍟🌽🍠🍢🍿🍷🍵🍸🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇰🇨🇼🇬🇶🇨🇲

  2. “I’m a fan of all girls” 😭❤️ this was the most precious video ever. All of the kids were so positive and encouraging of one another. I’m here for this type of content! Plus the young girl with the white cardigan was QUEEN.

  3. I love the 2 kids that 'outed' their parents by saying the outfits were new and the little girl's outfit wasn't even her favourite outfit, it was her mom's LOL *i absolutely LOVED her little cloud dress with red tights, cardigan, and boots. All the kids looked fabulous. P.j.'s are my favourite outfit too.

  4. Adorable! Great fashion! But the hairstylist in me cringed when all the kids tried on the same hat. That’s how lice spreads lol

  5. I wish they would do this with the kids we know. Would be interesting to see what their favorites arre. Let’s see all these new kids eat food as a meeting.

  6. Yeah, I really believe these kids chose their own outfits 🙄 and no I am not watching hiho anywhere else. Why not just post it on YouTube *sigh*

  7. they're all pretty adorable and well mannered but the black girl is aces. so confident and sweet. her parents did a great job and i love her dimples.

  8. I find it so sad kids didn't actually chose an outfit from their clothes. It would have been so messy and really funny and personnal. Here for some of them you can clearly see that the parents chose the outfits.

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